A Humble Farewell

Whether his last game or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Drew Brees didn’t have the best game of his career. But that’s okay, because in the eyes of many, Brees will go down in history as one of the greats to play the game of football.

Drew Brees holding the Lombardi trophy after winning Super Bowl XLIV

With an insane stat line, Drew Brees will easily be remembered as New Orleans’ best quarterback of all time, but his stats aren’t the only thing that makes this man incredible. From immensely helping out charities and the State of Louisiana throughout his time in New Orleans, to being apart of the teams that helped New Orleans overcome tragedy on MULTIPLE occasions, this man has done it all. And none of that would’ve been possible without an injury in 2005 which changed Brees life forever.

In 2005, Brees was the quarterback for the San Diego Chargers. A fumble in week 17 had caused Brees to be injured during a year where his contract expired. The Saints took the gamble on free agent Brees, and the gamble paid off. Brees quickly became the star of the Saints. Bringing in superior talent, Brees was able to overcome obstacles throughout his career like any other. From ridiculous injuries to bringing his team championships, Brees was and will forever be a star of the Saints.

What this man did in New Orleans is just phenomenal. From donating over $25,000,000 to his community through his charity “ The Brees Dream Foundation”, to holding records never thought possible, Brees is just outstanding at many, many tasks. To name a few accolades, Brees currently holds the NFL’s all-time passing leader at 80,492 yards. Second most passing touchdowns ever at 572. A 13 time pro bowler. Super Bowl XLIV Champion and MVP. 7 time leader in NFL passing yards. And so much more.

Whether Drew Brees has played his last snap as an NFL quarterback, he will be remembered as a legend by many fans who have witnessed the greatness he attributed. Thank you for everything and what a hell of a career.

Better Late Than Never; My Thoughts On Cam Newton

With the New England Patriots signing Cam Newton, most fans were excited for the addition of a “veteran” Quarterback joining the team. On the other side was me; cringing with the fact that my two worst nightmares came true. First was of course Tom Brady leaving, second was the Pats bringing in Cam Newton as a replacement. However, I’ve had some time to sit and think and I’m here to express my opinions on the matter and that Cam Newton will be either a boom or a bust candidate for the Patriots.

I’ve been pretty vocal with my thoughts on Cam Newton in the past, and I still stand by my arguments to an extent, but I do feel if handled the right way, Cam Newton can be a great addition to the Patriots. In previous years, offenses revolved around Newton. Newton saw himself as a one-man show and that was that. Numerous times, I was disgusted at the fact that receivers would be wide-open down field and yet Newton still ran the ball himself. Granted my bias comes from the fact that I’m not a big running-qb man, but I still feel strongly as though the Panthers offense wasn’t clockwork, it was what Newton felt like doing on that play. I think that led to the arrogance that I personally despised out of Newton. I hated him on the field, and more off the field. I thought he was a cocky douchebag who thought the world revolves around him. However, on the Patriots, none of what I mentioned above will stand.

On the Patriots, “Do Your Job” isn’t just a motto, it’s the way of life and how the Patriots achieve so much success. The Patriots work around every single player on that offense and make it all connect perfectly for what we’ve known for decades. Bill Bellichick and Josh Mcdaniels have certain ways about them that create these factors. With Newton on the team, this shouldn’t change anything, and I believe that’s why we see Newton being goal driven and so optimistic to work with the Patriots this season.

On the Patriots, Newton knows that his personal success means nothing. What makes the Patriots stick out is the teamwork. Now obviously I know every team of course has strong teamwork, but yet again and again the Patriots show that theirs is like no other. The Pats make success of utilizing every single position on the field. That means utilizing every receiver, tight end, lineman, and even the quarterback. What this means is that, if Cam Newton comes into the Patriots offense knowing that he has so many options to choose from every play, he could be a huge success. Newton can change the whole scheme of that offense to turn around him and ruin what was once an amazing amount of success. What Newton can also do, is tweak the offense and form with it, creating a scary scenario of a huge quarterback with great running sense, observational awareness, and the ability to spread the field like no other. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

I feel strongly as though Newton feels he has something to prove. With a contract that isn’t worth much, and the thought of knowing that he has to work harder than ever before, Cam Newton May be able to improve his biggest weaknesses and shine like never before. Given the fact that The patriots have now lost crucial lineman for the season, I believe this season will be the true groundbreaking year for Newton as he shows the true potential he holds to carry a team to victory, or to be left out to dry.

Follow Up: Tom Brady’s Instagram

Well. I gotta give it to you Hulu. Your advertising team really knew how to get us all talking, including myself. The will he, won’t he tweets and comments were put to bed during the Super Bowl when this whole post turned out to be an advertising stunt by Hulu.

The one bright shining spot for the New England fans was that Tom announced that he wouldn’t retire in the ad and would be back. Treadle lightly faithful fans. This doesn’t mean he’s staying. The ad was very vague.

Yes, Tom is staying in the NFL. No, that doesn’t mean he is staying in New England. All he said was that he is returning.

That being said, I do still believe it is the smartest move for the Patriots to keep Brady for a couple of years so he can build up the future of the organization.

It also seems as if he wants to stay, not for the 30 million we originally thought, but for weapons. Which leads me to believe he wants one more before he’s done.

Tom believes that the Patriots still give him the best chance to win a Super Bowl. If you look at the other two options, Vegas and L.A., they don’t provide the fire power to give him a chance. The Raiders have the best youth development out of the two, but he can’t afford to wait for draft studs to develop.

With New England, he has Julian Edelman to lean on as a Veteran and N’keal Harry who is going to crush his sophomore season (mark my words). Their running back core is underrated and isn’t even close to an issue. The only issue I see besides the obvious lack of depth at tight end, is a weak offensive line. They lost Dante Scarnecchia who re-shaped their line when they looked awful in 2016.

Here is my final conclusion for all of this.

1.Hulu is great at advertising.

2. Tom is not only staying in the NFL, he is staying with the Patriots

3. The Patriots post the best odds for Tom to win another Super Bowl.

Who Should’ve Won Offensive Rookie Of The Year

Let me start off by saying two things.

1. Congrats to Kyler for winning rookie of the year.

2. If they gave every rookie of the year the trophy I used in the picture it would make for way funnier content.

It was announced last night that Kyler Murray won the Offensive Rookie of the Year. I am a fan of what Kyler has done in the past so I’m pumped that he won this prestigious award…but did he deserve it?

Kyler took a young struggling Arizona team, and made them fun to watch. He started off the year slow, but once he found his rhythm, he became the playmaker that college football fans saw at Oklahoma. He finished the 2019-2020 season with 3,722 yards 20TDs, 12 INTs, and a QB rating of 87.4.

As I already stated, he had an amazing rookie season, but there are two names that I think should’ve had more recognition including my pick for who should’ve actually been the Offensive Rookie of the Year.

1. Josh Jacobs

This is the obvious second choice for a lot of people. By the way, if you haven’t already, look at #joshjacobs on twitter to see some angry Raider fans. Let’s continue with the real take though.

The Alabama running back was highly sought after in the draft, it was just a matter of who was going to get him. With Derek Carr playing like a shell of himself, Mike Mayock and John Gruden knew that they needed to make the move. So, the Raiders selected him with their 24th pick and he didn’t disappoint.

Jacobs finished with 8 yards per carry on 242 attempts, 1150 yards, 7 tds, and one fumble. That puts him at 8th in total yards, 16th in TDS, and tied for 2nd on average yards among all running backs. To put it short, the man is a stud. He gave the black hole hope again.

All that being said, I don’t really see why he didn’t win in comparison to Kyler, but he is not my pick for Rookie of the Year.

2. James’ pick for Offensive Rookie of the Year: AJ Brown

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, my pick for the Offensive Rookie of The Year is AJ Brown. It goes against every bone in my body, because of my deep hatred for Ole miss, but he is my pick.

AJ was the 51st overall pick and became the guy in the Titans Receiving core. Somehow, the Titans were able to snag Corey Davis and AJ Brown in three years of drafting, so be worried about that. AJ surpassed Davis as the Number 1 in Nashville after this year. He led the team in reviving yards with 1051, targets with 54, and touchdowns with 8. Not to mention his YAC ability. AJ is sneaky fast and if he gets the slightest gap after a catch he is gone.

AJ is just as displeased as I am

He tweeted this shortly after Kyler won

I agree AJ you were robbed. If you put the stats aside, you were able to strive through two quarterbacks. You made big plays week after week. He may not have been the Offensive Rookie of the Year this year, but he is the future of the NFL.

Let us know who you think should’ve been OROY in the comments, we want to hear from you.

I Apologize to Browns Fans

Browns nation….Dawg Pound…. I apologize. I am an awful fan. Yesterday was Hue Jackson day (1-31) and I neglected to mention it.

As Browns fans, we endured a long stretch with that man, which included a winless season. I wouldn’t be so salty about this whole thing, if he didn’t trash talk us after he was fired two years ago.

We all thought that when Hue was gone we were allowed to believe in this team.

I still remember being excited for Hard Knocks featuring the Browns. They used their TV devil magic to try and trick us all into loving hue. DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO HBO. Side note, we are still sorry for the loss of your Mother and Brother.

Just when we thought we were free from awful coaches, along comes Freddie Kitchens. That name will live infamously in my mind with the likes of Bobby Valentine. He took an all star team and made them look like duds. He ruined our chances of happiness. We thought we were close to the playoffs, we were wrong.

This isn’t the longest post I’ve ever done and it’s not the angriest Browns post I’ve ever done or will do. The point of this is for Browns fans to reflect on what we’ve been through. Be able to laugh about how awful our coaching has been. Finally, it gives other NFL fans a chance to appreciate the fact that they aren’t us, but look at the bright side Dawg Pound. It’s almost time for our Playoffs, The Offseason. A time where we can be excited for all the changes that will ultimately leave us disappointed. That is the real point of this article, I will be doing more Browns related off season coverage for the draft and free agency so get ready for that my beautiful BOTA gang.

Tom Brady Sends Scary Message to Boston

While everyone in Massachusetts was stuck on 95, because that’s what that damn traffic feels like. Tom Brady sent Twitter and Instagram into a frenzy.

Tom posted a cryptic tweet that went to Instagram shortly after.

Julian Edelman clearly took this photo for Tom because #brolife , but it leaves so many questions.

Tom. What are you doing in this tweet? Are you walking towards the stadium or away? When was this? How many takes did it take to capture this photo?

New Englanders are going crazy in the comments and can’t figure out what this means!

WELL KIDS, OL’ PAPPY PUOPOLO IS HERE TO TELL YOU WHATS WHAT. Tom Brady is leaving the New England Patriots. Tom is walking away from this carnival that is about to occur. Ladies and gentlemen I can see the content now. Next season, Tom Brady will be a Charger and the Patriots will be a mess. That’s it. Done. Hate me in the comments. I’ll be waiting.

Katie Sowers is Kind of a Big Deal

Last night, the San Francisco booker their ticket to the Super Bowl with a massive win over the Green Bay Packers (37-20). The high powered 49ers offense was pushed by Raheem Mostert who had 220 yards rushing and 4 touch downs.

No one can deny Mostert’s monster season and game, but the biggest story that people are glancing over, is Katie Sowers.

Katie started her career in the Women’s football alliance and won the 2013 IFAF Women’s World Championship. Her career was cut short due to a hip injury.

She took that knowledge to the NFL with the Flacons in 2016. Katie joined the 49ers coaching staff as an seasonal offensive assistant in 2017. She would become know for being the first openly LGBTQA coach and first female coach in the NFL. Now that the 49ers made the Super Bowl, she has become the first Female Coach and LGBTQA coach in the Super Bowl.

As sport fans, we should be cheering for her and advancing society. Sports have always been about breaking barriers and she is a great first step for women everywhere. Who cares what the gender of the person helping you is, you need to put the best people in every position. Katie I support you.

The Buccaneers seem to agree with me as they have two coaches (Maral Javadifar and Lori Locust) on their staff. Maral is an assistant strength and condition coach and Locust is an assistant defensive line coach. These women are all paving a path for women to get into sports with no bias. Keep breaking barriers!


Last night, fans of the UFC were treated to Connor Mcgregor ‘s quick return with a huge win. HOWEVER, fans of America’s team, The Cleveland Browns, were treated to pure disrespect to the leader of our proud, sad, team. See below.

Via: Sportscenter’s Instagram

ESPN. How dare you? You ignored the future of the NFL while acknowledging the existence of the best young defender in the NFL.

On behalf of the Dawg Pound I demand an apology.

No one even acknowledged his stylish and totally cool, not dumb hat. THE WORLD WILL NOTICE YOU BAKE. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Why It Only Makes Sense For Tom To Stay a Patriot

Earlier this week, the state of Massachusetts was sent into a panic when the news came out that Tom Brady’s suite had been cleaned out and that his family was now living in a home in Connecticut.

    Does this mean that the Pats are destined to part ways with the GOAT? I’m here to tell you why the Patriots need Tom for at least another year. 

We all saw the “Tom Brady is washed up” or “Is Tom Brady done,” headlines this season. Let’s be honest, he has had a serious production drop in recent years, but it is now showing because he doesn’t have the talent around him to keep him afloat. Gronk is gone, Edelman looks like a shell of himself, and let’s not forget about the one game we had with Antonio Brown. He was clearly a better QB with those pieces and now that he doesn’t have that safety blanket, it doesn’t look like the same old Tom. 

   That being said, the Patriots need Tom to help them transition. They have done a fantastic job drafting young talent on both sides of the ball, but there is one hole that they haven’t filled. Tom’s replacement. 

   Let’s divert and say he does leave in the offseason, where could he end up? So many teams have young Quarterbacks that are learning and growing at a surprising rate. So, putting an old veteran ahead of them doesn’t make any sense. Are you really going to pull Baker Mayfield for a year or two? He is notoriously hot headed. He will demand a release and be on to better things. He only makes sense with teams that have a veteran that isn’t performing, like the Raiders or the Chargers. 

The Pats should not let him go to another AFC team. That’s just awful playoff planning. To be honest they can’t let him go anywhere. This is a high quality QB draft. They can go out and get someone later like Jacob Eason or Jake Fromm. Both of these guys have a wealth of potential and with time under Brady, could try to fill those massive shoes Tom left behind. It makes more sense for The Patriots to give Tom a bridge contract for a couple years, and bring in a young QB to take over when they are ready.

I’m Done…. That’s it….

Look at this score line. This was supposed to be our season. From the dirt to the Super Bowl. Instead, our season is over.

Fuck you Freddie.

I will not be fielding any Browns questions. As someone who has lived in Tampa, I will be defecting to Tampa football until they fire Freddie.

What does this mean for my fandom? Well I’m still a Browns fan 4eva, but I can’t deal with Freddie anymore. As stated earlier, I am defecting to Tampa Football.


This is my team until the Browns get their shit together and fire Freddie. I couldn’t find anymore vipers pictures so here is my last image as I bid you all a happy rest of your corrupt NFL season. I will be here waiting for the XFL. #getbit