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Tom Wilson Is Trash

Here we are again with Tom Wilson blowing up the NHL with more hockey news regarding dirty hits and just trashy play. We’ll get into what a piece of shit he is in a minute. But first, let’s start by wishing nothing but the best and a speedy recovery for New York Rangers player Artemi Panarin after Wilson body slammed him on the ice and then punched him while down. Panarin will be out the rest of the season due to the incident. Since the Rangers have been eliminated, it may be a precautionary measure for him to heal up for next season; but that’s besides the point. You can check out the play below.

The Rangers battle the Capitals, where Tom Wilson initiates an all out brawl after punching Pavel Buchnevich’s head into the ice.

Scuffles after the whistle are a well known part of hockey, but there’s certainly a line that was crossed with Tom Wilson’s actions here. From punching and slamming Pavel Buchnevich’s head into the ice, body-slamming Artemi Panarin, and then bragging how “jacked” you are as you sit in the penalty box and get a game misconduct, that shouldn’t go with an easy punishment. Like a $5,000 fine punishment… What a fucking joke by the NHL to fine what would equal about $5 to an average American. The NHL really fucked up on this one and Tom Wilson needs to get his ass kicked real soon.

It’s a fucking joke that the NHL has done barely nothing regarding this incident. Tom Wilson has a history, including multiple this year, of dirty hits and just being a dick on the ice. He’s a piece of shit player who goes around with no respect for the game except trying to intentionally hurt players. Being an enforcer is one thing in the NHL; however, with a history of intentionally hurting players with dirty hits, Wilson is far from an enforcer. He’s a douchebag who is so arrogant that he finds a thrill in hurting other players and has zero respect for the league and it’s players. People like Tom Wilson don’t deserve to play in the NHL. One of the greatest attributes the league has to offer, is that between the fights and rivalries, there’s still a need and sign of respect from player to player. Wilson on the other-hand, has his little bubble of self entitlement which carries no respect for the game, the league, or the players. That is exactly where this problem lies. Time and time again we see players taking elbows, or body checks by Wilson and they end up injured. What should be routine hits on players always ends up with injuries whenever Tom Wilson is involved and I’ve had it.

It’s time to make a mockery of this scumbag. It’s time to plaster his name everywhere and make it known that pieces of shit like him shouldn’t be allowed on the ice in an NHL uniform. We’ve seen what happens when players have no respect for the game or it’s players ( I’m looking at you Matt Cooke) and it costs other players their careers. No more of this shitty cycle where the NHL slaps you on the wrist and tells you not to do it again. It’s time to crack down on this type of disgusting play.

NHL, step the fuck up and look out for your players. Put some effort into your investigations and discipline properly before it’s too late. Tom Wilson, you better fucking hope it’s not too late already. What’s gonna happen to shitbags like you will be frightening. If you’ve never seen a whole team body bag a single player, keep it up and you’ll find out real soon what it feels like to be targeted.

If the NHL lets Wilson’s antics fly, I can promise you teams and players will start testing boundaries. Tom Wilson, if you’re around for that, I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you piss the wrong person off. You’re already playing a sport with the most athletic psychopaths in the world, imagine what happens when you test their breaking point.

NHL do better. Tom Wilson, pray the NHL does better before your career ends abruptly.

The Patriots Fixed Their Defense with One Draft

What a wild ride Patriot fans have been on this off-season. The Patriots started this year by giving out $159.6 million dollars in guaranteed money to a collection of top-tier talent including Matt Judon, Jonnu Smith, Jalen Mills, and a reunion with Kyle Van Noy. These veterans filled gaps that were extremely evident throughout the entire 2020 season. 

Fast forward to the draft and the whispers surrounding the Patriots and the future of the organization. Bill silenced all the haters and put together an amazing draft class including a couple of steals. 

The Patriots drafted Alabama DT Christian Barmore in the second-round. This young man devoured offensive lineman. Barmore is, by far and away, the best DT in this draft class. The only reason he fell to New England was because of some off the field character concerns. Teams were concerned because of rumors that Nick Saban could barely control him. Barmore is the prototypical Belichick star. A wealth of talent, but character concerns scared off suitors. 

On to another steal came in the third- 

round, when the Patriots drafted Ronnie Perkins.  As a highly touted prospect out of Oklahoma, Perkins was discussed as being a first-round pick, but fell because of his size. He was the only defensive lineman to hold a PFF grade of 90+ in the country. He fell because teams thought he could use an extra fifteen pounds…Tell me faithful reader that Perkins doesn’t sound like another Belichick star in the making. Undersized and undervalued. 

The front office was extremely confident in their defensive backs, as they should be, and only drafted one player to add to their core, safety  Joshuah Bledsoe from Missouri. Although he is more of a depth pick, Bledsoe’s ability to mix in linebacker reps adds the ability to change the defensive scheme to throw off an opposing  offense.

Adding these young studs to an inconsistent Patriots defense that ranked towards the bottom of the league helps them flip their fate for years to come. Young stars like Perkins, Uche, and Winovich will all benefit from the veteran guidance of Judon, Van Noy, and Hightower. While Lawrence Guy and newly acquired Davon Godchaux can help Barmore reach his full potential. 

Watch for Bill Belichick to put out a defense that would make the 2004 team proud.

UFC on ESPN 23!!! LFG!!!

On the heels of one of the greatest cards in UFC history, UFC on ESPN 23 will more than likely feel like it will underdeliver to the folks who just follow the sport sparingly. That being said the Main Event featuring Dominick “I almost beat Jon Jones on his worst night as a pro than lost to a journeyman bum from Poland” Reyes is going up against another Eastern European in Jiri my keyboard doesn’t have the characters to correctly spell his last name Prochazka. This fight will not go past the first round. Reyes will come out with something to prove and will get put to sleep just like Tyron I haven’t won a fight since I stopped ducking people Woodley.

On the undercard of this event we have some good fights. For the hardcore fans this will be a fun one to watch. Ion Cutelaba if you don’t know the name look it up. This guys weigh ins are more entertaining than his fights but he’s definitely fun to watch. The fucking guy thinks he’s the hulk with a glass jaw. With Cub Swanson and Strickland on this card you will sure have some entertainment. It might not be as entertaining as Usman knocking Masvidal into July or my girl Thug Rose beating back the commies, but if you like knockouts and gambling Saturday night will be as entertaining as any other free card.

Patriots 2021 Mock Draft (no trades)

We are less than two weeks away from the NFL Draft in Cleveland and this is the most important draft for the Patriots in recent memory.

Before we dive in, check out Zack and my first round mock draft right Here .

First, let’s look at the roller coaster off-season. Belichick looked like the kid from the movie Blank Check during Free agency signing big names like Matt Judon, Hunter Henry, Jonnu Smith, Jalen Mills and the list keeps going. The Patriots also traded for a familiar face, Trent Brown. The most interesting off-season transaction was re-signing Cam Newton on a one-year deal after a year where he threw more interceptions than touchdowns. 

Okay, that was the good news. It makes it easier to deliver the bad news. The Patriots lost two cornerstones of the franchise as Julian Edelman and Patrick Chung both retired leaving two massive gaps that need filling. 

The Patriots have ten picks through the draft and they need to use all of these picks to pump some youth into an aging team. They’re going to need to draft a QB for the future, a new slot wide receiver, a middle Linebacker, a free safety, and you can never have too much offensive line depth. 

First Round Pick #15 Micah Parsons LB Penn State

It’s easy to look at this QB class and say, “We should get a first-round QB when they fall.” Most likely that would result in either Mac Jones or Trey Lance. Mac Jones wouldn’t fit the Patriot’s new scheme. Trey would be a stellar pick because his scouting report screams young Cam Newton. It would make for a natural transition, but he won’t fall past John Elway and the Broncos. 

The Patriots should draft Hightower’s replacement and that man is Micah Parsons. Parsons is an athletic monster who creates turnovers out of nowhere. He is essentially the perfect middle linebacker prospect, except for his character issues. He has been accused of choking a teammate and hazing incoming freshmen. We all know Bill loves three things, helping players with “character issues”, sleeveless sweaters, and defensive stars. Parsons hits two of the three on that checklist. I’m sure we can get him a sweater, it’s his choice what to do from there.

Second Round Pick 46 Kellen Mond QB Texas A&M

It’s time for the QB of the future, Kellen Mond. Mond is a four-year starter at one of the best programs in the country. He has an NFL ready arm and works well through progressions. He also has a decent level of mobility. The only knock against him is that he can be too confident in his arm and has shot himself in the foot by trying to force deep throws. He’s the perfect candidate to sit back for a year, develop and take over the franchise.

Third round Pick 96 Keith Taylor jr. CB Washington

There is a wealth of questions surrounding the future of JC Jackson and Stephon Gilmore for the Patriots. In an ideal world, the Patriots would pay both and they would be successful and not allow a completion through the life of their contract. Sadly, we aren’t living in Candy Land and one of the two will end up leaving the team in the near future. Keith Taylor jr. could help alleviate some of the stress. 

Taylor is a big body (6-foot-2 195 pound) Cornerback who was a great defensive utility man for Washington. He rarely misses or loses tackles, but can get too focused in the backfield and lose sight of who he’s covering. The Patriots coaching staff can easily fix his issues and could transition him into a top-tier defender. 

Fourth Round Picks 120, 122, 139

Seth Williams WR Auburn

Williams is a big body, vertical WR who has excellent pass blocking. More of a red zone WR, but his ability to block and finish Drives is enough to make Belichick crack a smile…or maybe just a smirk.

Jaelon Darden WR North Texas JAMES’ STEAL OF THE DRAFT

Fact: Jaelon Darden is the perfect piece to fill the Gap Edelman left behind. He is explosive and fast which helps him separate from defenders. Scouts are concerned about his size, but that’s never stopped Belichick. An undersized return specialist with all the assets to be a star in the slot, is exactly what the Patriots need.

Brenden Jaimes OT Nebraska

Anyone who watches college football knows how Nebraska is an Offensive lineman factory. Jaimes is a big framed athletic lineman who really only needs help with footwork. He’s great for the Patriots depth chart.

Fifth Round Pick 177 Shaka Toney EDGE Penn State

The Patriots have loved Michigan players recently, but this draft is all about their rivals at Penn State. Toney has the athletic ability to be a strong edge rusher, but needs to build up his frame.

Sixth Round Picks 188, 197

Shi Smith WR South Carolina

Another versatile WR, who can line up in the slot and use his speed to get elite separation. South Carolina has been producing top-tier WRs recently and the Patriots could and should use that to their advantage and snag this late round gem. 

JaCoby Stevens S LSU

An effective tackling safety, works well off of who is around him to make the best play. The biggest concern is that he has a hard time transitioning from the backpedal to straight coverage. Another depth chart guy who could use the mentoring of Devin McCourty.

Seventh Round Pick 242 Kobie Whiteside DT Mizzou

It’s hard to ignore a 300 point defensive tackle. Mizzou is known to produce defensive line talent, but Kobie is a victim of a deep draft. He could be an analytical monster in a Belichick defense.

Cade Johnson Draft Diamonds

When are we going to start giving the FCS love? For too long there have been insane talents coming out of that division (not you Trey Lance) that have made an immediate impact in the NFL.

Cade Johnson balled out at South Dakota state and is ready for his time in the NFL. Tell me right now that he doesn’t fit the break out mold for a player. He was a zero-star recruit coming out of Highschool, he went to a small school for the opportunity to play, he was invited to the senior bowl and made his stock skyrocket.

Johnson has two years worth of stats to put out and they were both impressive, but I’m going to focus on his 2019 stats. 72 rec, 1,222 yards, 17 YPC, 8TDs. With Covid canceling the fall FCS season, Johnson had the opportunity to go play for a power 5 school, but ultimately decided to gamble on himself by declaring for the 2021 draft and booking his ticket to the senior bowl.


-Great build

-Catching fundamentals are sound

-Deep threat


-lacks second tier speed

-can have trouble with stronger defenders

Projection: 7th round, Saints

Cade is the hardest draft stock to predict right now. He had a stellar performance at the senior bowl, but a lot of scouts are still worried about the defenses he’s played. I’m going to say, none of that matters. Cade has the drive and ability to climb up the ranks of a team. The idea of him pairing up with Michael Thomas in New Orleans gets me excited, full potential for them to transform into a destructive WR duo. ⁣