BOTA’s 300th Official Post!

Man, BOTA has really come a long way. First and foremost, BOTA Sports has just turned 1! Growing up on me and the bois so fast. I remember when James threw up the idea to start a sports blog, Chris and I were hesitant at first. We didn’t know what the hell to put up. James decided that he was going to just write an article, and start our very own website. BOTA Sports started with one article from James. Why Antonio Brown Doesn’t Make the Patriots a Superbowl Contender was the first ever article BOTA Sports published as a group. And man, it was, uh, interesting. Check out the article below.

Once this post hit the ground running, Chris and I joined right in, doing our first post the very same week. I went for the more general approach and chose to give an outlook on the 100th NFL season. I predicted that the past season would be “a year for the defense”. Little did I know we’d see one of the best regular season defenses of all time in the Patriots (at least for the first half). Chris decided to be bold, and claim that our Patriots would go undefeated, which I was very hesitant to agree with. I mean, whenever everything seems to fall into place, like that Antonio Brown signing, things always tend to balance themselves out. I think we can agree that the Patriots’ season is clear evidence of that.

After about a month of running the blog, the bois and I decided to go full steam ahead and give the podcast game a go. That’s when BOTA Cast was born. Pretty self explanatory as far as the title goes. We started off small, only doing NFL previews and recaps. That’s where Drew joined on. Drew brought another outside perspective to a New England dominated football view (he’s a Packer’s fan, if you didn’t already know). With the four of us, we powered through the first few months, spewing out articles and podcast, one after the other. Shortly after, Royce and Phil were added to the team, to keep on adding to our dynamic sports perspectives. Royce brought more college football, NFL, and MLB insight with him. Phil, who freelances for us, brought us NBA knowledge. Eventually, we even brought in our guy Mike, who is now co-hosting our hockey podcast, Taping the Shaft, with me!

As we closed out 2019, the blog had hit around 700 total views, a modest, but satisfying number, seeing as though we had only stated the blog 4 months before the end of the year. The bois and I set our goals high, trying to hit 10,000 views by the end of 2020, figuring that it would be a pretty high number to achieve. Then the pandemic hit, and everything went to hell. Sports stopped, the world just crumbled, and everyone started loosing their minds, not being able to do anything outside of their house. Finding any sports content to write about at that point was really hard. James trucked through, and made some killer content for us. Chris and I had a really hard time finding anything to go off of. Eventually Chris found his groove, and the content started pouring out again.

Once May hit, all of the bois were back on full gear, as sports started to heat up again. Talks of how we would get back to playing any sort of game(s) started up, and the bois were on the scene. That was the first month we hit over 1,000 views on our site. It was honestly pretty crazy to think that we were able to gather more views in May than we were able to in the 4 months of 2019. Same thing happened in June for us again, as we neared 2,000 views in a single month. We started pouring out video content right around that time as well. Top 10’s and Intalksicated were introduced to spice things up in the podcast department. If you haven’t seen my favorite segment “Call Chris and the Hang Up”, you’re missing out big time.

Last month was when things really got crazy. The bois and I hit over 5,000 views on the site. One of James’ articles got most of those views ALONE. Shoutout to James for that FIRE article, we proud AF. If you haven’t read that article either, here it is: This is James in his prime ladies and gentlemen. Don’t miss out.

It’s September 10th, 2020. BOTA has officially been around for a year. In this short time, we have done what we thought was unthinkable. We found what we all loved, and we made our goals a reality. The bois and I grind every day, and we won’t stop until we make it big. James, Chris, Drew, Royce, Phil, Mike. You guys fucking rock. Couldn’t have asked to have better peeps to run this shit with. As always BOTA World, I’m Soggi Boi, and this is BOTA Sports. Now, LISTEN TO OUR LATEST PODCAST WHERE I THIRST OVER TIM THOMAS AND HIS (probably) HUGE SCHLONG.

A Soggi Perspective: The Truth Comes Out

You should really give this interview a listen BOTA World. Tom Brady was interviewed by Howard Stern on his radio channel on Sirius XM.

With everything that is going on in the world right now, I feel like this whole Brady situation has gone by the wayside. If you haven’t you really should give this interview a listen. If you want to hear Brady like you’ve never heard him before, this is for you. Now, there are a lot of cool stories and explinations of things that have happened over his career, but the one thing that should get everyone’s attention is when he explained why he chose to leave the Patriots.

During the interview, Brady explained to Stern that he knew before the 2019 season that it would be his last in New England. Yeah. Brady knew that he was done with the Patriots before he played a single snap for the team. With that information in mind, that puts everything else from this season into perspective. The signing of Antonio Brown, getting Ben Watson back on the team. All of the Gronk talk, will he un-retire, will he not? All of it now makes perfect sense. The whole team knew he was done. Once the injuries piled up, Brady gave up. He said himself on the interview that he had nothing left to prove in New England. Why try and give life and limb for a team you knew you were going to leave after the season was over?

Here’s a thought. What if the Patriots had beaten the Titans? What if they had moved on, and beaten the Ravens and Chiefs to make it to the Super Bowl? What if they had won? A lot of what if’s, understandable. But just hear me out. Does he then change his mind if they win it all? Does Tom Brady remain a Patriot if he had won his 7th ring? What if the team stayed healthy the entire season? You see, there a lot of questions that can be asked of the 2019-2020 Patriots season. I could go on and on with them, but this is the question everyone should be asking themselves: If Brady knows he was done with the Patriots before the season starts, why the mind games?

Besides all of the Patriots talk, it’s really nice to hear Brady just air everything out. Deep down, I will always love Brady for what he’s done for the team. And listening to the interview puts a lot of his life and accomplishments into perspective for the average joe. It also puts a lot of his shortcomings into perspective as well. If you want to understand Tom Brady as a person, rather than just a football player, give this a listen.

A Soggi Perspective: Are the Patriots Becoming….Stale?

These are your new away jerseys Pats fans. These seem fimiliar, don’t they?

It seems as though the Patriots were ready for more change than we thought. Yesterday, our hometown bois announced that they would be wearing some new threads starting next season. As everyone eagerly awaited the drop, the team decided to lay and ABSOLUTE SHIT on everyone. The new home jerseys are now the stupid color rush jerseys. The away jerseys are nice. Don’t get me wrong, I like both jerseys. But where the hell is the creativity people? These jerseys have been around for ages. Let’s not forget, both the home and away jerseys are just derivatives of an older, redder, Patriots jersey.

Hmm… these look familiar, don’t they?

Now, like I said previously, I like both of the “new” jerseys. Will I buy them? Most likely. But goddamn, I was hoping they’d at least try and come up with something new. As the old dad saying goes, I’m not mad. I’m just very disappointed. But hey, at least we don’t look like Atlanta. Those jerseys are, to put this very lightly, absolute poopy trash.

I really hate myself for saying this, but I think the Patriots are stale. I’m glad they moved on from Brady, and I am anxious to see where this team is headed. I really have no idea how they are going to manage this upcoming season, nor do I know who will be leading the offense. Realistically, I see them being a 9-7 team, with a bottom 10 offense and middle of the road defense. I want this team to win. But they need to learn how to do that without most of their key players. That team last year, their whole shtick was just offputting. I loved how great their defense was. Until they started marketing it. The offense had so much potential, until Brady had no one to throw it to. The offensive line was troubled all year because David Andrews was missing, and Isaiah Wynn was not up to speed. A lot of things were adding up over the course of that season, and it all culminated into one, terrible loss in the playoffs against the Titans.

I hope that Belichick has enough left in his coaching tank to be able to pull the Patriots out of the hole they dug themselves in. I really think it is time for a shift on the offense. They should start building up their running attack, and possibly acquiring a better back. Sony Michel is not the answer. However, Leonard Fournette is on the block, and boy, would I love to see him in Red White and Blue. Patriots fans, let me hear what you have to say. Do you like the jerseys? How do you think the Pats will fair next season? Let me know, Soggi Boi loves him some hot takes.

A New, Soggi Segment!

Hey everyone, Soggi Boi is back after a month long hiatus. These have been some crazy times peeps. While most of us at home, I’m going to be starting a new segment for myself and some of the boys. Starting from the first championship, the Bois and I are going to relive every single New England/Boston Championship. We are going to be doing this lovely new segment as a Vlog! So you’ll be able to see our beautiful faces! I will also be getting some special guest appearances on! So stay tuned, and enjoy the content!

A Soggi Perspective: Devil’s Advocate

Image result for tom brady leaving
New England, this is it. Suck up to him now, because his ass is on the way out.

Man, was today a confusing day to be a Patriots fan. Jeff Darlington of ESPN reported that he would be “stunned if Brady went back to New England”. Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald said that her sources told her that New England hadn’t reached out to Brady, and that it was highly unlikely that anything was going to happen anytime soon. Soon after, Ian Rappaport tweeted out that New England still viewed Brady as their guy. Read the tweet below:

What in the hell is going on? Is Brady in, or is he out? Listen here my peeps. This is nothing new from me. I have always been on the side of leaving. Let’s be logical here. As Patriots fans, do we want to keep doing this every time a contract extension comes up? Brady is playing until 45. End of story. It’s either the team pays him, or they move on. All of this shit is about creating leverage or a smokescreen, if you will. I’m already on to the next thing, and you guys should be too. He had his farewell tour with his last Super Bowl. The team tried getting him weapons last year, but they didn’t pan out. That happens in any sports league. The way this season shook out told me that Brady wants to act like a diva now. IF YOU CARE ABOUT WINNING, STAY, WIN THAT 7th RING, AND FUCKING RETIRE. Like I’ve said before, it’s not about the ring anymore for Brady.

Now, in a previous article, which you can read here, I wanted you guys to calm down, and just appreciate Mr. Brady for all of his accomplishments. I still want you to appreciate what you had. Appreciate the hell out of it. Did you do that? Good! Now it’s all gone. The glory days are over. It’s time to move on. I’ve had enough of this pussy footing around between both sides. Make up your damn minds already. Brady can do whatever the hell he wants for all I care, I just want him to be straightforward. Clearly, and I mean CLEARLY, neither side has talked. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be getting a change in story every ten fucking seconds.

EARTH TO NEW ENGLAND? We are an intelligent people! We need to wake up and start looking forward. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if they got Teddy Bridgewater in here. He’s a serviceable quarterback, who has played under Drew Brees, and can manage an offense. Or we can ride Jarrett Stidham until we can groom the next quarterback. That’s exactly what we need. Until Emperor Bill can find the next chosen one. In Bill we trust, right? I wouldn’t be so sure about that either, because believe it or not, Billy o Boi is a MEDIOCRE GM. Yes, I said mediocre. He has had some questionable draft decisions. That’s a different story for a different day. However, don’ just expect Belichick to make the right choice. There is uncertainty.

It’s ok to be scared, New England. Welcome to the real world of NFL football. We have been so comfy cozy riding our winning laurels that I think it’s time for a massive shakeup. MOVE ON FROM BRADY. We need to see what our lives are like without him. We are going to be just fine. But I’ve had just enough of this indirect fighting between Brady and the Patriots. Like everyone’s favorite Josh Brolin character Thanos, I’m about to snap. I’m also huge, purple, and want to wipe out half of the universe, so there’s that. No matter what, we will have the championships. All 6 will be safe and sound at Patriots place no matter where Brady decides to go. Don’t worry though, Soggi Boi is here to comfort you no matter what.

A Soggi Perspective: Is Kyle Dubas the Worst GM in the League?

Image result for kyle dubas toronto maple leafs
That’s a shit eating grin if I’ve ever saw one.

Following the aftermath of what was a crazy Trade Deadline day in the NHL, one person in particular has been getting a lot of heat for not only his lack of moves, but for being a complete schmuck. Just looking at some of the transactions that he made yesterday makes my eyes bleed. Not to mention, this is the same team that just got stonewalled by THEIR OWN ZAMBONI DRIVER. That’s right folks. Their own zamboni driver beat them in an NHL hockey game, one that counted nonetheless. Now, that doesn’t directly reflect on him, but come on. Your team is out there dogging it against a man that cleans up after you between periods. My man David Ayers did the hockey world a favor and helped Carolina to a win against the Leafs. This is a direct quote from Dubas on the loss to David Ayers and the Hurricanes the other night:

“If we won the game, that would be embarrassing as well, because you’re down 4-1 and then it would be a whole other set of controversy that would come up. Like, ‘Ah geez, the Maple Leafs’ [beat their] own employee.’ We were in a no-win situation.”

Kyle Dubas, GM of the Maple Leafs

What I am concerned with however, is how terribly the Maple Leafs are structured, and why they would make a trade well knowing they were only getting a 5th round pick for what they gave up. The trade I am talking about specifically is the Robin Lehner trade. This went down as a 3 team trade between Toronto, Las Vegas, and Chicago. Chicago traded Lehner to Toronto, retaining 50% of his salary. Toronto then proceeded to trade him to Vegas. Chicago received Malcolm Subban and prospect Slava Demin. Vegas, in addition to receiving Lehner, received prospect Martins Dzierkals from Toronto. Toronto only received a 5th round pick. Toronto received a 5th round pick in exchange for a prospect and retaining 1.1 million in salary from Robin Lehner. What the hell even is that? Why bother doing that? What kind of value are you getting by giving up valuable cap space AND a prospect? I would love to get inside Dubas’ mind and figure out what the hell was going on?

What I would also like to know is why 60% of active players salary held up with 4 players. What the shit is that Dubas? You’re putting way to many eggs in one basket here by betting on only 4 players. Matthews, Marner, Tavares, Nylander. Those 4 players are not going to win you a Stanley Cup. Spend some more money on your defense! Maybe if you didn’t let up so many goals, you’d win more games! The team has letup 210 goals on the season. That stat is good for 4th worst in the league. Anyone want to hear some teams that have less goals against? San Jose, Chicago, Anaheim, and Los Angeles to name a few. That sucks. You can score goals like a motherfucker, but when you get to the playoffs and everything tightens up, offensive teams, like the Maple Leafs, crumble. Picking up someone like Calle Rosen is good for depth, but you have to have a serviceable defense before you can start talking about DEPTH. Come on Dubas. Try and make it at least a little interesting for hockey fans that want to see Original Six match-ups. Or, like myself, want to see the Maple Leafs continue to bow out in the first round, as is so often the case.

In summary, Dubas is a dipshit. He is going to miss out on his team’s window by tinkering with these stupid trades. He needs to figure out his payroll situation, get rid of some dead money, and for the love of God, don’t talk to the media before making sure what you are saying doesn’t make you look like COMPLETELY incompetent. The worst GM in the League award may just go to you, dumbass.

This Week in the NHL: Hot and Not Volume No. 2

Welcome back to Hot or Not ladies and gentlemen! Soggi Boi is back to fill you in on some important developments in the hockey world! With the trade deadline right around the corners, some teams have solidified themselves as buyers and sellers. Let’s dive in and see who has the stuff, and who has jack squat.


Boston Bruins – 37-11-12

These bad bois have been playing outstanding hockey. There have been very few points in the season where I have been worried about them. All of these back to back games that have been reering their ugly heads through are going to really show us whether or not they’ve got the stuff. 3-1 in games that are back to back in this recent streak. Not bad. They are also 6th in goals for and 1st in goals against. Their defense is really stepping it up, and because of this, they have been able to generate more chances off of the rush. Look for them to pick up Chris Kreider for Jack Studnicka, a conditional second, and a third round pick. (You heard it here first).

Tampa Bay Lightning – 40-15-5

All I can really say is they are on actual fire. They have shaken off their embarressing first round exit last year against the Columbus Blue Jackets. 11 wins in a row, and the only team with 40 wins on the season. Tough to be any hotter than that. Picking up Blake Coleman from the Devils is huge for a team that should be a Stanley Cup favorite. Obviously adding any forward depth is huge for a playoff run, but it should help them tremendously. Coleman was a lone bright spot on the Devils, posting a 21-10-31 stat line. These guys should go deep in the playoffs.

Colorado Avalanche 33-18-7

Colorado has had its ups and downs during the season, having multiple injuries to top line forwards such as Mikko Rantanen, Matt Calvert, and Nazem Kadri. Phillip Grubauer has been injured multiple times this season, but they are still finding a way to win games. They are sitting in third place in the Central right now, but have 1 game in hand on Dallas, and 2 games in hand on St. Louis. They could take the division if they can get and stay healthy. The top line of McKinnon-Landeskog-Rantanen is lethal, but with no Rantanen, do they have enough depth to keep the train from derailing? My gut says no, but they are have a pretty good opportunity to take the division.

Pittsburgh Penguins – 37-15-6

Can you ever count Sidney Crosbey and the Crosby-ettes out? Yes, yes you can. However, that hasn’t stopped them from jacking the Metropolitan division from the deflated Caps. Pittsburgh has been finding their game, playing sound defensively and getting some stellar goaltending from Tristan Jarry and Matt Murray. It seems as though a lot of teams are trending towards that tandem look for the season, as it helps keep both goalies fresh. Look at Boston. Now look at Pittsburgh, as they have taken the division, and getting really good play from both of their goaltenders. Getting Jason Zucker doesn’t hurt either. He scored 2 goals in his first game as a Penguin. Already paying off for Mike Sullivan.


Detroit Red Wings 15-43-4

If the record isn’t enough for you, here’s a lighting round of stats for you that summarize the Red Wing’s season. -105 goal differential. 5 wins on the road. 43 total losses, more than any team has wins. 27 road losses. 27. They don’t have a single player that has a positive plus/minus. Mostly every player has a double digit plus/minus. Oh, and they are, for some odd reason, holding onto Jimmy Fucking Howard. Dude is hot trash. They are one of the worst teams is have ever seen. I have to say though, they know how to beat Montreal.

Arizona Coyotes – 30-24-8

4-3-3 in their last 10. After aquiring Hall, I thought it would give them a spark. Instead, they stayed the same, and have been hovering around the second wildcard spot for weeks. They have a chance in a week Pacific division, but they haven’t been able to play to their game. They only hold a 1 point lead on that second wildcard spot, and are in jeopardy of missing the playoffs. I think they miss. They are going to fall apart even more than they already have. Kessel and Hall don’t last another year.

St. Louis Blues – 33-17-10

The Blues are an interesting team to watch this year. They started the year off really hot, and then Tarasanko went down. This team has seen better days, only 3-5-2 in their last 10, getting questionable goaltending from Binnington. They aren’t healthy, and aren’t playing good hockey. They have a slim lead in the Central Division, having the point advantage against Dallas and Colorado, but both teams have games in hand. The Blues are in trouble. They need some players back, and they should be active at the trade deadline. No questions about that.

Los Angeles Kings – 21-34-5

Last place in the West? Check. 3-7 in their last 10? Yup. Traded/Trading most of their key pieces, like Alec Martinez and Tyler Toffoli? Yepperz. All this team needs to do is get rid of Quick. They need to start building for the future. They’ve had too many failed veteran experements that usually ended up biting them in the ass (See Jeff Carter and Ilya Kovalchuk). They are definitely stocking up on draft picks, and their prospect pool has been ranked 1st in the NHL, so they should see some success in the near future. But for now, they suuuuuuuuuuuuck.

An Evening Quickie: Are You Not Entertained Boston?

King Brady sits on a throne of deception.

Oh all ye Bostonians, are you on the edge of your seats? Your Lord, Thomas Patrick Edward Brady Jr. hath gone. He has moved from his castle, and pulled his resources from our lands. He hath left you, Boston. And he’s not coming back.

No sir, Sir Brady is looking for another land to pillage and lay his TB12 roots. Other kingdoms need his services, and are trying to court him. How could you let this happen? This man, no LEGEND I dare say is all you’ve ever had. What shall you do? I shall answer that call. NOTHING.

You see, Sir Brady is going to realize that, if his true desire is to win the Ye Ol’ Super Bowl, then he is going to realize that no other kingdom offers him a better chance then New England. I, however, see that Lord Brady hath other desires. He wants to set up TB12 castles around the lands. He doesn’t just want New England. He wants New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

I’m sorry guys, I was bored, and I guess that means I go for a sort of Old English style. In plain english, Brady is most likely going to want his brand rather than another ring. If he thinks his legacy is cemented, and wants to get his TB12 brand out to different markets, he’ll go elsewhere. The Brady Bunch has already left Mass. Brady has been actively trying to cause a stir. He wants people to come to him. He wants to be treated like a king. I’m telling you, he’s gone. If Brady wants out, we should let him. I’m picking Belichick over Brady every day if I had to pick someone to rely on for the next 2 years.

Soggi Boi Presents: The XFL Diaries

Image result for xfl
Here. We. Go. This Saturday, 2 pm. Be there or be square boiiiiiis.

Hey y’all. Sogger here. Just coming at you with a new segment of writing I wanted to start with the inaugural season of the XFL about to kick off. We are about to witness HISTORY as Vince McMahon and the geniuses behind the WWE decided that they felt left out of the professional sports world, and wanted to start their own little football league. How adorable! This will be one of the best things to come from a McMahon since Jimbo’s (no relation) ’85 season with Da Bears. I know every NFL fan, myself included, is foaming at the mouth for more high quality, NFL level football. I mean, how could you pass us what is going to be such a refined product?

For those of you that have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, let me break it down for you. The XFL is an off brand reboot of the AAF, which was another professional league that started back in February of 2019. It lasted a grand total of 50 days. 50 DAYS. That doesn’t bode well for the newly formed XFL. Like the AAF, the XFL will include players that were not able to stick around in the NFL or CFB (Canadian Football League). I hope you guys are ready for these rosters, because boy, do they have some STAR POWER! Pay extra attention to the names that are bold!

Dallas Renegades

Jazz Ferguson1WRNorthwestern State
Drew Galitz2PBaylor
Flynn Nagel3WRNorthwestern
Eric Dungey7QBSyracuse
Austin MacGinnis8KKentucky
Philip Nelson9QBEast Carolina
Joshua Crockett11WRCentral Oklahoma
Landry Jones12QBOklahoma
Jeff Badet13WROklahoma
Jerrod Heard16WRTexas
Freddie Martino18WRNorth Greenville
Tenny Adewusi20SDelaware
Micah Abernathy21STennessee
Marquis Young22RBMassachusetts
Josh Thornton23CBSouthern Utah
Treston Decoud24CBOregon State
Lance Dunbar25RBNorth Texas
Donatello Brown26CBValdosta Sate
Austin Walter27RBRice
Josh Hawkins28CBEast Carolina
Derron Smith31SFresno State
Cameron Artis-Payne34RBAuburn
Tre Watson40LBMaryland
Dashaun Phillips41CBTarleton State
Christian Kuntz43LBDuquesne
Hau’oli Kikaha44LBWashington
Doyin Jibowu45SFort Hays State
Tegray Scales46LBIndiana
Tobenna Okeke47LBFresno State
Greer Martini48LBNotre Dame
Donald Parham49TEStetson
Reshard Cliett50LBSouth Florida
Ray Ray Davison51LBCalifornia
John Keenoy52OGWestern Michigan
James Folston55LBPittsburgh
Frank Alexander57DEOklahoma
Asantay Brown58LBWestern Michigan
Johnathan Calvin59LBMississippi State
Maurquice Shakir61OGMiddle Tennessee
Darius James62OTAuburn
Salesi Uhatafe64OGUtah
Alex Balducci65COregon
Josh Allen66OGUL Monroe
Willie Beavers70OTWestern Michigan
Justin Evans71OTSouth Carolina State
Pace Murphy77OTNorthwestern State
Sean Price80TESouth Florida
Julian Allen86TESouthern Mississippi
Tomasi Laulile91DTBYU
Tony Guerad93DTUCF
Winston Craig96DERichmond
Gelen Robinson98DEPurdue

D.C. Defenders

DeAndre Thompkins1WRPenn State
Ty Rausa2KBoise State
Tyree Jackson3QBBuffalo
Eli Rogers4WRLouisville
Hunter Niswander7PNorthwestern
Jalen Rowell9WRAir Force
Simmie Cobbs10WRIndiana
Cardale Jones12QBOhio State
Rashad Ross15WRArizona State
Tyler Palka16WRGannon
Malachi Dupre19WRLouisiana State
Carlos Merritt20SCampbell
Doran Grant21CBOhio State
Matt Elam22SFlorida
Jalen Myrick23CBMinnesota
Donnel Pumphrey24RBSan Diego State
Desmond Lawrence25CBNorth Carolina
Jhurell Pressley26RBNew Mexico
Elijah Campbell28CBNorthern Iowa
Tyree Kinnel29SMichigan
Bradley Sylve30CBAlabama
Nick Brossette31RBLouisiana State
Khalid Abdullah32RBJames Madison
Shamarko Thomas38SSyracuse
Brian Khoury42DECarnegie Mellon
Dorian Johnson51OGPittsburgh
Jonathan Celestin52LBMinnesota
Jameer Thurman53LBIndiana State
Jonathan Massaquoi54LBTroy
Antwione Williams55LBGeorgia Southern
KeShun Freeman56DEGeorgia Tech
Scooby Wright58LBArizona
A.J. Tarpley59LBStanford
Jon Toth64CKentucky
Cole Boozer69OTTemple
Logan Tuley-Tillman72OTTexas El-Paso
Rishard Cook74OGUAB
Chris Brown75OGSouthern California
James O’Hagan77CBuffalo
Malcolm Bunche78OTUCLA
De’Ondre Wesley79OTBYU
Donnie Ernsberger80TEWestern Michigan
Derrick Hayward85TEMaryland
Khari Lee86TEBowie State
Siupeli Anau90DTNorthern Arizona
Tavaris Barnes91DEClemson
Elijah Qualls92DTWashington
Tracy Sprinkle93DTOhio State
Kalani Vakameilalo94DTOregon State
Kenny Bigelow95DTWest Virginia
Jay Bromley96DTSyracuse
Sam Montgomery99DELouisiana State

Houston Roughnecks

Kahlil Lewis1WRCincinnati
Sam Mobley3WRCatawba
Austin Rehkow5PIdaho
Sergio Castillo7KWest Texas A&M
Sammie Coates10WRAuburn
P.J. Walker11QBTemple
Ray Bolden13WRStony Brook
Cam Phillips14WRVirginia Tech
Ryheem Malone15WRLouisiana-Lafayette
Blake Jackson17WRMary Hardin-Baylor
Connor Cook18QBMichigan State
Marqueston Huff20SWyoming
Charles James21CBCharleston Southern
Corrian Ballard22SUtah
Trae Elston 23SMississippi
Cody Brown 25SArkansas State
Saivion Smith26CBAlabama
Ajene Harris27CBUSC
James Butler28RBNevada/Iowa
De’Angelo Henderson 29RBCoastal Carolina
Deji Olatoye30CBNorth Carolina A&T
Deatrick Nichols32CBSouth Carolina
Nick Holley33RBKent State
Ty Schwab40LBBoston College
Jeremiah Johnson41CBConcord
Beniquez Brown 42LBMississippi State
Carl Bradford43LBArizona State
Andre Williams44RBBoston College
DeMarquis Gates47LBMississippi
Kaelin Burnett50LBNevada
Edmond Robinson51LBNewberry
Drew Williams53LBColorado
LaTroy Lewis54LBTennessee
Tejan Koroma 56OLBrigham Young
Colton Taylor58LSVirginia Tech
Vantrell McMillian59DLChattanooga
Toby Weathersby60OLLSU
Demetrius Rhaney 65OLTennessee State
Marquez Taylor66OLSouthern Utah
Isame Faciane69OLFlorida International
Sebastian Tretola73OLArkansas 
Avery Gennesy74OLTexas A&M
Juwann Bushell-Beatty76OLMichigan
Kevin Palmer77OLBaylor
Terry Poole79OLSan Diego State
Johnny Maxey90DEMars Hill
Caushaud Lyons91DLTusculum
Corey Crawford93DEClemson
Kony Ealy94DEMissouri
Walter Palmore96DLMissouri
Gabe Wright97DLAuburn
Nick James98DLMississippi State

Los Angeles Wildcats

Jalan McClendon2QBBaylor
Chad Kanoff3QBPrinceton
Colton Schmidt6PCalifornia-Davis
Josh Johnson8QBSan Diego
Nick Novak9KMaryland
Kermit Whitfield10WRFlorida State
Nelson Spruce11WRColorado
Tre McBride15WRWilliam & Mary
Jalen Greene17WRUtah State
Adonis Jennings18WRTemple
Jaylen Dunlap20CBIllinois
Mar’Sean Diggs21SAlabama-Birmingham
Jerome Couplin22SWilliam & Mary
Mike Stevens23CBNorth Carolina State
Larry Rose24RBNew Mexico State
Roman Tatum25CBSouthern Illinois
Arrion Springs26CBOregon
Harlan Miller27CBSoutheast Louisiana
Martez Carter28RBGrambling State
Jack Tocho29SNorth Carolina State
LaDarius Wiley32SVanderbilt
Dujuan Harris33RBTroy
Elijah Hood34RBNorth Carolina
Ahmad Dixon36SBaylor
Willie Mays44LBTiffin
Ryan Navarro45LSOregon State
Quentin Gause50LBRutgers
Tre’ Williams52LBAuburn
Taiwan Jones54LBMichigan State
Nico Siragusa56OGSan Diego State
Will Smith57LBTexas Tech
Fred Lauina59OGOregon State
Dwayne Wallace62OTKansas
Patrick Vahe66OGTexas
Kahlil McKenzie70OGTennessee
Storm Norton72OTToledo
Jaelin Robinson73OTTemple
Tyler Roemer74OTSan Diego State
Lene Maiava75OTArizona
Shawn Oakman77DEBaylor
Saeed Blacknall80WRPenn State
Brandon Barnes82TEAlabama State
Jordan Smallwood84WROklahoma
De’Quan Hampton88WRSouthern California
Roderick Henderson90DEBaylor
Boogie Roberts91DTSan Jose State
Trevon Sanders93DTTroy
Cedric Reed94DETexas
Montori Hughes95DTTennessee-Martin
Anthony Johnson96LBLouisiana State
Devi Taylor98DESouth Carolina
Latarius Brady99DTMemphis

New York Guardians

Mekale McKay1WRCincinnati
Joe Horn2WRMissouri Western
Colby Pearson3WRBrigham Young
Luis Perez7QBTexas A&M Commerce
Justin Vogel8PMiami (FL)
Teo Redding9WRBowling Green
Austin Duke10WRCharlotte
Marquise Williams12QBNorth Carolina
Matt McGloin14QBPenn State
Matthew McCrane16KKansas State
Justice Liggins17WRStephen F. Austin
Tim Cook III20RBOregon State
Jamar Summers21CBConnecticut
Dravon Askew-Henry 22SWest Virginia
Justin Stockton23RBTexas Tech
Ranthony Taxada II24CBTexas Christian 
DeJuan Neal 26CBShephard
Darius Victor27RBTowson
Wesley Sutton28SNorthern Arizona
Bryce Jones29CBAkron 
Andrew Soroh30SFlorida Atlantic 
Terrence Alexander 31CBLouisiana State
A.J. Hendy33SMaryland
Matthew Cobern II34RBWake Forest 
Demetrious Cox36SMichigan State
Scott Daly42LSNotre Dame
Ryan Mueller44LBKansas State
D’Juan Hines45LBHouston
Frank Ginda47LBSan Jose State
Jawuan Johnson48LBTexas Christian 
Nick DeLuca49LBNorth Dakota State
Charles Wright55DEVanderbilt
Ben Heeney56LBKansas
Bunmi Rotimi Jr. 58DEOld Dominion 
Garret Dooley59LBWisconsin
Garrett Brumfield68CLouisiana State
Ian Silberman 69CBoston College
John Kling IV70TBuffalo
Brant Weiss71TToledo
Avery Young73OLAuburn
Jarron Jones74TNotre Dame
Damien Mama77GUSC
Anthony Coyle78GFordham
Jake Sutherland83TEMorehead State
Keenen Brown 85TETexas State
Jake Powell87TEMonmouth (NJ)
EJ Bibbs88TEIowa State
Jarrell Owens 91DEOklahoma State
TJ Barnes93DTGeorgia State
Joey Mbu94DTHouston 
Toby Johnson Jr. 95DTGeorgia 
Cavon Walker99DTMaryland 

Seattle Dragons

Kasen Williams2WRWashington
B.J. Daniels7QBSouth Florida
Brock Miller9PSouthern Utah
John Santiago10WRNorth Dakota
Sergio Bailey11WREastern Michigan
Brandon Silvers12QBTroy
Austin Proehl13WRNorth Carolina
Alonzo Moore14WRNebraska
Dontez Byrd16WRTennessee Tech
Keenan Reynolds19WRNavy
Kenneth Farrow20RBHouston
Mohammed Seisay21CBNebraska
Trey Williams23RBTexasA&M
Marko Myers24CBSoutheastern
Steve Williams25CBCal
Johnathan Alston27CBNC State
Channing Stribling30CBMichigan
Ja’Quan Gardner31RBHumboldt State
Tyson Graham32SSouth Dakota
Jordan Martin33SSyracuse
Jeremy Clark34CBMichigan
Godwin Igwebuike35SNorthwestern
Santos Ramirez39SArkansas
Noah Borden41LSHawaii
Dillon Day50CMississippi State
Praise Martin-Oguike51DETemple
Kyle Queiro52LBNorthwestern
Nick Temple55LBCincinnati
Nyles Morgan56LBNotre Dame
Marcel Frazier57DEMissouri
Steven Johnson59LBKanssas
Cyril Richardson68GBaylor
William Campbell69GMichigan
Anthony Moten72DT Miami (FL)
Kirk Barron73CPurdue
Venzell Boulware75GTennessee
Michael Dunn76TMaryland
Quinterrius Eatmon77TSouth Florida
Isaiah Battle79TClemson
Colin Jeter81TELSU
Ben Johnson84TEKansas
Cam Clear85TETexas A&M
Evan Rodriguez88TETemple
Connor Hamlett89TEOregon State
Stansly Maponga90DETCU
Anthony Johnson91DEFIU
Durrant Miles92DEBoise State
Will Sutton93DTArizona State
Pasoni Tasini94DTUtah
Jacquies Smith97DEMissouri
Jordan Thompson99DTNorthwestern

St. Louis BattleHawks

Jake Payne0DTShenandoah
L’Damian Washington2WRMissouri
Nick Fitzgerald4QBMississippi
Taylor Russolino5KMillsaps
Taylor Heinicke6QBOld Dominion
Marquette King7PFort Valley State
Jordan Ta’amu10QBOle Miss
Carlton 14WRRutgers
De’Mornay Pierson-El15WRIndiana
Keith Mumphery17WRMichigan State
Lenard Tillery20RBSouthern
Harold Jones-Quartey21DBFindlay
Kenny Robinson23SWest Virginia
Ryan White22CBAuburn
Matt Jones24RBFlorida
Will Hill25SFlorida
Dexter McCoil26STulsa
Robert Nelson28CBArizona State
David Rivers29CBYoungstown State
Tre Caldwell31CBLouisiana-Monroe
Christine Michael33RBTexas A&M
D’Montre Wade35CBMurray State
Keith Ford36RBTexas A&M
Darius Hillary41DBWisconsin
Shaq Jones42DEUAB
Joe Powell44DBGlobe Tech
Tanner Carew48LSOregon
Gimel President53DEIllinois
Dewayne Hendrix54DLPitt
Andrew Ankrah55DEJames Madison
Ro’Derrick Hoskins56LBFlorida State
Terence Garvin57LBWest Virginia
Steve Beauharnais 58LBRutgers
Bruno Reagan 61TVanderbilt
Michael Miller64GWashburn
Dejon Allen66GHawaii
Brian Folkerts67GWashburn
Andrew McDonald69TIndiana
Jake Campos72GIowa State
Matt McCants73TUAB
Brian Wallace75OL Arkansas
Kent Perkins76TTexas
Cole Hunt82TETCU
Wes Saxton83TESouth Alabama
Alonzo Russell84WRToledo
Marcus Lucas85WRMissouri
Brandon Reilly87WRNebraska
Casey Sayles90DTOhio
Kellen Soulek94DTSouth Dakota State
Channing Ward95DTOle Miss
Davonte Lambert96DTAuburn

Tampa Bay Vipers

Andrew Franks3KRensselaer Polytechnic
Taylor Cornelius4QBOklahoma State
Chase Litton8QBMarshall
Quinton Flowers9QB/RBSouth Florida
Jake Schum10PBuffalo
Aaron Murray11QBGeorgia
Donteea Dye13WRHeidelberg
Stacy Coley14WRMIami (FL)
Seantavius Jones15WRValdosta State
Jalen Tolliver17WRArkansas-Monticello
Reece Horn18WRIndianapolis
Tanner McEvoy19WRWisconsin
Tarvarus McFadden20DBFlorida State
Robert Priester21SWyoming
Rannell Hall22DBUCF
Anthoula Kelly23DBFresno State
De’Veon Smith24RBMichigan
Micah Hannemann27SBYU
Bryce Canady28CBFIU
Jacques Patrick29RBFlorida State
Demontre Hurst30CBOklahoma
Corey Moore31DBGeorgia
Jalen Collins32CBLSU
Shelton Lewis33CBFAU
Mack Brown34RBFlorida
Marcelis Branch35SRobert Morris
Terrance Plummer41LBUCF
Nick Moore42LSGeorgia
Emmanuel Beal43LBOklahoma
Lucas Wacha45LBWyoming
Nikita Whitlock49DTWake Forest
John Yarbrough50CRichmond
Deiontrez Mount53DELouisville
Ike Spearman56LBEastern Michigan
Jordan McCray63CUCF
Jerald Foster67GNebraska
Isaiah Williams71TAkron
Martez Ivey73TFlorida
Andrew Tiller75GSyracuse
Daronte Bouldin76GOle Miss
Marquis Lucas78TWest Virginia
DeAndre Goolsby80TEFlorida
Daniel Williams81WRJackson State
Ryan Davis83WRAuburn
Nick Truesdell85TEGrand Rapids JUCO
Colin Thompson86TETemple
Bobby Richardson91DEIndiana
Josh Banks92DTWake Forest
CeCe Jefferson95DEFlorida
Jason Neill96DEUTSA
Ricky Walker97DTVirginia Tech

With names like Cardale Jones, Tyree Jackson, Cameron Artis-Payne, Kenneth Farrow, Marquette King, and Kony Ealy, eager fans should be excited. Big time names produce big time results. How could this league ever fail with star power like that? My way too early prediction for this wonderful new league is that it will fall flat on it’s face. How can anyone actually think that this is going to take off? If you are Vince McMahon, which players would you even be able to market as “star players”. Easy answer: NONE OF THEM! I don’t see this lasting over a season. I do think they make it a full season, unlike their lowly predecessor whom only last the aforementioned 50 days. This could have devastating financial effects on the WWE as McMahon is slated to lose about 8 billion dollars on this endeavor.

Folks, don’t expect too much from the XFL. It’s only going to let you down as another poor replacement for the NFL. Yes, the NFL has its problems, but it will be chump change compared to the issues that will befall the XFL. Don’t get your hopes up ladies and gentlefish. The XFL is only going to break your beautiful hearts.

A Soggi Perspective: Our Last Hope

Guys, I’m so good at Photoshop it hurts.

Waking up this morning as a Red Sox fan must have been tough. Losing a key piece in David Price was devastating to a team that desperately needed his physical and emotional prowess. Oh, and they lost, uh, (checks cue card) Mookie Betts, some outfielder. Not a big loss to be honest. I feel like it was an absolute win of a trade by the Red Sox, getting 2 stud prospects for two mediocre players at best. I mean, who would ever give a 12 year 470 million dollar contract to a player who won MVP, and finished top 6 in MVP voting every other full season he’s played? That’s asinine. Ludicrous. Absolutely ridiculous. If you haven’t picked up on the obvious sarcasm, you should brush up. Mookie was a top 3 player in the league, and trading him apparently seemed like the only thing the Red Sox could do at this point. As the resident Sogg-meister of BOTA, I declare we write a strongly worded letter to John Henry, telling him to lower the price of everything since he got rid of our best player. I know my BOTA peeps agree with me. Even though I don’t like baseball all that much, I loved Mookie and what he brought to the table as a player. I have made it a mission to not watch Red Sox baseball this year. I will try to watch baseball more, but just not the Red Sox. I have lost all faith in them as an organization after this “budget crunch” cop-out of a move.

Now that I have gotten this out of the way, we are down to our last hope. The Boston Bruins. The Patriots are losing a ton of talent, and possibly the best player of all time. As mentioned above, I have no faith in the Red Sox. The Celtics are good, I’ll give you that, but they are just a step behind other teams in the league, like Milwaukee, both L.A. teams, and Houston. As Boston sports fans, we should be jumping on the Bruins train, and rooting for them to set sail on the S.S. Stanley Cup this June. The boys are looking to make the push, one year after sputtering in Game 7 against the St. Louis Blues. This year could be their year, seeing as though Rask and Halak are playing out of their minds, and the top line is rolling again. If they pick up another top 6 forward before the trade deadline, they will have a legitimate chance to finish what they started last year, and put that ‘Ship out on the water.

Nostrasoggis is predicting that Boston sports will change drastically this year. With the loss of Betts, we are just on the verge of change that will come to our beloved sports teams. The Bruins are our legitimate last hope for a championship. Let’s hope they can pull it off.