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Cade Johnson Draft Diamonds

When are we going to start giving the FCS love? For too long there have been insane talents coming out of that division (not you Trey Lance) that have made an immediate impact in the NFL.

Cade Johnson balled out at South Dakota state and is ready for his time in the NFL. Tell me right now that he doesn’t fit the break out mold for a player. He was a zero-star recruit coming out of Highschool, he went to a small school for the opportunity to play, he was invited to the senior bowl and made his stock skyrocket.

Johnson has two years worth of stats to put out and they were both impressive, but I’m going to focus on his 2019 stats. 72 rec, 1,222 yards, 17 YPC, 8TDs. With Covid canceling the fall FCS season, Johnson had the opportunity to go play for a power 5 school, but ultimately decided to gamble on himself by declaring for the 2021 draft and booking his ticket to the senior bowl.


-Great build

-Catching fundamentals are sound

-Deep threat


-lacks second tier speed

-can have trouble with stronger defenders

Projection: 7th round, Saints

Cade is the hardest draft stock to predict right now. He had a stellar performance at the senior bowl, but a lot of scouts are still worried about the defenses he’s played. I’m going to say, none of that matters. Cade has the drive and ability to climb up the ranks of a team. The idea of him pairing up with Michael Thomas in New Orleans gets me excited, full potential for them to transform into a destructive WR duo. ⁣

D’Wayne Eskridge Draft Diamonds

Let’s just get the bold statement out right at the start, D’Wayne Eskridge is THE most lethal WR in this draft class. He doesn’t have the hype surrounding him like Chase, Smith or Waddle; but what he does have is speed, intelligence, route running prowess, and sure hands that won’t drop the ball.

Eskridge started out as a running back in high school, but despite his three star rating, he didn’t receive a lot of interest from college scouts. He would end up signing with Western Michigan and stepped into the spotlight when Corey Davis departed.

In his first two years, Eskridge would end up netting 30 rec for 506 yards (2017), then 38 rec for 776 yards and 3TDs. Because of injuries, Eskridge would switch to CB and actually led the team in coverage stats before becoming a full time WR again his Red shirt senior year.

He would finish his career with…

121 rec

2,244 yards


But wait there’s more

17 kick returns

467 yards



– Versatility

– Speed at all three levels

– Body control


– Struggles in press coverage

– Needs space for success

Projection: 2nd Round

Best Fits:




D’wayne Eskridge is following in the footsteps of fellow Broncos like, Corey Davis, Greg Jennings, and Taylor Moton. He has been undervalued since high school and is now ready to destroy at the next level. Look at this scouting report, really look at it. Tell me that he doesn’t seem like the typical Belichick guy. Undervalued, small, but versatile as all hell. This kid can play all three sides of the ball. Patriot fans, Eskridge could be the new Troy Brown ⁣

Fuck ’em Lehner

My heart breaks for Robin Lehner this week. Everyone is so quick to stand up and talk about racism, LGBT rights and so many more issues (and rightfully so) but where is the support in arms when someone is battling such stuff as mental health, and the grips of addiction with drugs and alcohol? I feel so torn up for this man who has battled what 90% of the world will never comprehend and has battled back to nothing short of an elite goalie in the greatest sports league in the world. Now he has to deal with some beat reporter spreading rumors that he’s been away from the team because of mental health issues. Especially after being up front and honest about it in the past, this is the last thing he should have to be dealing with.

Maybe I’m more fired-up about on this than I normally would be because I just watched the Bob Probert doc this week, but there is a huge lack of support for those battling internal issues. Imagine dealing with not only an issue that could potentially get you fired if you bring it up to management or the coaching staff, but these hidden issues that so many go through are also extremely life threatening as well. I just don’t understand why this is such an overlooked system and it’s not just in the the professional sports world. It’s everywhere. Why were liquor stores considered essential, while gyms weren’t? Does anyone know the harm caused during this covid era? It’s was detrimental to millions of people. Drugs and alcohol have always and always will be the best friend of someone who is battling mental health, yet no one is talking about it. No one’s cancelling games for it, no one’s posting about it on ig. Instead we target and attack these players that are battling serious diseases that at the end of the day are biologically wired into them.

I speak so passionately on this topic as someone who abused drugs and alcohol for the better part of a decade and battled day in and day out for the last five and a half years to get and remain sober. My mental health the last two years of drinking and the first two years of being sober were some of the darkest times in my life. And even now those days still creep in and they’re nothing short of paralyzing and hopeless; regardless of profession, status, bank account, or anything else you “have”. Robin’s situation is no different, and for that I feel devastated for him after finally getting to a “green zone” spot and having it ripped from him by some dumbass beat reporter. Fuck off.

Mark Cuban to Allow Fans to Pay for Merchandise and Tickets with Doge Coin

What a wild ride Dogecoin has been on. It started as a meme currency made to poke fun at Bitcoin. Then TikTok got a hold of it and tried to make it boom. Then porn star, Angela White tweets about Dogecoin and gets it to rise (hehehehe).

Now, I have to justify how I, a 26-year old bartender, am smarter than the billionaire owner of the Mavericks, Mark Cuban.

Cuban recently announced that fans will be able to buy merch and tickets using Dogecoin.

Once again, not an economic genius, but….

That shit doesn’t add up.

Sure, fork over all of your Dogecoin to Cuban. Dude’s a genius and he’s just going to win either way.

Either you fork over all your Dogecoin for Mavericks merch and he gets rich when it booms, or you pay him with real life adult money, and he makes money.

Mark Cuban you win the economy, congrats you genius son of a bitch. Wanna invest in a low level sports blog?

The Future for the Red Sox is Bright

Spring training is finally here, we are weeks away from being able to pay for an overpriced beer and enjoy the Red Sox at Fenway. The part of that you should focus on is “Enjoy.” The Red Sox are heading in the right direction. 

Bobby Dalbec is primed to step into the spotlight in 2021. The Infielder has leaned out and cut ten pounds. The best part? He didn’t lose any of the power that secured himself as a top prospect for the Sox. In 8 at bats, he is hitting .500 with four runs and three home runs. With Mitch Moreland’s departure this off-season, there is a big gap at first and it looks like Bobby Dalbec has locked himself as our first baseman. 

Jeter Downs was an underrated addition in the Mookie Betts trade (I know the wound is still fresh, stay with me). He is another player primed to fill an empty gap at second base. He has all the athletic ability in the world. In Sunday’s game against the Twins, he was able to get a two-run Homerun and an RBI single. He has refined his hitting in the minors, but he still needs some work so he doesn’t make “rookie mistakes.” He won’t start opening day, but he will make his debut

The Red Sox biggest issue has been their pitching at all levels. Chaim Bloom found an ace hiding in Philly. Nick Pivetta got his spring training debut for the Sox Wednesday as they faced the Twins. His velocity was on full display as his fastball topped out at 96. Pivetta was only given a small window to display his ability and the stats might scare some people, but he got one strike out, one hit which translated to one earned run. He will most likely bolster the purifying rotation, but with Sale’s velocity as the biggest question mark for the Sox, Pivetta could step in and be the cannon to attack batters early. 

No fan likes a re-build. These years (yes, plural) are going to be tough and we are going to lose to the Yankees, A lot. As fans, we need to keep the faith, in the re-build, in Chaim, and in the team. The Sox have a wealth of talented prospects that can translate to big time major leaguers in the next couple years.