New England, Stop Hating on Brady

I need to go on a small rant about Pats fans. I knew they were one of the worst fan bases but this is insane. All these people hating on Brady and being happy he lost and everything need to rethink things. PSA, I am not a Pats fan so this is a non-biased article.

This dude is 43 years old and is the greatest QB of all time. He brought you to 9 Super Bowls, won 6, and broke many records in a Pats jersey. You should be grateful for his time in New England and wish him the best on his career. So what, he had a bad game, it happens. He had many for the Pats and y’all continued to cheer him on and lift him up. His decision has nothing to do with football at this point.

At his age, he knew he didn’t wanna retire in New England, and do you blame him? Awful winters? All 4 seasons in 1 day? I would choose Tampa too! And I guarantee a lot of his decision was based on his family and his brand! Let’s put my sports marketing hat on, which I do have a degree in. He tapped all of the New England market for TB12. I don’t know if y’all saw the shirt he wore prior to the Saints game but it said, TBxTB, that is some dope marketing. The amount of fitness professionals and athletes in Tampa, TB12 is going to skyrocket in sales. This was a great decision for him!

I want to reiterate, I AM NOT A PATS FAN! I couldn’t care less where he went, but Tampa is great for him. So just think about his family and business too. He probably didn’t wanna leave New England but knew it was in his best interest. So Brady, best of luck in Tampa and best of luck for TB12!

Rolling with Royce: NFC North

Last week I started with the AFC so I figured I would change it up. We are going to be looking at the AFC and NFC North this week. I know Drew can’t wait to keep reading this to see who will be the most impactful player for his Packers so lets go! 

Bears: As much as I want to say Kindle Vildor, the answer here is Cole Kmet. Watching him play TE at Notre Dame was crazy! With the lack of production from the Bears tight ends last season, this 6’6” monster has incredible speed and height. He can burn defenders and come down with jump balls. Luckily for Trubisky, Kmet is tall and almost impossible to overthrow. Pending QB play for the Bears, Kmet will have close to 1,000 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns. Kmet will be very difficult to cover in the red zone.

Vikings: Another very obvious pick here. With trading away Diggs, they needed to address WR early and they hit the nail on the head with Jefferson. I think he will be Diggs 2.0 and potentially have a better connection with Cousins. Jefferson was my favorite player to watch at LSU and I cannot wait to watch him on the Vikings. You already know I made sure I got him on my fantasy team. After the first couple games, Minnesota won’t remember who they traded away; this is a guaranteed franchise player. Watch out for Justin Jefferson, 750 yards and 8 TDs. 

Lions: The NFC North is making my life super easy. Obviously the pick here is Okudah but I’m going to ask a quick question. Why did they draft Swift? They have Johnson. Is it injury concerns because if so, I get it but still unclear. Back to Okudah. He and Justin Jefferson matching up twice a year for at least 4 years… I might be watching every single one of those games. If you have not watched Okudah at OSU, stop what you’re doing and go watch his tape. This man is nasty. He is mainly a man coverage corner, and I think very relatable to Ramsey. It is possible Okudah will be better than him too! Okudah will shut down every receiver in the North, mark my words! Oh, and have like 5 picks too.

Packers: Here you go Drew. I am sorry I made you wait. Like the Eagles, I think they had a terrible draft. No reason to take Love or Dillon, and James will probably be mad that it’s not AJ Dillon. Jon Runyan is my pick, half because of his draft story and half because I think he will make an excellent guard. If you haven’t heard, Runyan got a call from Wisconsin while texting and accidentally hit decline. Yes, he declined a call from the Green Bay Packers. Luckily, they immediately called back and he answered. I know he played tackle at Michigan but watching him at the combine, everything points to a pro-bowl guard 1 day. I’m not saying he is a day 1 starter, but he once he gets the start, expect to see him every Sunday. 

Rolling with Royce: NFC East

BOTA! We are back with another one! This time we are going to look at the rookies in the NFC East! I hope y’all enjoyed my first one and look forward to the rest! Let’s get right into it…

Cowboys: This one might come as a surprise to you. The Cowboys have always had a great o-line, but recently lost Travis Fredrick. Somehow, they picked up, in my eyes, the best center in the draft…IN THE 4TH ROUND! I know he does have injury concerns and needs a little help with pass blocking but he was projected late first/early second for a reason. If he can stay healthy and get coached up, Travis Fredrick 2.0. And they will still have the best line in the NFL.

Eagles: This was such a hard pick because I think the Eagles had one of the worst drafts this year. Why would you draft Hurts, he isn’t Taysom Hill and will never be. I guess they did address their biggest need in WR so I’ll go there…Jalen Reagor it is; even though I am not high on him at all. Okay, so he is fast and can make defenders miss. That’s all I got. He needs to work on his hands and being 5’11” it will be tough for him to win jump balls. I think he has great potential if he can catch consistently but until he proves that, the Eagles are still at square one. At least the Cowboys will choke the division away to them again. 

Giants: Julian Love is not a safety. I don’t know why they tried him there but thankfully they drafted Xavier McKinney. This dude is a stud and I can’t wait to watch him and Peppers terrorize QBs. He can play everywhere on the field. They can have him and Peppers deep, have him back alone, in the box, blitzing,  McKinney can do it all. He hasn’t “earned” the starting spot just yet but wait, come week 1, he will be out there, and teams will know! McKinney, Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate with 6 picks and at least 5 sacks. 

Washington: A bias really wants me to say Antonio Gandy-Golden but when you get the best player in the draft, that’s the pick. Chase Young! I cannot wait to watch him sack Dak Prescott over and over until Dak wants out of Dallas! Young is going to have a better rookie season than Nick Bosa because, straight up, he is better than Bosa. In a couple seasons, Aaron Donald who? Chase Young is destined to be the best player in the NFL and he will prove it. He’ll have at least 16 sacks. Just be sure to watch his first step off the line, that lights up those sack numbers.

Rolling with Royce: AFC East

Football season is fast approaching, hopefully… To get into the spirit, I’ll be releasing 2 articles a week, about each division, and a rookie on each team to watch out for! Some will be their first round selection, but a lot will be later round steals! Since we live on the East Coast, let’s start with the AFC East!

New England Patriots: This was a tough decision because in my eyes because they hit on their first 5 selections. I think the Pats had one of the best drafts because they filled so many holes without a selection in the first round. With the 27th pick in the 3rd round, they selected Devin Asiasi, a TE out of UCLA. The Pats utilize their TEs more than most teams and it showed last season without Gronk. Asiasi is going to be an animal, especially since Newton continues the TE loving trend. He is a great route runner and receiver but needs to improve his blocking. I anticipate him having around 700 yards receiving and 7 TDs.

Buffalo Bills: As much as I want to say Jake Fromm just because of bias, it isn’t him. They have their franchise QB in Josh Allen so I’m still not sure why they took him. With their first selection coming in the first round, they used it to take AJ Epenesa, to pair with Ed Oliver. I don’t know how he fell this far but once again, Buffalo is able to snag a great pass rusher. If I’m any offensive coordinator or offensive line coach and I have to come up with a plan to stop Oliver and Epenesa, I don’t think I could do it. Getting Epenesa will help the Bills defensive line tremendously. I expect him to have at least 11.5 sacks and be in the backfield a lot. 

Miami Dolphins: Y’all thought I would choose Tua, huh? Nope! I am not very high on Tua because of his injury. I don’t care how many times his agent said he is healthy. Until I see him in a game, I’m not buying the hype. However, the hype of DT Raekwon Davis is real. He went back to Alabama instead of declaring for the 2019 draft and went from a first round pick to a late second round pick but I know the ability to disrupt any offense is there. I know he didn’t have the best season last year but the talent and size are there. He is 6’6 and 311 pounds but is so quick off the line! With his crazy pairing of speed and strength, I think he will easily have 13 sacks and be a contender for defensive rookie of the year. 

New York Jets: Finally we have a player where I can be biased! Denzel Mims! Learn the name because if you don’t know it yet, expect to know it by the end of the year. I know this Jets offense doesn’t have many pieces, especially with losing Robby Anderson, but Mims is a great player to step into that roll and will be Darnold’s favorite target! Mims is 6’3 and has a decent amount of speed. He can blow by defenders and go up and get a jump ball if need be. He can do it all and will have over 1,000 yards receiving and 6 TDs, if Darnold can stay healthy.

Lamar Jackson is #1 on the Top 100?

I really don’t know who came up with this list but they really need to re-do it. There is no way Lamar is better than Mahomes. In fact, I don’t think Lamar is a top 4 QB in the NFL. Spoiler alert, the boys are doing our own rankings, by position, and I can guarantee none of us has him at #1 or even top 3…

Last year, the Ravens went 14-2 and Lamar had a good season. He passed for 36 touchdowns and only threw 6 picks. Those are great numbers until you realize he only threw for 3,100 yards. He was 22nd in the league in passing. As for rushing, he was 6th in the league going for 1,200 yards and 7 TDs. Don’t get me wrong, 4,300 total yards and 43 total TDs is a good season, but as James said when I complained to him about the rankings, “One good season doesn’t make you the best in the NFL.”

Now, the part we all can agree on. Patrick Mahomes got screwed! We all can agree he is the best QB in the NFL and he should have been #1 on the top 100. Despite the knee injury, which everyone worried he would struggle to come back from, he led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory. He threw for 4,000 yards, 26 TDs and 5 picks, but I think he would have thrown at least 34 if it wasn’t for the injury. 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching Lamar play last year, he is a human highlight reel. So is Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes led his team to a Super Bowl even after a knee injury. Mahomes has back to back impressive seasons while Lamar had this one but doing a lot of it on the ground. I think Lamar has potential to be the best player in the NFL but right now, there is no way he is better than Patrick Mahomes and the NFL needs to fix that!