Lakers 2020 NBA Champs

The Los Angeles defeated the Miami Heat in 6. Miami Heat coming in as the underdogs and led by Jimmy Butler showed the world they belonged in the NBA Finals. Lebron James and Anthony Davis had a tough path to the finals. Playing the hottest team in the NBA bubble, Portland Trail Blazers, and beating them in a gentleman’s sweep. Next round they faced off against a team with two MVP in James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Like before ended the series in a gentleman’s sweep. (4-1). In the conference finals Lakers were met by the comeback kids of the NBA Bubble, the DENVER Nuggets. Named the comeback kids because of their consecutive 3-1 comeback series wins against the Jazz and Clippers, a favorite to win the Title. Lebron and Anthony Davis faced off against Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic and won the series in another gentleman’s sweep. Lebron and the rest of the Lakers organization were not playing around when they uttered β€œJobs not finished”; the famous words Kobe said when being up 2-0 in a series.

Now Lakers versus Heat, NBA Finals, 0 Covid cases for 170+ days. The NBA season has been a roller coaster but one to remember. With the death of Kobe on everyone’s mind, and everyone doing their part to fight for social justice, this NBA championship deserves an asterisk for being the weirdest and toughest season ever. Lakers versus Heat was exciting to watch. Jimmy Butler and the Heat embracing the underdogs role were able to do something no other NBA playoff team could do, which is win 2 games. The world has seen with their own eyes that Jimmy Butler is an elite player in the NBA. Though his efforts were amazing the Lakers would win the series 4-2. They would also dedicate this series to the Great Kobe β€œBean” Bryant.

R.I.P Kobe Bryant.

Best High School Basketball mixtape

The Bracket

Y’all know what time it is. This bracket will once and for all settle who was the nicest, the flashiest , and the illest in high school. We all know that the players competing were the man in high school, but we wanna know who has the best tape. Without further a do , ROLL THE TAPE!


News just came in that the Ivy League tourney has been cancelled. News came hours after the host site, Harvard, cancelled classes and switched all curriculum to online.

With this announcement came a lot of tension among the teams that did not receive a bid to the Big Dance. With the announcement Yale men’s basketball and Princeton women’s basketball were given automatic bids. As a former basketball player and a fan of the game, I’m am disappointed with the conference. I know the decision was based off the Corona outbreak, but there are other solutions to consider. Especially with a league with athletes that don’t receive scholarships and the only chance to the NCAA tournament is through the Ivy tournament. We can’t just strip the opportunity away.

A petition has started; in support of the Ivy students athletes, including those on the Yale Women’s basketball program. I will be signing it and hopefully saying, let’s go Yale!

Were the 49ers robbed?/NBA Traffic Report!

The answer will be clear in this article. No they lost fair and square and really beat themselves.

So Chiefs won, Tom Brady coming back, and the NFL had the nerve to play a football game at at J-Lo and Shakira concert? Unbelievable, so what now?

NBA basketball baby, it’s time, and for once people can be excited. Why?! Cause now the race to the NBA championship is open for all. I’m talking about seven lane Highway to the NBA finals. If your coming from the East you got light traffic. If your coming from the West your traffic is looking heavy from the jump.

We are halfway through the NBA season so let’s look at the traffic report. In the Eastern conference it looks like pretty light traffic as the Bucks are off to a fast and hot first half of the season with the 1 seed in the east, leagues best record and with at least 6 games ahead of the two seed. Not to mention Giannas Antetokounmpo steering the ship and putting up MVP numbers.

Then we have the Defending champs Raptors looking like a team that want respect after winning its franchise first championship. Next are the boys who bleed green.

The Boston Celtics seem to contend every year with different personnel l, different coaches and different stars. After losing Kyrie Irving and obtaining Kemba walker, people said that’s a downgrade. Well downgrade or not; the new additions have been balling and players on the team have elevated their game. With all that’s going for then the Celtics hold a top sport in the Eastern Conference with high potential in the playoffs to come out of the East.

Who likes Miami Beach? Well if your in Miami you gotta do more than check the beaches and scenery cause The Heat are coming in as the 4 seed under the leadership of Jimmy Butler. Now this team is looking likes hidden gem in the east. Cause the heat can score, defend, and compete with the best. Oh and who can forget the rookies Tyler Herro and Kendrick nunn. If this team can come out the East, then Tyler Herro will be Miami’s Hero.

The traffic is still light with some teams not picking up the right speed. I’m talking the 76ers and Pacers. The Pacers has been through a lot with their rosters, keeping their front court intact with Myles and Sabonis. But have been waiting for the return of their all-star Victor Olidipo.

The 76ers had a lot of buzz coming in with the addition of Al Horford and losing to the Raptors by a ridiculous shot to send them home. But what’s holding them back? Well looks like some injuries are piling up, lack of aggression, and some internal controversy. Team chemistry might not be where it needs to be. Whether that be the case or not, the 76ers needs to fix it quick as they have all the tools to make a run at the NBA championship.

Now for the traffic report in the West. Seems like the traffic is heavy and all roads to the NBA finals goes through Los Angeles.

How can traffic be so heavy? Well in first place you got a franchise that’s just been energized with the presence of Lebron James. Also with him is Anthony Davis who is an all-world talent, good medal , 3-time All-NBA, and more. Not to mention his crew, with Kuzma , Rondo, Danny Green, and whole bunch of other players with playoff success and talent. The Los Angeles Lakers are looking like the team to beat.

Los Angelos is a big city, big enough to have two teams? In fact they are and the Los Angeles Clippers do not care about whose next door making all the noise. For years the Clippers have been the little brother to the Lakers. Well with the addition of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers are stepping up and saying they got next for that NBA championship. But not just the additions of two superstars have made them the favorites ; during the season The clippers have acquired Marcus Morris Jr and Reggie Jackson, two seasoned veterans. The Clippers got deeper and a whole lot scarier.

But we are in the West. I mean the Wild Wild West. So there’s always a team that can sneak up and out of the West. The Denver Nuggets could be that team. This team is oozing with talent, and star power to make a run in the playoffs. If this team can stay healthy and get things clicking offensively and defensively they could be a dark horse candidate to come out the West.

The 4 and 5 seed in the West are always neck to neck with similar records. Those seeds belong to the Rockets and Utah Jazz.

The Rockets are team competing every year ever since the addition of James Harden. This year could be their year. The dynamic duo of Russell Westbrook and James harden could be to much for any backcourt in the West. If this team gets hot at the right moment, look out and grab an umbrella it will be raining threes.

Who has seen the Eiffel Tower? Well look no further if you go to a Jazz game you will find one posted in the paint. What I’m getting to is the Jazz led offensively by Donavan Mitchell and defensively by All-Star big Rudy Gobert is a top 5 team in the west. The Jazz have a decent roster to compliment their stars as well. Winning on the road will be key for the Jazz if they want to make a run!

A lot was said , mentioned a lot of teams, and mentioned some players. But there’s some unanswered questions that need to be answered when we reach the end of the season. But with all that being said I’m gonna pass back to the guys back at the studio for weather.

NBA Cold War!

Yup, you read it right. There is a Cold War among the NBA ranks. For those not history savvy , a cold war or the Cold War was a state of political hostility between countries characterized by threats, propaganda, and other measures short of open warfare.

So translate that definition into basketball terms; pretty much we have players beefing. Now if you’ve been watching the NBA games this season, you can see teams have been trying harder then ever with the NBA season championship open to everyone. So with that we got star players doing what they do best. But with some of these matchup it looks personal.

First Cold War participants are James Harden and Giannas Antetokounmpo. Now these two superstars are MVP candidates for the next couple of years and are putting up amazing stats. Now they are not in some beef cause of the MVP race. This is a beef due to their recent comments in the media. It really got heated up when Allstar Captain Giannas refuse to pick Harden because he wanted someone that would pass him the ball. Basically saying he dribbles too much. That comment obviously lead to another when James was asked to respond and it lead to more shots fired as Harden praises him game as being skillful. He also commented wishing he could been a freak of nature like Giannas is. Obviously I doubt both players have any hate for each other off the court but I guarantee when they play each other, one will be trying to embarrass the other.

Next two players is gold for television networks wether it be NBA regular season game, playoff game, All star game , or a pickup game at the park. These two players play with a chip on this or shoulder and want to dominate everyone. I’m talking about Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook. These two stars have been battling in the Western Conference for a while. No matter what team they play for these two put a show you won’t forget. Who knows exactly when this started but it got hot during the season OKC vs Blazers when Damian and Russ were chatting at each other. You had to be there or see it for yourself. But the tensions got brighter during the playoffs series between the two teams. Damian Lillard versus Russell Westbrook a first round matchup that didn’t disappoint. This series brought out the monsters in these players but ultimately Damian would win this battle. Now I say a battle , because I don’t think this is the last of these two ballers proving who is the alpha baller.

Last Cold War soldier is everyone favorite player who said himself if he wasn’t playing basketball, he would be the best drug dealer in the world. Yup I’m talking about Patrick Beverly. Who is he biting heads with? Well, everyone! Patrick Beverly is pear when he’s on the court. One of the top defensive players on the floor but he gets under people skin when the ball is in play. We’ve seen Patrick and Lebron go at each other, Patrick and Devin Booker, Patrick and Steph Curry, Patrick and Russel Westbrook and more. Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverly definitely have a history together.

Nonetheless the NBA is way better when there is some sort of tension to go with the entertainment in a NBA basketball game.

Jayson Tatum is the best player in his class! You can Wright that off!

Oh I spelled write wrong? Look at you , future spelling bee champ. But seriously, if you know then you know why I spelled β€œwrite” wrong.

Talk show host and sports television personality commented on Tatum’s recent play after All-Star Break. Nick Wright commented on Tatum’s big game against the LA Lakers, where they come out with a loss, but received high praise from social media, the basketball world, and LeBron James himself. Nick Wright must of been unimpressed or talking about another Jayson Tatum. His comments were that Jayson Tatum was , β€œa leap and a half away from being a superstar and a half a leap away from a star.”

Tatum’s averages before the break were :
21.5 PTS
43.5% FG
36.6% 3PT
3.9 FTA

That to me constitutes a star especially when your team is a top team in the league.

Tatum’s averages after The break :
29.4 PTS
50.0% FG
47.9% 3PT
7.1 FTA

A clear major jump showing that he is a superstar putting up numbers against Lebron , Kawhi and more. Not only that his rebounds and blocks are going up as well. He’s also showing his defensive ability , proving he’s an all around player.

If you ask me Nick Wright had a very cold take. I doubt Jayson heard it too cause he knew and we all knew he was capable of this. It was only just a matter of time.

Fury vs Wilder: Trilogy?

Things are getting heated!!!!!

Heavyweight boxing, this is what people love to see. A heavyweight championship rematch between two undefeated fighters, when does something like that come around? MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas with stars coming in to see who will be the WBC Heavyweight Champion. The first time Tyson Fury and Deontae Wilder fought it ended in a controversial tie with many thinking Wilder should of won.

At the beginning of the fight it looked pretty even with the two heavyweights fighters. But when round two came around; anyone who’s a fan of boxing saw some fatigue when watching Wilder move around the ring. At that point Fury was leading the score with more landed punches and just taking out the lungs of Wilder.

Third round and on, it was Fury’s boxing match to lose. Wilder looked tired, form was sluggish with other significant problems. After Wilder was knocked down in the third round, blood started to show. Wilder left ear was clearly bleeding after the third round knockdown. With his left ear bleeding, his balance was off and equilibrium was looking shaky.

As the rounds went on Wilder aggressiveness was fading and fury was letting him have it.

Fury would then win 7-round TKO , after Wilder corner would throw in the towel.

It’s pretty frustrating for the gamblers, the paper view buyers and Wilder himself as he questioned why his camp threw in the towel. But I don’t see this as the end to the story between these two great fighters.

More Money , More Women!

It’s time to show women more love! We live in a day and age where women are fighting for equal pay across the spectrum. Time is something we can’t get back , everyone knows that. But times are changing and I’ll tell you why.

In January the WNBA agreed on a new CBA. Well a CBA is a collective bargaining agreement between the employer, WNBA; and the union, the players. With the new CBA the salaries for WNBA players have increased , benefits have upgraded with maternity leave, and the marketing and travel will be upgraded for the league.

This new CBA is good for eight years and in those eight years , the average WNBA player will earn a six figure salary! More changes were the benefits with fully paid maternity leave, better traveling arrangements, and an increase in investment marketing. With the important piece coming last a potential 50-50 revenue split. Why is the revenue split important , well before the deal WNBA players were in a CBA where the split was around 80-20. Now women are getting paid more, and are getting what they deserve. This new deal is just a step in the right direction I believe.

Now it’s time for the US Women’s Soccer players to get paid fairly just like the men. Hell, even the US men’s soccer players want the women soccer players paid fairly. So it’s only a matter of time before we see more change in the right direction for women and women athletes.


Y’all know what this about. We are in Day 2 of Allstar weekend and the festivities has been nothing but exciting. Three point contest came down to one point or one shot. David Bertans, Devin Booker and Buddy Hield were your three finalist. Funny thing about Devin Booker is that he wasn’t even invited to the competition until All-Star Damian Lillard went down with a groin injury and had to withdraw. So Devin Booker being a last minute addition had the best first round score to advance to the final round. In the final round he put up an awesome score of 26 following his 27 first round score. But then that man showed up. I’m talking Bahamas own Buddy Hield.

Listen Buddy Hield was my pick from the jump. When your only thing to do at Allstar Weekend is to shoot 3s and some of the others players have to get ready for Sunday and maybe Friday events, it’s yours for the taking.

Buddy Buckets was the last person in the final round and when it came to the last money ball which is worth 2 points he had 25 points. After the he shot the ball, I’ll just fast forward he was raising the trophy! Putting on for the Bahamas!

The last event in Allstar weekend was the dunk contest. The participants were Dwight Howard, Pat Connaughton, Aaron Gordon, and Derrick Jones Jr. When I tell you the first round was exciting, I think that’s an understatement, the first round showed you could of pulled out 3 finalist for a worthy and awesome final in the dunk contest.

The final two were Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. Both dunkers were amazing putting up 50 dunks after 50 dunks after 50 dunks. Then it was all tarnished as the judges didn’t want to give out tens anymore. Not all judges just a few. To summarize what happen, here I go. Derrick Jones Jr had a windmill dunk from the foul line that earned him a 48. Totally deserving of a 50 but it is what it is. So Aaron Gordon who has been robbed of winning once with the door wide open to win it again needed a dunk to seal the deal. After a short discussion with Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, Gordon brought out 7-foot-5 Boston Celtics rookie Tacko Fall.

Now let’s analyze this, bringing out an NBA fan favorite like him is showmanship. Aaron Gordon was already wowing the crowd but this is giving the people what they want. Who doesn’t want to see someone dunk over Tacko? For Aaron this was no problem and got the job done. The place went crazy, easily one of the best dunk contests we’ve seen in a while. Then the score came up, a 47/50……………………wow.

For him to get a 47 out of 50 means 3 judges gave him a 9 and 2 gave him a 10. Well Dwayne Wade was one of the judges that gave him a 9. The world seemed to notice his score only as he gave Miami Heat player Derrick Jones Jr. a 10 for his dunk but a 9 for Gordon. I don’t know what that’s all about; well I do know but Aaron Gordon got robbed two years in a row!

I’m sorry Jimmy!

So never in my years of life have I ever been wrong about a sports take on any player or situation. Well I’m still perfect except for this take I had on Jimmy Butler, but I think everyone is allowed one mulligan.

Let us go back in time when Jimmy Butler was a part of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now Jimmy Butler , Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins; with those three names alone that sounds like a tough trio and a team that can make the playoffs. But as the season rolled out it went a different directions. With the team under performing and reports of tension within the team, Jimmy wanted out. This tension wasn’t ideal as the reports were at its peak during a team practice and Jimmy Butler asserting himself on his teammates, coaches and staff. Jimmy was showing tough love on Karl Anthony Towns and others by teaming with 3rd string players and dominating against the starters and targeting Karl Anthony Towns. Jimmy looked crazy after this altercation and was then traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Now Jimmy Butler, Joel Embid, Ben Simmons, and JJ Reddick. That sounds like a squad to be feared for years. Joel Embid arguably the best center in the game. Ben Simmons who draw the comparisons of Magic Johnson and is a οΏΌperennial All-StarοΏΌ. JJ Reddick who is a veteran sharp shooter and has never missed the playoffs ever since he’s been in the league. Not to mention a bench with solid experience, the 76ers looked locked in on coming out the East.

With Jimmy Butler hungry to win every time he steps on the court, and had to earn his way to be considered one of the leagues best. Even with all the recognition, he just wants players around him to work just as hard so they can accomplish the ultimate goal, the NBA championship. Jimmy Butler leadership is certainly underrated and probably took a hit when he was in Minnesota.

When the 76ers were kicked out of the East by an emerging Raptors team led by Kawhi Leonard by an amazing buzzer beater shot, that was the last game we would see Jimmy Butler in a Philadelphia uniform.

So where is Jimmy now? Jimmy is in South Beach but not for the drinks and clubs, no no. He’s in Miami leading a young talented core towards a top 5 finish in the Eastern Conference.

So why do I and I think a lot of individuals need to apologize? Because Jimmy only wants to win, coming into this league he had to scratch and claw to earn minutes and prove he belonged in this league. Now looking back it seems like Jimmy was doing them a favor by lashing out on the 1st string players. With the talent in Minnesota Jimmy saw a road to win but had to break some walls within the team. It seems like the only way to do it was the only way he knew, but the media made him look like the villain.

So why didn’t he stay in Philadelphia? That’s a question we all want to know. But maybe he saw something in his time in Philly. Well the 76ers currently are facing some adversity as they are trying to build off last years season and playoff performance. There have been reports of in team tension, stars under performing and more. Even Hall of Fame analysts have been critical of certain 76ers players. So maybe saw the future with his time in Philly, who knows.

What I do know is I am sorry for listening to the media Jimmy. You’ve been that player ever since you left Marquette. You’ve been through the mud in Chicago and was made official when the opportunity came. You’ve been bounced around not because of the type of player you are, but because of your will to win, work hard, and not accept anything but your best and your peers best. So I apologize and look forward to watching you lead Miami.