NBA Cold War!

Yup, you read it right. There is a Cold War among the NBA ranks. For those not history savvy , a cold war or the Cold War was a state of political hostility between countries characterized by threats, propaganda, and other measures short of open warfare.

So translate that definition into basketball terms; pretty much we have players beefing. Now if you’ve been watching the NBA games this season, you can see teams have been trying harder then ever with the NBA season championship open to everyone. So with that we got star players doing what they do best. But with some of these matchup it looks personal.

First Cold War participants are James Harden and Giannas Antetokounmpo. Now these two superstars are MVP candidates for the next couple of years and are putting up amazing stats. Now they are not in some beef cause of the MVP race. This is a beef due to their recent comments in the media. It really got heated up when Allstar Captain Giannas refuse to pick Harden because he wanted someone that would pass him the ball. Basically saying he dribbles too much. That comment obviously lead to another when James was asked to respond and it lead to more shots fired as Harden praises him game as being skillful. He also commented wishing he could been a freak of nature like Giannas is. Obviously I doubt both players have any hate for each other off the court but I guarantee when they play each other, one will be trying to embarrass the other.

Next two players is gold for television networks wether it be NBA regular season game, playoff game, All star game , or a pickup game at the park. These two players play with a chip on this or shoulder and want to dominate everyone. I’m talking about Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook. These two stars have been battling in the Western Conference for a while. No matter what team they play for these two put a show you won’t forget. Who knows exactly when this started but it got hot during the season OKC vs Blazers when Damian and Russ were chatting at each other. You had to be there or see it for yourself. But the tensions got brighter during the playoffs series between the two teams. Damian Lillard versus Russell Westbrook a first round matchup that didn’t disappoint. This series brought out the monsters in these players but ultimately Damian would win this battle. Now I say a battle , because I don’t think this is the last of these two ballers proving who is the alpha baller.

Last Cold War soldier is everyone favorite player who said himself if he wasn’t playing basketball, he would be the best drug dealer in the world. Yup I’m talking about Patrick Beverly. Who is he biting heads with? Well, everyone! Patrick Beverly is pear when he’s on the court. One of the top defensive players on the floor but he gets under people skin when the ball is in play. We’ve seen Patrick and Lebron go at each other, Patrick and Devin Booker, Patrick and Steph Curry, Patrick and Russel Westbrook and more. Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverly definitely have a history together.

Nonetheless the NBA is way better when there is some sort of tension to go with the entertainment in a NBA basketball game.

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