Juju Just Danced On His Own Grave

Throughout the 2020 NFL Season, it’s safe to say Juju Smith-Schuster has turned heads a number of times. From becoming a Tik Tok sensation to dancing on Teams’ logos and getting absolutely leveled for it, Smith-Schuster has seen his actions come back to haunt him (and team) more than once. With his latest choice of words, we can’t help but wonder if Smith-Schuster may have just dug his own grave, and then danced on it.

Juju Smith-Schuster dancing on the Cowboys logo pregame-2020
Juju Smith-Schuster dancing in the Bengals logo pregame-2020

Speaking with the Associated Press before Sunday’s postseason matchup, Juju stated “I think they’re still the same Browns teams I play every year,… I think they’re nameless gray faces. They have a couple good players on their team, but at the end of the day, I don’t know. The Browns is the Browns.” Bold choice of words from a player who hasn’t done much other than get completely embarrassed multiple times on the field.

Smith-Schuster and the Pittsburgh Steelers made their way to 11-0 before dropping three losses in a row and finishing the season 12-4. Their latest loss was handed to them by the Cleveland Browns who made their final push for the playoffs. Granted the Browns beat a Steelers team who was resting their starters, but still the Browns have clearly made a decent case for themselves to not be taking lightly.

Juju Smith-Schuster getting DECKED by Bengals’ Vonn Bell

Smith-Schuster shouldn’t be much of a factor this Sunday either, after not having a single game with over 100 receiving yards and tallying only 9 touchdowns on the season. With this being said, I think it goes for all of us here at BOTA that we hope this adds fuel to the fire and provides some very strong motivation for the Browns. Here’s to hoping Juju can eat his words once more this season and the Steelers get their ass handed to them by the Browns. Let’s see what these “gray faces” Browns can do to a Steelers team that is nowhere close to as talented as originally thought.

James Conner has Owned Social Media the Past Two Weeks

Besides the very obvious issue at hand, James Conner has dominated Social media the past two weeks.

A week ago James Conner posted this photo.

He had the entire male population of Pittsburgh questioning their sexuality over a Dorito. See below.

It was the first shirtless workout pic of the season. Last year, it was DK and Aaron Donald this year its the Yinzer Favorite.

Then, this dude goes out and buys his dad a new truck.

Truck not pictured

How… Someone tell me how, as a Browns fan, I’m supposed to hate James Conner. The dude beat cancer, followed his dream, bough his dad a truck, and looks like a nacho cheese Dorito. It’s just all too impressive.

I have a big ol’ theory so gather round. I know James Conner is a charitable guy, but all this hype is to ensure he gets paid next contract. I don’t think he’s the type to record his actions. Once again, I take nothing away from what he’s done, but someone is in his ear telling him what to do.

Oh wait, upon further research. He said he wants to stay in Pittsburg. I MEAN COME ON. HE’S JUST A GOOD GUY. he wants to get paid, but he wants to win with the team that drafted him.

JAMES CONNER, I hate you as a Steeler, but I love you as a human.

Mason Rudolph is a Racist and Myles Garrett is Justified….Maybe

Last Thursday nights debacle seems to have to come to a close with a finale that should surprise no one. Myles is still suspended and Mason Rudolph’s fat head got away with being a dick.

Myles Garrett had his appeal heard today. He stood on the basis that he can’t be suspended in definitely according to the CBA. Oh and another thing. MYLES PULLED THE RACE CARD. Myles claims that he was provoked to attack Rudolph after he kicked him and called him a racial slur.

His big dumb head for reference

Rudolph, who looks like every ex-boyfriend from a romantic comedy staring Katherine Heigl, was quick to deny the rumors and felt attacked by the accusation.

Is this in the notes app? What lawyer writes a statement in the notes app?

This was Rudolph’s second defense after his lawyer told him “ My best friend is black” isn’t a valid response. The NFL found no proof of Rudolph using any slur during the fight. Although he might be dumb, I doubt he’s racist. When he was pushed down, Rudolph could’ve very easily said something much worse than “son of a bitch” to Larry Ogunjobi.

All jokes aside, Rudolph could’ve been seriously injured by Garrett. That is nothing to joke about. As a Browns fan, I’m required to take the side of my boys. As a human, I understand both sides. Racism is an issue and is never an answer, Myles doesn’t seem like the type to just pop off. However, he did assault another human with intent to harm.

The Dawg Pound will be without our defensive star for the year, but it’s nice to see the rivalry back.

Week 6 Predictions and Games to Watch

Image result for nfl

The theme of Week 5 was, “I can’t believe I didn’t start ____”. The Texas were a fantasy unit with two players combining for over 100 points. Aaron Jones owns the city of Dallas and The Pats are still really good. All of that is behind us. Lets look forward to another week of beautiful football.

UK Game of the week: Panthers vs. Bucs

I misspoke last week when I thought that we would wake up with football. This week is the time for that though, 9 am here we go. I love me some CMC, but they don’t have the range to compete with a very competitive Bucs defense.

Prediction: Bucs defense leads them to a big win

TANK BOWL ALERT!!!!! Redskins vs. Dolphins

Here it is folks. Both teams are god awful. One of them has to leave with a win….or a 0-0 tie. I want to bet against the Redskins, I really do, but there’s just no way. There are no winners, only trash.

TANK BOWL CHAMPION? Not the viewers, but the Redskins win the game.

Saints vs. Jags

This is a classic battle of a high powered offense (Saints) and a Crushing defense (Jags). That is not to take away from Minshew Mania, but you can’t forget about what Josh Allen is doing on the edge. Teddy Bridgewater, Michael Thomas, and Alvin Kamara look like they’ll be too much for them to handle.

Prediction: The Saints keep marching as the team that was counted out

Bengals vs. Ravens

I don’t need a summary. I all I need to say is, put in every Ravens player you have on your fantasy team.

Prediction: Ravens steam roll the Bengals

Seahawks vs. Browns

I want to say the Browns will upset the Hawks, I just can’t. They have too many issues. I really hope I’m wrong about this one.

Prediction: Seahawks crush the Browns. James falls deeper into misery

Eagles vs. Vikings

The eagles defense is pretty good, but Kirk Cousins is really bad. This has been an awesome NFC match up in recent years, but Carson hasn’t seemed the same. Like I said, I have no faith in Kirk

Prediction: Eagles win

GAME OF THE WEEK: Texans vs. Chiefs

This has all the pieces to be an offensive shoot out. Pat has been flat recently and is set for a big bounce back game. Deshaun Watson is coming off a huge performance. I think the Texans defense is the deciding factor.

Prediction: Texans win by a couple scores

Falcons vs. Cards

Battle of the Bad Birds. Under performing Falcons battling an underwhelming coach (Looking at you Kliff bar). I really think the young Cardinals have a chance to really show what they’re made of.

Prediction: Cards win.

49ers vs. Rams

This game is a statement game. Not for the 49ers. The Rams need this win. Right now, they might be in the toughest division in football this year. The 49ers defense is a beast. Their offense… ehhhhh.

Prediction: 49ers pull off a huge divisional win.

Titans vs. Broncos

Titans are inconsistent, the Broncos suck.

Prediction: Titans win. Mariota is still boring.

Cowboys vs. Jets

Man we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for these games.

Prediction: The Cowboys win and we hear ” We Dem Boys” until they play the eagles next week.

Steelers vs. Chargers

This is another game that has been awesome in recent years. It is also another game that I think will fall flat. The chargers will bounce back.

Prediction: Chargers offense outweighs the Steelers defense

MONDAY NIGHT: Packers vs. Lions

This game was close to being my game of the week. The Lions are a fun team to watch this year. The Packers defense is legit good. This will be another classic Monday night battle.

Prediction: Packers get a big win