Thom Brennaman Threw Out a FAT Slur on Live TV

Hot Mics are notorious for catching people at their worst.

Swearing, sexual harassment, and general vulgarity make the hot mic prime real estate for celebrities and common people alike to screw up.

Now at the plate, Thom Brennaman.

The Reds announcer had this to say.

If I had one word to describe this it would be OOF.

Dude! What does that even mean? Where is he talking about?

I don’t think of gay people when I think of Cincinnati. I think of gross “chili” and disappointment.

I love how he tries to bail himself out, like 10s of uhh 10s (there can’t be that many reds fans right?) fans somehow missed him say “The F&@$ Capitals of the world.”

Here’s what Brennaman had to say about his mess up.

This is the most half assed apology I’ve heard in a long time. I’d say the odds are pretty heavy against you coming back Thom.

This just goes to show any aspiring broadcasters out there to watch out for the hot mic and just be a good person.

Fuck you Thom. (Nice h. Parents couldn’t have just named you Tom? Dick)

Welcome To The Joe Kelly Fight Club

Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Joe Kelly has recently been suspended 8 games for throwing behind Houston Astros players Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa. Which is funny, because now the MLB is protecting the Astros, after catching them cheating and letting all the Astros players get by with absolutely no punishments. So Rob Manfred and the MLB are now being children and are going to punish every single retaliation to the Astros. Absolutely unacceptable.

The Astros got caught stealing signs. THEY KNEW EVERY PITCH!!! The evidence is clear as day and the MLB handled it terrible. The Astros organization lied, tried to cover up evidence, and fabricated stories every step of the way, and yet every player was given immunity. And now, retaliation against the Astros (which is very personal throughout the league) is not going to be accepted.

I side with Joe Kelly here and I hope he appeals the hell out of this suspension. I am appalled that the MLB would issue such a harsh penalty when neither player was even hit. Since the punishments were handed out and avoided for the Astros, players have been very vocal of their feelings towards the Astros players getting by without any serious penalties. The retaliations were expected this season and Joe Kelly has been at the fore front of this catastrophe. Joe Kelly is now on the Dodgers, who currently despise the Astros for their scandalous wins while cheating. To add to the the matter Joe Kelly was a part of the Red Sox, which was already a heated rivalry with the Astros before the cheating scandals. Joe Kelly deserves to be set free and when he is, I hope he comes out swinging.

I hope Joe Kelly comes out of this suspension swinging. Bring us the fire and don’t fuck with Joe Kelly. If the MLB is gonna play childish, at least let Joe Kelly throw some shade. Joe Kelly helped re-ignite the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. He was a god for the Red Sox. The “don’t give a fuck” attitude is exactly what we need in the MLB, especially from a pitcher. Joe Kelly is an MLB god who isn’t afraid to say shit like it is and call out problems that need fixing. Him throwing at Bergman and Correa was the perfect response that “even though the season was shortened, we didn’t forget what you guys did, and this shows how much we hate you”. It’s the perfect scenario to remind everyone watching, and everyone in the MLB that we still hate the Astros and we all want to watch them burn. Show us what you got Joe.

Cancel The MLB Season

The MLB is in absolute shambles as it faces a Covid-19 outbreak among the Marlins franchise and the consequences thereof. Not to say I told you so MLB, but I totally fucking told you so. If anyone saw this coming, other than me, it should’ve been Rob Manfred and the fact of the matter is, the MLB should have never started to begin with.

The Miami Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies are on close watch as the Marlins gain a total of 17 positive Covid cases since their series with the Phillies.

What’s a better way to spread a virus than sports teams. They all share the same sidelines, dugout, bench. It’s stupid to even think that any sports league could be safe enough from this. I mean for Christ sake we were forced into lockdown for months until this virus let up a little. We finally get a little freedom and all sports shove play into action with so-called “safety measures”. What possible safety measures can protect full teams and leagues from a pandemic level virus?

Masks in the locker rooms? Full lockdown and bubbles for all players and personnel? Continuous checks and testing? I can promise you it all sounds great but it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work. Do you honestly expect leagues full of multi-million dollar players to stay inside their hotel rooms? Do you honestly expect players to walk up to home plate with no mask on, then be told to wear one three minutes later. It’s all impossible to keep track of 24/7. It’s just not possible to monitor every player at every second.

You can’t use players as guinea pigs for entertainment. It’s not right and even though many still do choose to play, I believe we will keep seeing more and more start to opt out with the ongoing concerns. Every sport that has started back up has had players with Covid. It’s asinine to believe that players, personnel, and staff are just magically protected and constantly monitored. All it takes is one person infected with the virus to pass it on to multiple teams.

What’s more is the MLB is basically the canary in the coal mine. They were the sport to come out and show that they could still play even with the virus still posing a legit threat around the country. But with the Miami Marlins outbreak, it’s safe to say that sports will not work. What we will continue to see is weeks of games, followed by weeks of postponement once the virus hits multiple teams. Every team playing is susceptible every series, and this is in the best interest of absolutely NO ONE. The season needs to be canceled now, and save the MLB for good.

The Marlins franchise have 17 total positive cases so far. The whole team basically has it and you have to expect this to happen multiple times throughout the shortened season unless the season is cancelled. It is not worth the risk to the MLB. Even with the best medical care, there’s no way to say how each player handles the virus. The MLB is solely responsible for every player or staff member that gets Covid-19. Why even risk it at this point.

With Manfred claiming he doesn’t think the outbreak on the Marlins will affect the Philadelphia Phillies (who the Marlins just faced a 3-game series against) or the league itself, he is an idiot. The virus will keep spreading. Everyone just watched the season start last week, and we already have our first outbreak in the MLB before 5 games have even been played. The MLB just played itself so bad that if this isn’t fixed fast, the MLB will not only become a laughingstock, but a disgrace all together. With the best interests of all contact sports in mind, this year needs to be postponed. No sports and let the virus play itself out. Fix this now.

The Rays are Hitting Dingers and I LOVE IT

In this twisted time in our history. It has been refreshing seeing Social media accounts, businesses, and even teams speaking out against injustice and racism.

Side note. Fuck racism, it’s 2020 be a better human being.

Today is opening day, and America is focused on opening day! The Rays put out a hefty reminder to ARREST THE PEOPLE THAT MURDERED AN INNOCENT WOMAN.

I respect the hell out of this move. The Rays realize that this world is trash and baseball gives us a welcome distraction, but we can’t ignore the facts.

I’ve been saying this since Kaep, but if you have a platform you should use it. Don’t let follower numbers influence what you post. Do what’s right.

With anything, there are two sides to the coin and this guy is definitely different

I won’t make fun of someone for their beliefs, but dude… leave the stadium. That was a national tragedy and you are going to stay inside a dome and not watch them play? I bet you had your arms crossed too you giant 8 year-old.

Update: I am in fact the idiot here. Shout out to this guy for making a funny tweet that flew past my head. I went all in and then lost, but that’s show biz baby.

The One BIG Shining Issue with the Sports “Bubble”

We are just around the corner from the return of sports and I can’t wait. I went from a desolate desert of dumb re-runs to having my brain force fed like a fat kid eating pudding.

Weird mental imagery, sorry, but sports are back! Which is great for us as fans, but what about players? Some have already opted out (like the entire Nets starting 5), but others are ready to go!

There’s just one problem. One big shining issue.

The players are locked into a hotel California type of deal where they can’t leave except to practice and play. Most leagues will be in this bubble for a couple of months. With limited contact from family members, including significant others.

Do you understand that I’m getting at yet? No? Okay, if you aren’t 18 or are easily set off by random people on the Internet please turn around and read any of my other articles or look at the kitten below.

Okay, for those of you that are left, hi! How are you? Good? That’s good!

Let’s be honest here guys I’m going to put this simply, we be horny. We aren’t even athletes, athletes are notorious for getting in trouble with sex scandals and cheating. What exactly is preventing them from going out in Florida and having some fun?

These leagues are begging the athletes to break the bubble and go out. So, what’s the solution?

I see two paths, you can either claim ignorance and ban players for every minor “incident.” Boring. The James path is better for the fans.

I say, tighten up security, lock that shit up like Fort Knox. The players will get pent up frustration because of this, tell the refs to ease up on personal fouls and let the athletes go at it.

Sounds backwards, but I want more basketball fights, sorry hockey but y’all know how to fight. I want some bad punches from basketball stars. Throw Mark Cuban in there with a steel chair and you’ve got pure entertainment.

You’re welcome America.

Should Baseball Return?

At the moment, the MLB is in shambles but is set to return July 1st. At this point, it has me wondering if it’s even worth it to bring baseball back. We’re already close to halfway through what would have been a season, yet instead of a season, tensions and pay cuts are the only statistics on the rise.

We have the MLBPA players union claiming the players don’t want to play unless they get paid a substantial amount, the MLB going back and forth on their offers, and commissioner Rob Manfred insisting a season will happen. Now with a supposed season underway, what do we expect of games, the pandemic, and many players in confined areas.

Shared from ESPN on how the upcoming season is proposed to take place.

By the time we see a season underway it will either be too small of a season for anyone to care, players unsatisfied due to salary cuts, or some other bogus reasons. As much as we all want baseball back, I think it’s safe to say a season at this point is a waste. If there is nothing to gain from a partial season, I truthfully don’t see anyone giving a shit about the game itself, leaving less fans, viewers, and money coming in. What could be a partial season could also be a horrific downfall to the game of baseball.

The MLB has two options now. Either rush the season back as planned and accept the consequences that may arise, or cancel the season and pay everyone accordingly. Of course whichever path is chosen, money and fans will be lost, but if a season is resurrected as is currently scheduled, the MLB needs to hope and pray for the same competitiveness as prior seasons. If Manfred waits any longer, significant problems can arise that will keep delaying and cause more turmoil amongst the MLB.

With where the MLB stands right now, the best route the MLB has is to not have a season this year. Let this fluke run it’s course and pick back up next year as a strong, competitive, yet respected organization. The risks that come with having a season this year may be the downfall of what was once the greatest sport in America.

Did the Red Sox Draft a Member of Team Globo Gym?

Old reference, I know, but it’s all I could think of when I saw the Red Sox Select… wait for it… Blaze Jordan.

The Sox picked up the 17 year old in the draft. He has already committed to Mississippi State. I honestly would’ve expected blaze to come from California. It sounds like the name of the cool but misunderstood surfer guy in every 90s teen movie.

Before we dig into the stats and why he’s a good baseball player, you need to know why he’s named Blaze. There isn’t a great grandfather Blaze, no no. His dad thought Blaze would be a cool Football name. If that isn’t the most Mississippi thing I’ve ever heard.

Blaze is a lot of human at 6’2 220 pounds and it shows in his swing. He won a home run derby at age 11 when he hit a ball 395 feet. To reiterate, he was 11. I am 25 and if I swing too hard at the batting cage I need three days of rest.

Fast forward to Blaze at 13, where he hit two home runs at 500 feet. This kid has power and a lot of it.

Part of his tremendous swing can be connected back to Boston. He shared a batting coach with former Red Sox Star, Mookie Betts.

Blaze has the potential to be the MLBs next great hitter. He clearly has the swing, but he needs some time to develop. In his scouting report, analyst have said that his lack of quickness and below average arm strength are better suited for first base.

Blaze will progress beautifully and become a future Red Sox Star, our system has done a great job at developing talent and I think Blaze will be Chaim Bloom’s first great pick as the Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer.

We are Starting to See a Change in Sports

Bubba Wallace has been very open as NASCAR’s first full time black driver. He wore a BLM shirt in the picture above and he said that confederate flags should be removed from NASCAR races.

Bubba Wallace secured a huge win yesterday when NASCAR announced that confederate flags will not be allowed at events and drivers do not have to stand for the national anthem.

Just to remind everyone, it’s 2020. Banning confederate flags shouldn’t be breaking news. It should’ve been done decades ago. There is no reason for that flag to exist.

Bubba did a great thing for a predominantly white sport, but that’s not the end.

Former MLB All-Star, Tori Hunter, came out and said that the racial abuse he experienced at Fenway Park made him add Boston to his “no-trade clause.”

Fenway quickly responded with a simple answer, “You’re right.”

Boston has been notorious for fans throwing racial slurs at players. Even Celtics legend Bill Russel has said that Boston fans are racist.

For Fenway to come out an openly say that Tori Hunter was right is a huge step forward. They said they removed 7 fans because of racist actions and there are more they couldn’t get. It’s sad to see my beloved city ruined by hate.

The battle isn’t over because of a few tweets. There have been small steps toward progress, but we need to start taking leaps.

Racism is still very prevalent in the beautiful game. I’ve seen multiple Italian clubs play a game in front of an empty stadium because of racist fans. I’ve also seen fans throw bananas at players in England. Soccer cannot be ruined by hate. More has to be done around the world.

The NFL has condemned police brutality and made a donation to a black charity, but more can be done. Bring back Collin Kaepernick. Not as a QB, because let’s face it, he’s bad, but as a consultant for the NFLs outreach program.

As a culture, we need to do better. Not for sports, but for the sake of humanity. For a group of humans that have been oppressed for ages. We need to do better.

New Jersey Brewery Doesn’t Pull Any Punches

Recently, a New Jersey Brewery by the name of Departed Soles Brewing, released Trash Can Banger IPA.

There is no hiding the reference that Departed Soles Made. They went for the throat of the Houston Astros organization and the 2017 scandal.

The can itself is a reference to the Astros sunrise uniforms which were cool in the 90s then lame and then cool again, but now no one wants to wear them.

Their description of the beer goes as follows, “Beer releases are like a pitcher’s arsenal, and you never really know what’s coming and when … unless, of course, you cheat,”


I see this whole thing as a win and a massive middle finger to the whole organization and I LOVE IT.

I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a shot at Jose Altuve, but the Tall Boy format is hilarious. Poor little guy would be blacked out for years from drinking one.

The Astros paid their debt to the MLB, but as fans, we aren’t satisfied. Rest assured Houston, there will be games where we bang cans, there will be more references like this, and no matter what, we will not let you live this down.

Are the Oakland A’s Heading Towards Bankruptcy?

I sound like a broken record at this point, but COVID 19 has taken a toll on every team the past few months.

Rob Manfred decided that all teams should pay their minor leaguers $400 a week until they can resume play.

Well in steps Jeff Passan with the report that the A’s will no longer pay that $400.

There is a bountiful harvest of jokes that can be made at the expense of the A’s organization, but I can’t bring myself to throw any of them out.

COVID 19 may be known as the virus that killed small markets. Including the markets that sell live bats. Okay, I got one joke, back to being serious.

I think we will see more teams follow suit very soon. I could see the Giants, Cincinnati, or even the White Sox following suit after June ends.

I pray that I’m reading too deep into this, but I really don’t think I am. This could signal the beginning of the end for a lot of teams and maybe baseball.