BOTA’s 300th Official Post!

Man, BOTA has really come a long way. First and foremost, BOTA Sports has just turned 1! Growing up on me and the bois so fast. I remember when James threw up the idea to start a sports blog, Chris and I were hesitant at first. We didn’t know what the hell to put up. James decided that he was going to just write an article, and start our very own website. BOTA Sports started with one article from James. Why Antonio Brown Doesn’t Make the Patriots a Superbowl Contender was the first ever article BOTA Sports published as a group. And man, it was, uh, interesting. Check out the article below.

Once this post hit the ground running, Chris and I joined right in, doing our first post the very same week. I went for the more general approach and chose to give an outlook on the 100th NFL season. I predicted that the past season would be “a year for the defense”. Little did I know we’d see one of the best regular season defenses of all time in the Patriots (at least for the first half). Chris decided to be bold, and claim that our Patriots would go undefeated, which I was very hesitant to agree with. I mean, whenever everything seems to fall into place, like that Antonio Brown signing, things always tend to balance themselves out. I think we can agree that the Patriots’ season is clear evidence of that.

After about a month of running the blog, the bois and I decided to go full steam ahead and give the podcast game a go. That’s when BOTA Cast was born. Pretty self explanatory as far as the title goes. We started off small, only doing NFL previews and recaps. That’s where Drew joined on. Drew brought another outside perspective to a New England dominated football view (he’s a Packer’s fan, if you didn’t already know). With the four of us, we powered through the first few months, spewing out articles and podcast, one after the other. Shortly after, Royce and Phil were added to the team, to keep on adding to our dynamic sports perspectives. Royce brought more college football, NFL, and MLB insight with him. Phil, who freelances for us, brought us NBA knowledge. Eventually, we even brought in our guy Mike, who is now co-hosting our hockey podcast, Taping the Shaft, with me!

As we closed out 2019, the blog had hit around 700 total views, a modest, but satisfying number, seeing as though we had only stated the blog 4 months before the end of the year. The bois and I set our goals high, trying to hit 10,000 views by the end of 2020, figuring that it would be a pretty high number to achieve. Then the pandemic hit, and everything went to hell. Sports stopped, the world just crumbled, and everyone started loosing their minds, not being able to do anything outside of their house. Finding any sports content to write about at that point was really hard. James trucked through, and made some killer content for us. Chris and I had a really hard time finding anything to go off of. Eventually Chris found his groove, and the content started pouring out again.

Once May hit, all of the bois were back on full gear, as sports started to heat up again. Talks of how we would get back to playing any sort of game(s) started up, and the bois were on the scene. That was the first month we hit over 1,000 views on our site. It was honestly pretty crazy to think that we were able to gather more views in May than we were able to in the 4 months of 2019. Same thing happened in June for us again, as we neared 2,000 views in a single month. We started pouring out video content right around that time as well. Top 10’s and Intalksicated were introduced to spice things up in the podcast department. If you haven’t seen my favorite segment “Call Chris and the Hang Up”, you’re missing out big time.

Last month was when things really got crazy. The bois and I hit over 5,000 views on the site. One of James’ articles got most of those views ALONE. Shoutout to James for that FIRE article, we proud AF. If you haven’t read that article either, here it is: This is James in his prime ladies and gentlemen. Don’t miss out.

It’s September 10th, 2020. BOTA has officially been around for a year. In this short time, we have done what we thought was unthinkable. We found what we all loved, and we made our goals a reality. The bois and I grind every day, and we won’t stop until we make it big. James, Chris, Drew, Royce, Phil, Mike. You guys fucking rock. Couldn’t have asked to have better peeps to run this shit with. As always BOTA World, I’m Soggi Boi, and this is BOTA Sports. Now, LISTEN TO OUR LATEST PODCAST WHERE I THIRST OVER TIM THOMAS AND HIS (probably) HUGE SCHLONG.

A Soggi Perspective: The Truth Comes Out

You should really give this interview a listen BOTA World. Tom Brady was interviewed by Howard Stern on his radio channel on Sirius XM.

With everything that is going on in the world right now, I feel like this whole Brady situation has gone by the wayside. If you haven’t you really should give this interview a listen. If you want to hear Brady like you’ve never heard him before, this is for you. Now, there are a lot of cool stories and explinations of things that have happened over his career, but the one thing that should get everyone’s attention is when he explained why he chose to leave the Patriots.

During the interview, Brady explained to Stern that he knew before the 2019 season that it would be his last in New England. Yeah. Brady knew that he was done with the Patriots before he played a single snap for the team. With that information in mind, that puts everything else from this season into perspective. The signing of Antonio Brown, getting Ben Watson back on the team. All of the Gronk talk, will he un-retire, will he not? All of it now makes perfect sense. The whole team knew he was done. Once the injuries piled up, Brady gave up. He said himself on the interview that he had nothing left to prove in New England. Why try and give life and limb for a team you knew you were going to leave after the season was over?

Here’s a thought. What if the Patriots had beaten the Titans? What if they had moved on, and beaten the Ravens and Chiefs to make it to the Super Bowl? What if they had won? A lot of what if’s, understandable. But just hear me out. Does he then change his mind if they win it all? Does Tom Brady remain a Patriot if he had won his 7th ring? What if the team stayed healthy the entire season? You see, there a lot of questions that can be asked of the 2019-2020 Patriots season. I could go on and on with them, but this is the question everyone should be asking themselves: If Brady knows he was done with the Patriots before the season starts, why the mind games?

Besides all of the Patriots talk, it’s really nice to hear Brady just air everything out. Deep down, I will always love Brady for what he’s done for the team. And listening to the interview puts a lot of his life and accomplishments into perspective for the average joe. It also puts a lot of his shortcomings into perspective as well. If you want to understand Tom Brady as a person, rather than just a football player, give this a listen.

A Soggi Perspective: Are the Patriots Becoming….Stale?

These are your new away jerseys Pats fans. These seem fimiliar, don’t they?

It seems as though the Patriots were ready for more change than we thought. Yesterday, our hometown bois announced that they would be wearing some new threads starting next season. As everyone eagerly awaited the drop, the team decided to lay and ABSOLUTE SHIT on everyone. The new home jerseys are now the stupid color rush jerseys. The away jerseys are nice. Don’t get me wrong, I like both jerseys. But where the hell is the creativity people? These jerseys have been around for ages. Let’s not forget, both the home and away jerseys are just derivatives of an older, redder, Patriots jersey.

Hmm… these look familiar, don’t they?

Now, like I said previously, I like both of the “new” jerseys. Will I buy them? Most likely. But goddamn, I was hoping they’d at least try and come up with something new. As the old dad saying goes, I’m not mad. I’m just very disappointed. But hey, at least we don’t look like Atlanta. Those jerseys are, to put this very lightly, absolute poopy trash.

I really hate myself for saying this, but I think the Patriots are stale. I’m glad they moved on from Brady, and I am anxious to see where this team is headed. I really have no idea how they are going to manage this upcoming season, nor do I know who will be leading the offense. Realistically, I see them being a 9-7 team, with a bottom 10 offense and middle of the road defense. I want this team to win. But they need to learn how to do that without most of their key players. That team last year, their whole shtick was just offputting. I loved how great their defense was. Until they started marketing it. The offense had so much potential, until Brady had no one to throw it to. The offensive line was troubled all year because David Andrews was missing, and Isaiah Wynn was not up to speed. A lot of things were adding up over the course of that season, and it all culminated into one, terrible loss in the playoffs against the Titans.

I hope that Belichick has enough left in his coaching tank to be able to pull the Patriots out of the hole they dug themselves in. I really think it is time for a shift on the offense. They should start building up their running attack, and possibly acquiring a better back. Sony Michel is not the answer. However, Leonard Fournette is on the block, and boy, would I love to see him in Red White and Blue. Patriots fans, let me hear what you have to say. Do you like the jerseys? How do you think the Pats will fair next season? Let me know, Soggi Boi loves him some hot takes.

A New, Soggi Segment!

Hey everyone, Soggi Boi is back after a month long hiatus. These have been some crazy times peeps. While most of us at home, I’m going to be starting a new segment for myself and some of the boys. Starting from the first championship, the Bois and I are going to relive every single New England/Boston Championship. We are going to be doing this lovely new segment as a Vlog! So you’ll be able to see our beautiful faces! I will also be getting some special guest appearances on! So stay tuned, and enjoy the content!

A Soggi Perspective: Devil’s Advocate

Image result for tom brady leaving
New England, this is it. Suck up to him now, because his ass is on the way out.

Man, was today a confusing day to be a Patriots fan. Jeff Darlington of ESPN reported that he would be “stunned if Brady went back to New England”. Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald said that her sources told her that New England hadn’t reached out to Brady, and that it was highly unlikely that anything was going to happen anytime soon. Soon after, Ian Rappaport tweeted out that New England still viewed Brady as their guy. Read the tweet below:

What in the hell is going on? Is Brady in, or is he out? Listen here my peeps. This is nothing new from me. I have always been on the side of leaving. Let’s be logical here. As Patriots fans, do we want to keep doing this every time a contract extension comes up? Brady is playing until 45. End of story. It’s either the team pays him, or they move on. All of this shit is about creating leverage or a smokescreen, if you will. I’m already on to the next thing, and you guys should be too. He had his farewell tour with his last Super Bowl. The team tried getting him weapons last year, but they didn’t pan out. That happens in any sports league. The way this season shook out told me that Brady wants to act like a diva now. IF YOU CARE ABOUT WINNING, STAY, WIN THAT 7th RING, AND FUCKING RETIRE. Like I’ve said before, it’s not about the ring anymore for Brady.

Now, in a previous article, which you can read here, I wanted you guys to calm down, and just appreciate Mr. Brady for all of his accomplishments. I still want you to appreciate what you had. Appreciate the hell out of it. Did you do that? Good! Now it’s all gone. The glory days are over. It’s time to move on. I’ve had enough of this pussy footing around between both sides. Make up your damn minds already. Brady can do whatever the hell he wants for all I care, I just want him to be straightforward. Clearly, and I mean CLEARLY, neither side has talked. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be getting a change in story every ten fucking seconds.

EARTH TO NEW ENGLAND? We are an intelligent people! We need to wake up and start looking forward. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if they got Teddy Bridgewater in here. He’s a serviceable quarterback, who has played under Drew Brees, and can manage an offense. Or we can ride Jarrett Stidham until we can groom the next quarterback. That’s exactly what we need. Until Emperor Bill can find the next chosen one. In Bill we trust, right? I wouldn’t be so sure about that either, because believe it or not, Billy o Boi is a MEDIOCRE GM. Yes, I said mediocre. He has had some questionable draft decisions. That’s a different story for a different day. However, don’ just expect Belichick to make the right choice. There is uncertainty.

It’s ok to be scared, New England. Welcome to the real world of NFL football. We have been so comfy cozy riding our winning laurels that I think it’s time for a massive shakeup. MOVE ON FROM BRADY. We need to see what our lives are like without him. We are going to be just fine. But I’ve had just enough of this indirect fighting between Brady and the Patriots. Like everyone’s favorite Josh Brolin character Thanos, I’m about to snap. I’m also huge, purple, and want to wipe out half of the universe, so there’s that. No matter what, we will have the championships. All 6 will be safe and sound at Patriots place no matter where Brady decides to go. Don’t worry though, Soggi Boi is here to comfort you no matter what.