Chuba Hubbard Draft Diamonds

As a Sooner fan, it’s hard for me to support anyone from Oklahoma State, but when you look at this draft class, Chuba’s name stands out with names like Etienne or Harris. 

In 2019, he was viewed as RB1, but he decided to return for a year and ultimately hurt his draft stock. He went from 2094 yards and 21 TDs in 2019 to 625 and 5 TDS in 2020. If you just look at those stats, he would get a one year wonder grade. If you dig a little deeper, you realize that his workload was cut in half and then some (328 carries 2019/133 carries 2020) the emergence of Jackson and Brown at Oklahoma State, held him back from being a first round RB. 


+Amazing vision 

+great speed

+good size (6ft 207)

He is able to wait for the play to develop and find a hole. Once he gets that gap and gets open field, he’s hard to catch.



-has trouble bouncing off tackles 

-seems to need a strong O-line. 

-receiving skills are sub par 

-pass blocking needs work.

In the modern NFL, running backs have to be able to do everything. Every GM is looking for another CMC. His catching ability pulls away from what Hubbard can do, but no one looks at Hubbard and thinks he is useless. 

His ceiling is set for the third round of the NFL draft, but he could make an impact on teams that need a true runner. 

Best fits




Final evaluation:

-Hubbard is a project RB with MASSIVE upside. He may get more play on special teams to start, but if a team can work with him and develop his route running, Hubbard has the chance to be a big time threat that goes under the radar in this years draft.

Justin Fields Is Back to QB2 in the NFL Draft

Justin Fields draft stock has been on a roller coaster in 2020.

He started off as the clear cut QB2 behind Trevor Lawrence. Then after some average performances against Indiana (3 interceptions) and Northwestern (114 yards 3 interceptions), everyone in the country turned their eyes to the Mormons and Zach Wilson.

Ohio state was the hot topic. “Is Justin Fields good under pressure” “Is Justin Fields only good because of the talent around him” “Ohio State is a bad team, with an easy schedule that got into the playoff because of their name”

The critics wanted a test for the young QB and the playoff gave it to them. If Fields wanted to be back in the conversation of “next QB to ruin his life on the Jets” he had to show up against Clemson.

He did more than just show up last night…

Clemson has produced insane defensive players over the past few years and their defense this year kept that trend. Fields made them look like a pop Warner squad.

I get the argument that one game doesn’t matter. It kinda does…

If I’m an NFL GM, I want a kid who can step up in big time situations. When the lights are on you need someone who won’t crumble. Fields has shown over the past two years that he is a star in these situations.

Could he use some help in regular situations? Sure! He’s not always going to have Ohio State level talent around him, but give him time in the NFL and he will be one of the next great QBs.

The Bengals Owe Joe Burrow A Draft Experience

This pandemic has caught everyone off guard. We all had to adjust to a world that was void of many things we love.

As a Browns fan, I always look forward to the Draft. It’s exciting and unpredictable. It’s also the highlight of our season, so we cherish every pick…until they actually step on the field.

This year, we were promised players arriving on floating boats in Vegas and we got fans booing on Zoom.

Joe Burrow had one of the best college football seasons ever and turned his stock around from being un-drafted to the number one pick.

I realize that the Bengals could only do so much for this kid, but I think they owe him a big moment.

If they think that Joe is their QB for the next 10+years, they should give him special treatment.

When the season starts, give him the same reception that international soccer teams give their new players. Fill up Paul Brown stadium, which hasn’t been done in years, put together a hype video, and introduce Joe to the fans and make him feel like the star he is.

Let Me Introduce You To Boston’s New Favorite Son, Jake Burt

The Patriots have been trying to fill a Gronk sized hole for a few years now and have been unsuccessful at every stop. That ends with Jake Burt.

Burt fits the tight end mold at 6’3 260, but that’s not what makes him special to Patriot fans.

Jake Burt has revived the coveted and totally real (don’t look it up) “Most Massachusetts Athlete Award,” by me. He was born in Lynnfield, Massachusetts and played his high school football at St. John’s Prep before going to Boston College.

Burt went undrafted, but was quickly signed by the Patriots. Burt most likely fell because of a lack of film and I jury concerns. He played his time behind Tommy Sweeney who was drafted by the Bills.

For the first two years, Burt was utilized as a classic blocking tight end. This allowed star running back, AJ Dillon to run wild on the field.

Towards the end of his college career, Burt started to find his stride and showed glimpses of promise as a pass catcher and a run after catch tight end.

Ideally, he will be able to give Stidham or Hoyer enough time in the pocket to make the right throws and slide out for a nice reviving target. This signing could also be huge for Sony Michel, who had a down year and could have a bounce back because of Burts presence.

Don’t go marking Jake Burt as the new top Fantasy tight end. He will be a typical Patriot. He fills his role and doesn’t need the hype or flash. He’s going to play with a head full of steam and a chip on his shoulder.

Boston Is Collapsing

Boston fans, you have had a rough 2020 so far. Not only has Coronavirus shut down everything, the teams you hold near and dear to your heart are falling apart.

It all started with Mookie. Ohh Mookie. You were a victim of baseballs biggest hard decision. Do you keep the top three MLB talent and pay him what he wants? Or trade him to a NL rival? The Sox picked the later and it hurt.

Then we lost a fan favorite. Poor Brock Holt. We allowed him to walk and he signed with Milwaukee (do you know how many tries it took me to spell that? Too many). Brock was a great clubhouse guy and his son griff stoke the show on Instagram. Now he’s gone. It couldn’t get any worse.

Well it did and screw you for jinxing it. Corona virus came and said “Wuhan clan ain’t nothing to fuck with.”

Corona virus shut down every major sport from the NBA (where the Celtics has a chance to win it all), to the NHL (where the Bruins probably were going to win it all). We lost March Madness and all of it’s gambling glory.

Our March was empty so far, but there was a hope.

Yes, I get to be Luke in poster.

NFL FREE AGENCY. It was set to be a wild ride. We were all anxiously waiting for Tom’s massive decision. Some of us…(Chris) thought he was staying in New England.

I remember the exact moment. I woke up to the news. All I heard was a million Dunks iced Extra Extra‘s hitting the floor. Gallons of sweet disgusting coffee gone as the man who led the patriots to 6 championships left for Tampa Bay.

Side note: if you think about it. I’m like the Tom Brady Anti-Christ. Anti-Brady. I moved from Tampa back to Boston and Brady did the opposite. I eat strawberries he doesn’t. I’m just saying, the writing is on the wall.

He left the fans devastated, but things could only go up…right?

WRONG! HA! Idiot.

Chris Sale makes the tough decision to get Tommy John essentially removing him from this season and some of the next.

The hits just keep coming. It’s really not fair. I know I know, I’m the worst Boston fan of all time, but I am a Boston fan. This stuff affects me too! Just like not as much as some people….Chris. The only real way to wrap this all up is with something all the kids are saying. Oof. Big Oof.

AJ Dillon is the Most Undervalued RB in His Class

AJ Dillon is the Next Great Running back 

AJ Dillon is a machine, he is scary, he is a modern Hercules, but most of all he is the next great running back in the NFL. 

AJ was born in New London, Connecticut, but would eventually play football at the Lawrence Academy in Groton Massachusetts. With his strong high school career, AJ was highly sought after by big name schools like Michigan, Penn state, Mississippi State and Notre Dame. He would eventually commit to Michigan and flip to Boston College to be closer to home. 

AJ hit the Ground running at Boston College. In his first season, he ran for a school record 1,589 yards and 14 touchdowns and he won ACC Rookie of the Year. This cemented himself as one of the top running backs in the country. 

The next two years of AJ’s college career weren’t different, he would finish with 4,382 yards which holds the record for most yards in school history and is second all time in ACC history. Pairing that with 38 career touchdowns in three years made AJ the most dominant player in Boston College history. 

You look at all these stats and say, “ Wow! This kid is going to be a great first round pick!” Well reader, I hate to say he is projected as a third round pick up. 

The biggest mark against AJ is his “mileage.” During his time at Boston College, he had 845 carries over three years. That’s an NFL number you don’t see college running backs with that many carries that can stay healthy.

Here’s why AJ is going to be amazing in the NFL.

He is the new breed of running back. He weighs in at 247 of pure muscle. He is a more power running focused Saquon Barkley. His ability to run through defenders and expose open space is second to none.

AJ Dillon is a lead running back. He is the work horse for an NFL team. As a coach, you should put him in early and let him get you the yards you need to set up a big play. He can block and catch which makes him perfect for play action. 

He should be an early second round running back, but if he falls I could see him landing with a team that has a two running back set. The Saints could pair him with Kamara and have a deadly running game again. The best placement for him would honestly be the Patriots. AJ could take the lead role and split snaps with Sony Michelle giving the Patriots the perfect run offense.

Mark my words reader, AJ Dillon is the most underrated running back in this draft. He will shock the world and help your fantasy team.

Cole McDonald Is the Steal of the Draft

Those of you who have been with us since day one, know about the optimism I had for Hawaii this season. It fell apart, but the man who gave me the most hope was the quarterback Cole McDonald.

He is a classic two sport athlete, but instead of baseball, he was a track star. Cole ran the 100 and 200 meter dash. This obviously speaks to his speed which is going to be a vital stat in the new NFL.

If you look at his progression, he has constantly improved as a quarterback. Every year at Hawaii, his completion percentage went up consistently each year.

He finished his senior with 33 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. The 14 ints can be daunting, but with the Hawaii run-shoot offense, you have to be ready for a brighter turnover rate that’s just the nature of the style.

Watching him play late was beyond entertaining. Cole was able to escape the pocket with that speed and a solid arm.

Not every prospect is perfect, Cole has some downside. He has a longer windup, which can lead to easier reads for defensive backs. He also doesn’t always seem comfortable in the pocket which can worry scouts.

I wouldn’t worry about any of this. Cole has shown steady improvement, the desire to learn and grow, and an athletic ability that has been slept on. I could see a team like Carolina or New England snagging him in a late round. Mark my words. He is the steal of the draft

Stop Sleeping on Jalen Hurts

If you have read my past blogs, you know I’m an Oklahoma fan and a big fan of Jalen Hurts. So, imagine my horror when yesterday I saw that a reporter asked him if he would be doing drills at different positions… Excuse me?

Jalen Hurts is the most driven QB I’ve seen in a few years and will be a great NFL quarterback. To ask him to be a receiver is mental to me.

If you look at his scouting report, the knocks against him are there. Arm accuracy, Decision making, and anticipation are his down marks.

His upside out weighs any of that. He has an insane poise in the pocket which ties into his awareness. If you watched any Oklahoma game last year, you would see that he seemed to have eyes in the back of his head and would remain calm with the pocket collapsing. He’s got a hell of an arm which helped CeeDee Lamb’s draft stock. Finally, he will kill you with his mobility if you give him a window.

The Draft positions on him are all over the board. Some people have him going on day one others day three. I’m not saying that Jalen Hurts should be the Number one pick, but to ask him to play WR is moronic. You are drafting a player that may not be able to start day one, but will be able to develop under a strong veteran.

Watch for teams like the Saints, Patriots, maybe even the Vikings, to pick up this kid. He has shown that he’s a proven winner and the veterans on these teams make it so he can develop into a great NFL QB.

Keep checking in to the blog for my pre-draft people I’m watching. I’ll have two more articles soon about some sleepers that I love so watch out for that and thank you for supporting us. Stay beautiful

How the Patriots Can Revamp Their Offense

The NFL draft and free agency is just around the corner. The 2020 Patriots have a Plethora of holes to fill this offseason and will need to utilize every asset this offseason to ensure that they can return to their dominant status once again.


Obviously, the best choice here is to bring back Tom Brady. Tom won’t be here forever though, this is the draft where they start planning for the future. 

Names like Jake Fromm or Jacob Eason are fantastic talents that are going to fall late in the First round of the draft or even to the second round. I honestly think that waiting for Jake Fromm or Cole McDonald in the later rounds would fit their system better. Both are talented young arms that would do wonders with a couple years under Brady. By drafting a late round Quarterback, it alleviates the pressure to have a young quarterback that wants to start in the first week. 

Tight End

The Patriots clearly missed Gronk after last year. This off-season is primed for them to land a talented tight end. This doesn’t mean that they need to draft a stud tight end right now. There are some high profile names that are on the trade block and free agency. 

Austin Hooper is the biggest name that is going to be a free agent this off-season. However, I doubt the Patriots are going to pay 15 million for his contract. It’s much more likely that they pursue Jordan Reed in the off-season. Although he is injury prone, 

I think trading is the best option for the time being. One name that stands out is David Njoku. He is not going to fit the new Browns offense because he is more of a reviving tight end as opposed to a hybrid blocking type. The Patriots wouldn’t have to give up a lot of talent to get him either. It would probably cost some late round picks. 

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t talk about the draft. One name to watch in the late rounds is Thaddeus Moss. Yes, he is the son of Randy. Yes, it would be awesome to have Brady finish his career with another Moss. It is more than that though, Moss showed that he can step up in big games during the College Football Playoff. He is a Red zone threat that could be a steal. 

Wide Receiver

I said this last year, but N’keal Harry is going to be one of the best players out of the 2019 NFL draft. He will be returning to this season fully healthy and ready to be the weapon he was at Arizona State. Which is what Tom Brady wants, more money and more weapons. An aging Julian Edelman might still be versatile, but is nearing the end of his career. So what do the Patriots do?

They could go for a big name like AJ green. Aj would give them a true number one receiver and a big play option. The only problem is his list of injuries. Could he stay healthy enough to give the offense a fighting chance? If I’m being honest, no. Tom doesn’t seem to have the deep pass ability he once did and that’s where AJ proves his worth.

The Patriots would be better off going after someone like Emanuel Sanders. Some of the same injury concerns, but as we all saw in the playoffs, Emanuel still has big play ability. He can operate in the slot and as a deep threat. 

I seriously doubt that the Patriots would grab another Wide Receiver this draft after getting N’keal last year, but this is a deep class with names like Laviska Shenault JR. who will fall to a later pick, you could see them steal a fast young Receiver. 

I list all these as an outside perspective, if you try to predict what Bill is going to in the draft. That is why he is the greatest coach of all time. He could find some kid in the combine who swept the back room at Market Basket, but runs a 4.2 40. He is a draft mastermind and he could pick anyone or sign any player. Only time will tell.

Post-Championship Weekend Mock Draft

I used to complete this mock. I did not choose where the teams drafted. The simulator goes based of the teams record and updated throughout the season. This is my 2020 NFL Mock Draft 1.0.

I am not going to go over every pick, but below you can see my mock. I am just going to discuss top names in the draft. 

#1: Cincinnati Bengals take Joe Burrow. Address their biggest need and take the best QB in the draft. 

#2: New York Giants take the best player in the draft, Chase Young. Pair him up with Dexter Lawrence and increase their pass rush.

#4: Miami is worried about Tua’s injury and takes Justin Herbert. Miami was been hanging on with Fitzmagic but is ready to take their franchise QB. 

#7: Cardinals need to protect Kyler Murray. They take Tristan Wirfs to help.

#8: The Jags have something in Minshew, Fournette, and Chark. They take the best receiver in the draft, Jerry Jeudy, to add one more weapon. 

#12: The Philadelphia Eagles CBS have been awful all year. Unfortunately they don’t get Okudah, but Fulton will help. 

#14: Panthers need secondary help. Grant Delpit, best safety and too 3 player in this draft is a perfect fit.

#16. Gruden’s Raiders need some wide receivers. CeeDee Lamb will soon become Carr’s favorite target. 

#18: The Raiders are back on the clock. Even though there is still potential for them to take another WR, they take CB Trevon Diggs to help a week secondary. 

#22: Miami already took their franchise QB. Even though it would be smart to give him some weapons, they need to protect Herbert. Creed Humphrey will get the job done.

#27: Rodgers needs to more receivers. The Packers can not rely on Adams forever. They grab Tee Higgins to compliment Adams and give Rodgers another receiving threat.

#28: With Brees getting older and Tua still on the board, the Saints take a chance. Tua has the potential to pickup right where Brees leaves off