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A Humble Farewell

Whether his last game or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Drew Brees didn’t have the best game of his career. But that’s okay, because in the eyes of many, Brees will go down in history as one of the greats to play the game of football.

Drew Brees holding the Lombardi trophy after winning Super Bowl XLIV

With an insane stat line, Drew Brees will easily be remembered as New Orleans best Quarterback of all time, but his stats aren’t the only thing that makes this man incredible. From immensely helping out charities and the State of Louisiana throughout his time in New Orleans, to being apart of the teams that helped New Orleans overcome tragedy on MULTIPLE occasions, this man has done it all. And none of that would’ve been possible without an injury in 2005 which changed Brees life forever.

In 2005, Brees was the Quarterback for the San Diego Chargers. A fumble in week 17 had caused Brees to be injured on a year where his contract expired. The Saints took the gamble on free agent Brees, and the gamble paid off. Brees quickly became the star of the Saints. Bringing in superior talent, Brees was able to overcome obstacles throughout his career like any other. From ridiculous injuries to bringing his team championships, Brees was and will forever be a star of the Saints.

What this man did in New Orleans is just phenomenal. From donating over $25,000,000 to his community through his charity “ The Brees Dream Foundation”, to holding records never thought possible, Brees is just outstanding at many, many tasks. To name a few accolades, Brees currently holds the NFL’s all-time passing leader at 80,492 yards. Second most passing touchdowns ever at 572. A 13 time pro bowler. Super Bowl XLIV champion and Super Bowl XLIV MVP. 7 time leader in NFL passing yards. And so much more.

Whether Drew Brees has played his last snap as a NFL Quarterback, he will be remembered as a legend to many fans who have witnessed the greatness he attributed. Thank you for everything and what a hell of a career.


I’m sorry, how the hell does James Harden go from looking like he’s hiding a pillow under his shirt, to looking like a real athlete???

Seriously, what’s the deal with airplane food? You flew from Houston to Brooklyn and dropped 50 pounds?

You detoxed from strip clubs for a couple of days and you return to form??

Fuck this Harden. Give me fat Harden back.

**Cough cough My fat James Harden Blog cough cough**

Look at him! He is the definition of excellence! Imagine how many Buffalo wings he could eat. Spoiler, it’s a whole Buffalo (instructions unclear. Ate a Buffalo).

He could’ve been caught in Houston being lovable and far, instead he’s in Brooklyn on the new hated super team and he’s lean again.

Skinny Harden sucks.

Urban Meyer Becoming the New Coach Of The Jags is Awful

Urban Meyer was just hired as the Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The same Jaguars that went 1-15

The same Jaguars that are primed for Trevor Lawrence to arrive as pick number one in this years draft.

The same Jaguars that hate their fans and want to continue to give them a glimmer of hope for what should be a bright future.

Let me say this, I love Urban as a college football coach. He is right up there with Bear and Saban as one of the best college coaches of all time.

Did you see what I was trying to emphasize?

Meyer is a legend at recruiting and convincing 18 year olds that winning a National title is the best thing for them.

What happens when the Jags start losing? Does he fake another health crisis?

At Florida he “retired” when everyone started doing drugs. At Ohio state he “retired” when the team got bad.

Jags fans, I want the best for you. I’m. A Browns fan, we are finally good and I want other struggling teams to get there. It’s a brotherly bond.

Urban is not the answer. He will give you one decent season and then when the going gets tough, he will be gone. You deserve better

The Nationals Mean Business

As we know, the 2019 World Series Champs posted a less than spectacular 2020 campaign. Now, this past year is a tough one to pass judgment on, given the challenges and uncertainty faced by the entire league. The Nats themselves were plagued by injuries and COVID issues with key players. However, unlike a certain other team, *cough cough* Red Sox *cough*, the Nats seem to know they have a good window to compete here and they are taking full advantage so far.

To start, it appears that Stephen Strasburg will be ready to roll and rejoin his squad for Spring Training. This will be a massive help to a pitching staff that saw its share of struggles last year with a 5+ season ERA. The bullpen could use an extra arm or two for sure. Tanner Rainey had his breakout season last year being the most reliable guy in the pen posting some stupid numbers, particularly his 14+ K/9. Begging the question if he might find himself in a the closing role soon. Kyle Finnegan and Wander Suero also posted solid seasons for the team. With a good base the Nats have some options, they can ride with their current relievers and hope Will Harris can find something a little closer to his 2016-2017 form, or they can go after another hurler to bolster the squad.

Now bringing in outside talent is not something the Nationals are generally shy about and this offseason is no different. Josh Bell. Those crazy sons of bitches made it happen. They went out and made what will probably, outside of Trevor Bauer, be the biggest acquisition of the offseason for any team, finding a true succesor to Ryan Zimmerman. Looking to the outfield, the addition of Kyle Schwarber adds some needed talent, assuming we see some improvement from his 2020 campaign. He’s still a dangerous power bat to complement the other pieces they have in place.

With a squad comprised of Bell, Turner, Soto, Harrison, Schwarber, etc. plus a solid pitching staff and plenty of time to improve their roster even further, this is gonna be a very fun team to watch. Especially in what has the potential to be one of, if not the best division in baseball.

Juju Just Danced On His Own Grave

Throughout the 2020 NFL Season, it’s safe to say Juju Smith-Schuster has turned heads a number of times. From becoming a Tik Tok sensation to dancing on Teams’ logos and getting absolutely leveled for it, Smith-Schuster has seen his actions come back to haunt him (and team) more than once. With his latest choice of words, we can’t help but wonder if Smith-Schuster may have just dug his own grave, and then danced on it.

Juju Smith-Schuster dancing on the Cowboys logo pregame-2020
Juju Smith-Schuster dancing in the Bengals logo pregame-2020

Speaking with the Associated Press before Sunday’s postseason matchup, Juju stated “I think they’re still the same Browns teams I play every year,… I think they’re nameless gray faces. They have a couple good players on their team, but at the end of the day, I don’t know. The Browns is the Browns.” Bold choice of words from a player who hasn’t done much other than get completely embarrassed multiple times on the field.

Smith-Schuster and the Pittsburgh Steelers made their way to 11-0 before dropping three losses in a row and finishing the season 12-4. Their latest loss was handed to them by the Cleveland Browns who made their final push for the playoffs. Granted the Browns beat a Steelers team who was resting their starters, but still the Browns have clearly made a decent case for themselves to not be taking lightly.

Juju Smith-Schuster getting DECKED by Bengals’ Vonn Bell

Smith-Schuster shouldn’t be much of a factor this Sunday either, after not having a single game with over 100 receiving yards and tallying only 9 touchdowns on the season. With this being said, I think it goes for all of us here at BOTA that we hope this adds fuel to the fire and provides some very strong motivation for the Browns. Here’s to hoping Juju can eat his words once more this season and the Steelers get their ass handed to them by the Browns. Let’s see what these “gray faces” Browns can do to a Steelers team that is nowhere close to as talented as originally thought.

Kyrie Irving Decided Not to Play Tonight Because “He Didn’t Want To”

We all need mental health days right?? A nice day to sit back and mentally reset from all the bullshit that the world throws at us.

Kyrie Irving decided that he didn’t want to play tonight and the Internet hated it…

I’m a salty Celtics fan, so I’ll give you a chance to get off the ride here.

Still here? Really? Okay, can’t wait for your angry comments. Just know I’ll be envisioning your stupid grey blob court the entire time.

All of these people are right to be mad. Bro, there are tired teachers that would die for a quarter of what you make. They can’t take days off.

If this was truly a mental health day, then it should’ve been phrased as such. Even better, you should’ve just not answered the questions. Prioritize your mental health kids…

Kyrie added 5 gallons of fuel onto the bonfire/media target that is the Nets locker room and I love it. I’m going to sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch as the Barclays arena goes down in flames.

We are the Champions

16 first round picks. Way more talent. Way tougher and more physical team. Didn’t the US just almost lose to Finland?

Noise….that’s all it was. We heard it over and over again, and we hear it every year. No one is beating Canada. Well….suck it aye? These kids went in there and reminded the Canadian hockey club and the world, who the bigger brother is in this relationship. In an epic 2-0 showdown they came out and dominated the game right of the rip. After seeing Trevor Zegras warm up, I knew USA had it in the bag. Kid is something special and will be an absolute menace in the show for a very long time.

It just goes to show how just because you have a team of first round picks, that doesn’t secure you a gold medal. I think in the end it actually hurt Canada having that many top prospects on their team. In a tight game, you usually throw in you best line or top players, (watch any NHL game ever…Mcdavid goes in, or Crosby, Or McKinnon) and Canada just had too many of those guys, and when they went down 1-0 in the first it was a wrap. They moved away from a team sport and tried to do it on their own each shift and that will never get it done.

At the end of the day those kids on team Canada will be just fine and all of them will end up making millions upon millions of dollars in the NHL, and more than half will win at least one Stanley Cup. That being said, we won the gold, our money is worth way more, I think Aunt Jemima is an elite syrup, and will always be the dominating older brother of the Canadians.

Will Levis is a Certified STUD

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Will Levis

As a quarterback, you know that you have a small window to grasp an opportunity.

As a college student, you know that a blue check mark gets you whatever you want.

Will Levis, a Penn State QB, is using his blue check mark to shoot his shot and slide into Kin Kardashian’s newly opened DMs.

Sorry Kanye… but you gotta respect the hustle.

Sure, it doesn’t mean anything because she won’t respond. Probably.

Those odds aren’t great, but if you put $10 on a 1 and a million chance you make…uhh… a lot of money (I don’t want to do simple math I’m gonna be honest…)

If Kim responds, Will will (weird) live in eternal college glory.

His scouting report will read,

Will Levis. Certified stud.

Fuck the Jets

Didn’t get it done. Sam took a bad sack after a false start penalty and with adam gase as your coach why wouldn’t you run 2 plays under 4 yards and then punt. Fuckin nasty 🤮🤮 will be looking for a play in either the late afternoon slate or the night game. Stay tuned. Has the fade already started?? Let me know!

YTD 0-1 -1Unit

Creds Best Bet of the Day. (Sunday)

New segment here as I like to occasionally throw a couple bucks down on a sports game when I see value that really sticks out to me. Let me just get out in front of the noise early as this is not a heart bet or a homer bet. Over the last few weeks this bet has hit and it is a type of bet that his hit at a great clip across the league this season. Tomorrow afternoon I am on the New York Jets OVER .5 points in the first quarter. Yes I know its the Jets. Yes I Know they are the worst sports organization in the history of sports. Yes I know they just did the most Jets like thing possible by ruining their shot at Trevor. Yes I know they are a train wreck inside a dumpster fire. That being said the Pats aren’t much better this year… The over .5 1st quarter bets across the whole league have been hitting at a very high clip this year and I think the jets have value here in this spot tomorrow against a shaky New England defense.

THIS IS NOT A PLAY I AM HAMMERING OR BETTING THE FARM ON. I don’t do that. In fact every bet I make is usually the same dollar amount. But as of Saturday night this is my favorite bet on the board so far. I will be doing more research and looking for some more value throughout the night and tomorrow morning so stay tuned to the Bota page for any updates! Play it or Fade it. Either way I’m going to get absolutely roasted by my co-workers and you the readers but frankly my dear, I dont give a Damn!

#TakeFlight #ByeByeGase