Chuba Hubbard Draft Diamonds

As a Sooner fan, it’s hard for me to support anyone from Oklahoma State, but when you look at this draft class, Chuba’s name stands out with names like Etienne or Harris. 

In 2019, he was viewed as RB1, but he decided to return for a year and ultimately hurt his draft stock. He went from 2094 yards and 21 TDs in 2019 to 625 and 5 TDS in 2020. If you just look at those stats, he would get a one year wonder grade. If you dig a little deeper, you realize that his workload was cut in half and then some (328 carries 2019/133 carries 2020) the emergence of Jackson and Brown at Oklahoma State, held him back from being a first round RB. 


+Amazing vision 

+great speed

+good size (6ft 207)

He is able to wait for the play to develop and find a hole. Once he gets that gap and gets open field, he’s hard to catch.



-has trouble bouncing off tackles 

-seems to need a strong O-line. 

-receiving skills are sub par 

-pass blocking needs work.

In the modern NFL, running backs have to be able to do everything. Every GM is looking for another CMC. His catching ability pulls away from what Hubbard can do, but no one looks at Hubbard and thinks he is useless. 

His ceiling is set for the third round of the NFL draft, but he could make an impact on teams that need a true runner. 

Best fits




Final evaluation:

-Hubbard is a project RB with MASSIVE upside. He may get more play on special teams to start, but if a team can work with him and develop his route running, Hubbard has the chance to be a big time threat that goes under the radar in this years draft.

Hot Take:Trevor Lawrence is About to Pull a Tim Tebow

You know when you get that weird feeling in your gut, you don’t quite know if it’s indigestion from 3am Taco Bell or if it’s a spicy take.

On this rare occasion, it’s the latter for me.

I think Trevor Lawrence is about to return to Clemson the same way Tim Tebow returned to Florida in 2009.

Let’s start by saying that Trevor is 100 times the prospect that Tebow ever was, but the competitive nature aligns and I’ll be the first to say, take the guaranteed money.

Let’s rewind to 2009. Florida has just won the natty and the celebration was commencing. Tebow steps on stage and everyone thinks he’s about to announce that he’s declaring for the draft.

Tim said “ Swerve” (probably) and said he’s returning for his senior season.

His senior season resulted in a 8-5 record and was extremely underwhelming and resulted in a 13-1 record and a sugar bowl win.

Okay, so what does this have to do with T-Law?

Trevor has had an amazing college career that has resulted in him being the consensus number one overall pick…. what else? One national championship sure, no one can take that away, but no Heisman… it could’ve been his this year, but Covid took that away.

“Not just about the money”

If you look at the next two drafts, Trevor is a certified number one pick. If he goes into the draft this year or the next year, he will still be a number one pick. A serious injury is the only thing that risks his draft potential.

Here’s the caveat, if Trevor wins the Natty again this year, he’s done. Jags/Jets, enjoy your franchise QB.

If he doesn’t win, expect him to make a heroic return to Clemson and win all of the trophies. The ones that he will never have a chance to get again.

Quick recap, win and he’s in the NFL. Lose and Trevor dominates the ACC for another year.

This Recruit Won National Signing Day

Names in college football are often comedic. That comedy goes front and center when national signing day comes around.

Okay sure you often get kids who look like grown ass men.

Example A.

That’s all well and good for Kendrick Blackshire who has shocked the world by committing to Alabama. He didn’t win the day though.

Well James, if a scary 18-year old who’s going to give you nightmares didn’t win National signing day, who did?

I’ll tell you imaginary voice that’s actually my voice that I made your voice… *what*

Laaaadies and gentlemen, standing in at 6’3 180 pounds. Quarterback out of Allen Texas. He’s not a solider, he’s not a captain, no no…. itssss


This is the greatest name in the history of sports. I’ve never wanted an athlete to succeed more. Baker who? Na fam. General Booty.

He doesn’t have any power 5 offers as of right now, but you can be damn sure I’m going to root for this kid to be the next NCAA star.

Clemson Football & The Cost of Racism

Every city in the world is holding Black Lives Matter protests. It’s awesome to see and gives my cold dead soul some optimism.

Trevor Lawrence led his team in a peaceful protest in Clemson, South Carolina.

I love that move by him. It shows leadership and unity. That’s the guy you want leading your locker room.

Fans of the University, or maybe just fans of racism, decided to ruin the peaceful protest by driving through with confederate flags hanging out their window.

He wasn’t the only person asking people to stop committing to the school.

I will never hide the fact that I’m a Gamecock fan and I want Clemson to Collapse. Never in a million years did I think we could see the collapse because of some morons who care about “state rights.” It was about slavery stop hiding behind that Billy Bob.

As of 7am June 15th we haven’t had any de-commits as a backlash, but I’m sure they are coming.

I salute every single athlete that de-commits. You shouldn’t play for a team, where the fans clearly don’t care about your life. They shouldn’t hate you on Monday and root for you on Saturday.

Reggie Bush Should Disassociate with USC

Reggie Bush is arguably the second best Running Back from USC. He was part of the reason I started watching college football. Reggie was so entertaining and watching him break open big plays was poetry in motion.

We didn’t know it at the time, but Reggie was reviving benefits from an agent and potentially the school, but that was never discovered. The NCAA ended up banning the Trojans from post season football for two years and making them relinquish the 04’ title. Reggie was forced into giving up his Heisman.

Ignore the fact that Pete Carroll threw up the Twos and left conveniently before all this happened. It hurt Reggies legacy more than it hurt the program.

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University Of Maine Won the Schedule Announcement Battle

Lately, Universities have made a point of pushing awesome and hilarious schedule releases.

This year, UMaine entered the chat. Instead of putting something flashy together, they put an athletic specimen on the announcement.

They decided to feature offensive lineman Liam Dobson in all of his Canadian glory.

His Instagram bio sums up everything you should know about this stud.

To cap this whole thing off, he is number 69. Does it get any better? Don’t pretend like you’re too good to laugh at 69. You’re not, you’re a grown child, maybe a literal child. WHY DID YOUR PARENTS ALLOW YOU ON HERE?

Bad parenting aside, hats off to UMaine and Liam Dobson for having an amazing sense of humor.

If You Think for a Second That LeMelo Made the Wrong Choice, You’re an Idiot

LaMelo Ball just purchased the Australian team he played for and that is a Big Baller move. As much as I don’t want to give LaVar any credit, he steered LeMelo in the right direction with this move.

Think about it, you’re 17. One of your brothers got drafted high and the other is a bum. You have a load of potential and offers from colleges everywhere. Do you go to UCLA? Or play international basketball and make your money?

Go ahead. Try to argue with me about how UCLA will set him in a better position for this upcoming draft. LaMelo made his draft stock go through the roof and is getting something valuable that not a lot of other players are getting. Practice. Granted, no one could predict a pandemic, but when there’s no March Madness where are you going to shine for the NBA Scouts?

I mean the kid owns a part of a team now at the age of 18. I don’t even own the shitty Accord I drive around in.

He was able to play top professionals all year and make his mark. All of this while increasing his draft stock and making money!That’s right a college age kid was able to profit off of their own name. That is the scariest sentence for the NCAA.

If I were them, I’d be shaking in my boots right now. LaMelo could’ve started a trend that could pick up steam and become the new norm. Unless they start allowing players to profit off their likeness. Until that day, the NCAA will remain corrupt and LaMelo will have done the right thing.

Boston Is Collapsing

Boston fans, you have had a rough 2020 so far. Not only has Coronavirus shut down everything, the teams you hold near and dear to your heart are falling apart.

It all started with Mookie. Ohh Mookie. You were a victim of baseballs biggest hard decision. Do you keep the top three MLB talent and pay him what he wants? Or trade him to a NL rival? The Sox picked the later and it hurt.

Then we lost a fan favorite. Poor Brock Holt. We allowed him to walk and he signed with Milwaukee (do you know how many tries it took me to spell that? Too many). Brock was a great clubhouse guy and his son griff stoke the show on Instagram. Now he’s gone. It couldn’t get any worse.

Well it did and screw you for jinxing it. Corona virus came and said “Wuhan clan ain’t nothing to fuck with.”

Corona virus shut down every major sport from the NBA (where the Celtics has a chance to win it all), to the NHL (where the Bruins probably were going to win it all). We lost March Madness and all of it’s gambling glory.

Our March was empty so far, but there was a hope.

Yes, I get to be Luke in poster.

NFL FREE AGENCY. It was set to be a wild ride. We were all anxiously waiting for Tom’s massive decision. Some of us…(Chris) thought he was staying in New England.

I remember the exact moment. I woke up to the news. All I heard was a million Dunks iced Extra Extra‘s hitting the floor. Gallons of sweet disgusting coffee gone as the man who led the patriots to 6 championships left for Tampa Bay.

Side note: if you think about it. I’m like the Tom Brady Anti-Christ. Anti-Brady. I moved from Tampa back to Boston and Brady did the opposite. I eat strawberries he doesn’t. I’m just saying, the writing is on the wall.

He left the fans devastated, but things could only go up…right?

WRONG! HA! Idiot.

Chris Sale makes the tough decision to get Tommy John essentially removing him from this season and some of the next.

The hits just keep coming. It’s really not fair. I know I know, I’m the worst Boston fan of all time, but I am a Boston fan. This stuff affects me too! Just like not as much as some people….Chris. The only real way to wrap this all up is with something all the kids are saying. Oof. Big Oof.

Does The Coronavirus Cup Feel Good as a Fan?

With every season being suspended or potentially canceled, we are now in a weird place. What do we do with these seasons that have almost fully run its course.

March Madness is done and there’s no way we get a replacement tournament. Yet, the ACC crowned Florida State as champions of their division without playing their tournament.

The NHL season wants to resume, we want it to resume, but if it doesn’t then the Bruins will be your Stanley Cup Champions.

The Premier League is suspended for now, and teams have come out saying that they support giving Liverpool the trophy. This is where I’m most torn honestly.

Liverpool has been my favorite team for as long as I can remember and their last league title came before I was born (1989-90). I wanted them to win this year, it was destined to be theirs, but not like this.

It doesn’t feel right. You shouldn’t have parades or celebrations. If any team heavily celebrates their “win”, they are assholes and deserve all the ridicule and backlash.

Think of the Stanley Cup. It’s always a wild ride. It’s one of the few tournaments in sports where you never really know who wins. If you hand the Bruins the trophy, it means nothing. It’ll be marked with a big ol’ Asterix.

As fans, we should not be satisfied with the Corona cup. We should want an extended season that gracefully transfers us into the NFL offseason.

I Would Like to Introduce You All To My New Mortal Enemy

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Brock Vandagriff. You might be saying, “Why do you hate an 18 year old.” Well reader, I’m irrational and I’m allowed to hate anyone I want! God bless America !!!

Lemme break it down for you.

1. He looks like what I imagine a movie Georgia QB, would look like. The flow, the blonde hair, the “do you know who my dad is?” look. This 5 star recruit committed to Georgia and my vision came true.

2. He looks like a Dollar General Julian Edelman. I don’t have anything against Julian, but there is only one of him. There should only be, one of him.

3. His name adds to his movie character. It makes him sound like the rich bully QB who pulls up in a Mustang. Then at the end the nerd comes in and punches him. WHICH LEADS ME TO MY FINAL POINT!

4. I am a salty SEC fan now. As I’ve progressed in life, I found my self a girlfriend (no big deal). She’s a Gamecock fan. Therefore I am a Gamecock fan. That means I get to be a salty ass fan now. I am ready for my Nerdy Gamecocks to become the Highschool cool guy and kick his ass again!