Fuck ’em Lehner

My heart breaks for Robin Lehner this week. Everyone is so quick to stand up and talk about racism, LGBT rights and so many more issues (and rightfully so) but where is the support in arms when someone is battling such stuff as mental health, and the grips of addiction with drugs and alcohol? I feel so torn up for this man who has battled what 90% of the world will never comprehend and has battled back to nothing short of an elite goalie in the greatest sports league in the world. Now he has to deal with some beat reporter spreading rumors that he’s been away from the team because of mental health issues. Especially after being up front and honest about it in the past, this is the last thing he should have to be dealing with.

Maybe I’m more fired-up about on this than I normally would be because I just watched the Bob Probert doc this week, but there is a huge lack of support for those battling internal issues. Imagine dealing with not only an issue that could potentially get you fired if you bring it up to management or the coaching staff, but these hidden issues that so many go through are also extremely life threatening as well. I just don’t understand why this is such an overlooked system and it’s not just in the the professional sports world. It’s everywhere. Why were liquor stores considered essential, while gyms weren’t? Does anyone know the harm caused during this covid era? It’s was detrimental to millions of people. Drugs and alcohol have always and always will be the best friend of someone who is battling mental health, yet no one is talking about it. No one’s cancelling games for it, no one’s posting about it on ig. Instead we target and attack these players that are battling serious diseases that at the end of the day are biologically wired into them.

I speak so passionately on this topic as someone who abused drugs and alcohol for the better part of a decade and battled day in and day out for the last five and a half years to get and remain sober. My mental health the last two years of drinking and the first two years of being sober were some of the darkest times in my life. And even now those days still creep in and they’re nothing short of paralyzing and hopeless; regardless of profession, status, bank account, or anything else you “have”. Robin’s situation is no different, and for that I feel devastated for him after finally getting to a “green zone” spot and having it ripped from him by some dumbass beat reporter. Fuck off.

We are the Champions

16 first round picks. Way more talent. Way tougher and more physical team. Didn’t the US just almost lose to Finland?

Noise….that’s all it was. We heard it over and over again, and we hear it every year. No one is beating Canada. Well….suck it aye? These kids went in there and reminded the Canadian hockey club and the world, who the bigger brother is in this relationship. In an epic 2-0 showdown they came out and dominated the game right of the rip. After seeing Trevor Zegras warm up, I knew USA had it in the bag. Kid is something special and will be an absolute menace in the show for a very long time.

It just goes to show how just because you have a team of first round picks, that doesn’t secure you a gold medal. I think in the end it actually hurt Canada having that many top prospects on their team. In a tight game, you usually throw in you best line or top players, (watch any NHL game ever…Mcdavid goes in, or Crosby, Or McKinnon) and Canada just had too many of those guys, and when they went down 1-0 in the first it was a wrap. They moved away from a team sport and tried to do it on their own each shift and that will never get it done.

At the end of the day those kids on team Canada will be just fine and all of them will end up making millions upon millions of dollars in the NHL, and more than half will win at least one Stanley Cup. That being said, we won the gold, our money is worth way more, I think Aunt Jemima is an elite syrup, and will always be the dominating older brother of the Canadians.

Fuck the Jets

Didn’t get it done. Sam took a bad sack after a false start penalty and with adam gase as your coach why wouldn’t you run 2 plays under 4 yards and then punt. Fuckin nasty 🤮🤮 will be looking for a play in either the late afternoon slate or the night game. Stay tuned. Has the fade already started?? Let me know!

YTD 0-1 -1Unit

Creds Best Bet of the Day. (Sunday)

New segment here as I like to occasionally throw a couple bucks down on a sports game when I see value that really sticks out to me. Let me just get out in front of the noise early as this is not a heart bet or a homer bet. Over the last few weeks this bet has hit and it is a type of bet that his hit at a great clip across the league this season. Tomorrow afternoon I am on the New York Jets OVER .5 points in the first quarter. Yes I know its the Jets. Yes I Know they are the worst sports organization in the history of sports. Yes I know they just did the most Jets like thing possible by ruining their shot at Trevor. Yes I know they are a train wreck inside a dumpster fire. That being said the Pats aren’t much better this year… The over .5 1st quarter bets across the whole league have been hitting at a very high clip this year and I think the jets have value here in this spot tomorrow against a shaky New England defense.

THIS IS NOT A PLAY I AM HAMMERING OR BETTING THE FARM ON. I don’t do that. In fact every bet I make is usually the same dollar amount. But as of Saturday night this is my favorite bet on the board so far. I will be doing more research and looking for some more value throughout the night and tomorrow morning so stay tuned to the Bota page for any updates! Play it or Fade it. Either way I’m going to get absolutely roasted by my co-workers and you the readers but frankly my dear, I dont give a Damn!

#TakeFlight #ByeByeGase

Adopt the 1-16 Playoff Format Across the Board

At just under 26 years old, this is still a concept that absolutely baffles me. Year in and year out a team gets snubbed in just about every league that deserves to get into the playoffs. This year, the Cleveland Browns could potentially miss the playoffs with a far superior record then any of the teams that will emerge from the NFC East. Now I get it. One of teams will win their division but I mean come on. No one wants to see any team from the NFC East in the playoffs, not even the fans of these teams. At the end of the day it just kills the competition level and excitement of the playoffs. Whichever team comes out of that division will not make a run in the playoffs. They won’t even make it past the first round. The Cleveland Browns, contrary to popular belief, are in fact a good team and they are a team that could actually make some waves in the playoffs this year. Yet we will be subjected to watching the Giants Cowboys or Washington football team play in week 18. It’s just so ass backwards.

There needs to be more parody across all sports and the best teams need to be rewarded. Eliminate the divisions and go to East and West. Just tone it down and keep it simple. The NFL and NHL need to get on this because I’m sick of seeing teams that have no business being in the playoffs play in them and I’m sick of seeing marquee matchups in the NHL fall to the wayside due to the bullshit division breakdowns.

Fix it please.