Is Shaq In Deep Waters?

Shaq (left) posing with Joe Exotic

Hello BOTA World! Coming at you live from a small little town that SHOULD BE A GHOST-TOWN but yet still seems to be quite busy. Anyways, as I am immunosuppressed from a kidney transplant, I’ve been stuck in my house for what feels like too long now.

But enough about me! This quarantine has given me some time to reflect on the good things in life, like not hoarding 277 big cats and threatening to kill everyone around you while shooting at their feet. This got me thinking though (for those that have watched Tiger King. For those that haven’t I haven’t decided whether this will be a spoiler or not so good luck) about a sports icon. Shaquille O’Neal May be in some deep, deep waters after this quarantine subsides.

Now Shaq made an appearance on the show for “buying” two tiger cubs. What the show is based off of consists of the illegal activities that took place upon these rescues, sanctuaries, and zoos. This instantly lands Shaq in some trouble when the document finally comes out. However, Shaq claims that he never “bought” the cubs, he “sponsored” them instead.

Still the point resides that Shaq was at one point, friendly with one of the most psychotic gay-redneck-gun-toting-mullet-wearing-big-cat-savin’ man TJ ever walk the planet. So that in itself begs the question to me; how is Shaq not being eaten alive for this?

Personally, I love Shaq, but this is not a good look for the man. Not that he really needs to care what people think of him, but after this documentary, he had to land in some trouble by someone for a bit. Right? The police, his job, his wife? SOMEONE!

Anyways if you’re looking for the most crazy documentary to get through your quarantine I highly suggest watching Tiger King. And to Shaq and the BOTA fans out there, as always, stay safe and away from big cats and there psychotic owners.

Dumb Brain: Low Number WRs

It is time to be honest, Low Number Receivers> High number Receivers. The future is now old man! The days of Receivers wearing numbers in the 80s are over. It is all about the teens. Think about how cool Mike Evans looks. He’s got the tattoos, He’s a star WR, and the number 13 looks so fucking cool on his jersey.

Receivers with numbers in the teens look faster. It’s a new age thing for the players. That might be why I commit to them so easily. If I looked at two receivers, one with a number 10 and one with the number 83. I automatically think that the low number is going to be the athletic fast play maker. The other is just some tall dude who can catch.

I guess neither of those things are wrong, but low number receivers look like Created madden players. Look at OBJ or Mike Evans. They have the ink and the ability to make it look cool. Then think about OBJ’s team mate Jarvis Landry. He reminds me of a Civic. He is reliable and can be fast, but isn’t there for flash. Low numbers are the future of NFL Talent.

The State of Football in the State of Florida

Florida is a fucking mess, and this time it’s not because of the citizens. Florida football is in a god awful state. I feel weird commenting on high school kids, so I wont be mentioning that for legal purposes. From college football up to the pros, it is horrendous. We will start with the north.


I was planning this blog all day and was thinking of how Jalen Ramsey was going to ask for a release. I was almost right. Jalen wants out. Bad. He fought with Doug Marrone this weekend on a hard loss to the Texans. the Monday after, he demands to be traded. I thought they were turning around with Gardener leading their offense in the absence of Nick Foles. I mean the dude has a sweet mustache and does weird workouts in a jockstrap. If that isn’t QB 1 material. I don’t know what is.


A little further south and I don’t know where to start. Blackman looks like trash. Willie Taggert is likely to finish this year without a job. I could spend this whole blog talking about them, but, short and simple, FSU has a ton of familiar issues with no way to solve them. They need better coaching and better defensive discipline.

University of Florida Gators:

Gator nation. Get over Filipe Frank, he was not that good. He looked better this year, but he is just not that good. His injury is not the end of the world.


UCF looks really good. Not undefeated good, but good. They are the fastest team in the NCAA. That makes them hard to keep up with which makes them an interesting matchup every week. Not ‘National Champions’ good, but very good.


They have been on a roller coaster year. They came in with the Iron-Sharpens-Iron approach. They had a hard loss opening week to Wisconsin and won’t face a challenge until they play BYU and then again at the end of the year with UCF. I don’t know if this approach is going to work for the Bulls.


Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Jameis sucks. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Crab legs. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank. Tank.

The U:

I had full faith in the return of the U after the Florida, Week 0 opener. They destroyed Cookman, Wow. They lost by one to an underrated UNC. They haven’t been consistent at all. They need to be better to get better recruits to return to their old form.

The Dolphins:

Honestly, give Rosen the time under center. Let him get the experience he deserves. The Dolphins need to sell a bunch of players high and get a new start, but keep Rosen, he is the future.

I could write a whole paragraph summarizing this, but I want to keep it short and simple. Florida, from North to South, is a shit show. There are clearly teams that break the mold, but the rest are utter garbage. We need a return to Glory in the Sunshine State, but that won’t happen for another five years minimum between drafting and scouting. I guess we will have to just sit back and watch what happens.

A view of the Dolphins Week 2 From Instagram: A Collection

Okay. I need to get some serious sports views before we get into this. I want to agree with the Miami fans, and say that it’s time for Rosen to start. He came out and looked really good! His receivers looked awful and dropped beautiful chances. Then he almost tore his knee and was throwing like garbage, but in his defense, his O-line gave up. It’s time for Miami to tank and rebuild. Change the culture.

Now, one of my favorite things to do is go on Instagram and look at the comments under a post from a big loss. For today’s Common Man Comments (working tittle) I bring you a selection from this post.

We start with the top comments here.

The usual clickbait, “like if” comes after Tyler….. “ not going to try your last name because I might become racist” would like to pull the Frank Reynolds.

Now we see a hot take. You are going to call your team the worst in football history after week 2? You might be right.
A Browns fan
Is this a humble brag? It sounds like a humble brag….
Another hot week 2 take. They already want Brian Flores out. That’s ludacris. Give your coach a chance to build even if no one wants to play there.
-signed once again,
A Browns fan who supported Hue Jackson
Last but not least, the clear solution to your problems. Draft another young QB, after trading for a young QB, so you can build a chain of unsuccessful young QBs that get eaten up by the league.

I don’t know what the answer to Miami’s awful team is, but I know what they’re going through. I had to live in New England when the browns went 0-16. I at least had hope they would win a game. I really don’t see any wins in Miami’s future.

BOLD Prediction Monday(9.15.19)

For a while, we have had a group chat topic called Bold Prediction Monday. We all decided to bring this to you all. We want to hear your hot takes in the comments and we want to hear what you think of our takes as well. Let’s get started.


Miami is going 0-16 which isn’t an insane take, but the Giants will be in the same boat. They looked better this week, but you can only do so much with what you have. Especially, when you still have faith in Eli and his dumb face. I’ll do my too early draft spot predictions, #1 Miami #2 NY Giants #3 Washington #4 Tampa #5 Arizona.


What the hell is going on with kicking in the NFL right now? Vinny is missing left and right, Gostkowski is, well just plain missing. And the BEARS, the team who lost in the wildcard round to the Eagles won their past game to the Broncos on, you guessed it, a field goal. I think most people will be surprised when the kicking landscape changes drastically within the next 2-3 weeks. At least Justin Tucker is still doing his thing. I think Vinny is done this season. And Gostkowski is in his last season with the Pats. He’s been given a huge leash over the past couple of seasons, but there have been games where he has almost lost it for the Pats, including TWO Superbowls.


Cam Newton will be benched. Coming off yet another unimpressive performances so far, the Panthers don’t have much options other than looking to Kyle Allen to maybe bring life to this offense.

Ben Roethlisberger retires after the season. With two star players lost over two years for the Steelers, Big Ben remaining injury prone, and Mike Tomlin still running the team, I don’t see how this team can remain a success for this season. Big Ben is done… he was done 3 years ago but still feels he has something left in the tank. That has to be gone by now. The Steelers are 0-2, Their top receiver Juju Smith-Schuster had an injury scare last week, and now James Conner with a possible knee injury, this team is crashing, hard.