Matthew Stafford is the Perfect Fit for the Patriots

After a disappointing 2020 campaign, it’s time to look towards the off-season for Patriot fans.

Quarterback is the biggest question mark for the Patriots going into 2021 and Matthew Stafford should be the answer.

The man has accomplished so much on a Detroit team that never seemed to care about giving him weapons. 

He ranks 17th all time in career TD passes ahead of Joe Montana, he has the most passing yards through 160 starts in the NFL (43,901), and the 8th most touchdown passes through 160 starts (274).

Stafford has been able to make something out of nothing in Detroit, but recently the team decided that they would part ways and accommodate his request for a trade after 12 seasons. 

The Patriots would get a stellar passer with great leadership skills right off the bat and Stafford would finally get some stability with a coach and a team that is actually invested in him. 

At this point, you might be asking, “Why not go for Deshaun Watson? He’s younger and arguably better?”

The biggest benefit to getting Stafford is cost. With Watson, you are looking at a trade value that sits around 3 first-round picks. With Stafford, you could potentially get him for a 2nd-round pick and a player. 

If the Patriots traded for Watson, they would effectively be shorting themselves for the future. Sure, we get a generational QB, but what about a true number 1 wide receiver? Or a middle linebacker to lead the defense? What about the gap Joe Thuney will leave if we can’t re-sign him?

As a fan, you have to look at this team and say the Patriots are more than a QB away from winning a Super Bowl. Buying into Watson, hurts the team. With Stafford, we would have the ability to draft a young QB for him to groom and compete with in a later round. Names like Kellen Mond or Sam Ehlinger stand out as perfect succesor to Stafford after a few years with the team. 

Matthew Stafford, come to New England. It’s slightly warmer than Michigan and the fans are much louder. We want you.

The Cam Newton Experiment is Over

Cam Newton was signed in June and instantly divided Patriots nation. We were just getting over a rough break up, we weren’t quite ready to move on from Tom. Some fans thought that Cam was just a rebound, others thought that he could be the future.

As fans, we were treated to two games of an electric Cam. We were all able to see what made him an MVP back in 2015.

Fast forward twelve weeks. We, the Patriot faithful, are left with a losing record, questionable QB play, awful decision making, and a QB who doesn’t care about his stats, but is focused on wins and losses. That’s fine! A win is a win, but when you look at the losses and realize that you can put 90% of the blame on your shoulders there is an issue. 

As a starting QB, only having five passing Touchdowns in week 14 is embarrassing. Yes, the Patriots are a run first team with Cam under center and the most undervalued backfield, but a QB has to be able to throw. Preferably, a QB must be able to throw more touchdowns than interceptions. For the record, Cam has ten interceptions on the year. You can pin almost all of those interceptions on bad decision making and horrible mechanics. 

Belichick has remained adamant that “Cam’s our Quarterback.” It’s hard to question the methods of the GOAT coach, but you have to look at the team and realize that there is a talented young offense being wasted by a washed up QB. 

So, yes. Cam is the QB right now. The Patriots got a deal in June. They signed a placeholder QB for under a million dollars. He won’t be re-signed this offseason and Bill will get a compensatory pick. Expect the Patriots to be aggressive in the draft and free agency. Hell, they might even trade for a name like Wentz or Stafford. 

Until that time, dig in. The next three weeks are going to be rough on their way to a top ten pick and an embarrassing record.

The Patriots are Rebuilding and Failing

Patriots nation, the trade deadline has come and gone and all the Patriots have to show for it is Isaiah Ford. They have failed you. 

It was rumored that the Patriots would be sellers at the draft; all signs pointed to Gilmore being traded after he listed his house and set the deadline for bids on the exact time the deadline ended. There’s a first round pick right there, but you got greedy. A first round pick and a player is insanely rich for a 30 year old who is starting to regress. 

What about Joe Thuney? The Pats could’ve shipped the guard and secured a second round pick, minimum. There are plenty of teams that need line help. Nope.

Instead, here we are with no direction, no surplus of picks, a losing season imminent, and a team full of holes and gaps that should’ve been filled. 

Now, we can all admit that Cam is not the future of the Patriots, which is fine, you only spent a million on a former MVP. Fine. Draft one next season, there are plenty of studs available in the first round, look at Trey Lance. Who fills the gap at linebacker? In that case, draft Micah Parsons. Build around the young linebacker so you can inevitably replace D’onta Hightower. 

That’s not even the beginning of their needs. N’Keal Harry hasn’t progressed, at all. While there are stars like D.K. Metcalf, AJ Brown, and Terry McLaurin who you passed on, all are rising in the ranks of talented WRs. 

What about Isaiah Ford? The Patriots made a good play here, I’ll give them that, but there is no way that Ford is anything but a placeholder while Edelman gets healthy. 

What about the two TEs you drafted this year? They have a combined 10 catches. 

The Patriots are in absolute shambles. Bill, you should’ve went all in on a rebuild. Sell some top players, look towards next season where you would have a bountiful amount of cap at $43 million and picks. No. instead you left Patriot fans with a broken heart and zero, ABSOLUTELY ZERO hope for the future.

Better Late Than Never; My Thoughts On Cam Newton

With the New England Patriots signing Cam Newton, most fans were excited for the addition of a “veteran” Quarterback joining the team. On the other side was me; cringing with the fact that my two worst nightmares came true. First was of course Tom Brady leaving, second was the Pats bringing in Cam Newton as a replacement. However, I’ve had some time to sit and think and I’m here to express my opinions on the matter and that Cam Newton will be either a boom or a bust candidate for the Patriots.

I’ve been pretty vocal with my thoughts on Cam Newton in the past, and I still stand by my arguments to an extent, but I do feel if handled the right way, Cam Newton can be a great addition to the Patriots. In previous years, offenses revolved around Newton. Newton saw himself as a one-man show and that was that. Numerous times, I was disgusted at the fact that receivers would be wide-open down field and yet Newton still ran the ball himself. Granted my bias comes from the fact that I’m not a big running-qb man, but I still feel strongly as though the Panthers offense wasn’t clockwork, it was what Newton felt like doing on that play. I think that led to the arrogance that I personally despised out of Newton. I hated him on the field, and more off the field. I thought he was a cocky douchebag who thought the world revolves around him. However, on the Patriots, none of what I mentioned above will stand.

On the Patriots, “Do Your Job” isn’t just a motto, it’s the way of life and how the Patriots achieve so much success. The Patriots work around every single player on that offense and make it all connect perfectly for what we’ve known for decades. Bill Bellichick and Josh Mcdaniels have certain ways about them that create these factors. With Newton on the team, this shouldn’t change anything, and I believe that’s why we see Newton being goal driven and so optimistic to work with the Patriots this season.

On the Patriots, Newton knows that his personal success means nothing. What makes the Patriots stick out is the teamwork. Now obviously I know every team of course has strong teamwork, but yet again and again the Patriots show that theirs is like no other. The Pats make success of utilizing every single position on the field. That means utilizing every receiver, tight end, lineman, and even the quarterback. What this means is that, if Cam Newton comes into the Patriots offense knowing that he has so many options to choose from every play, he could be a huge success. Newton can change the whole scheme of that offense to turn around him and ruin what was once an amazing amount of success. What Newton can also do, is tweak the offense and form with it, creating a scary scenario of a huge quarterback with great running sense, observational awareness, and the ability to spread the field like no other. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

I feel strongly as though Newton feels he has something to prove. With a contract that isn’t worth much, and the thought of knowing that he has to work harder than ever before, Cam Newton May be able to improve his biggest weaknesses and shine like never before. Given the fact that The patriots have now lost crucial lineman for the season, I believe this season will be the true groundbreaking year for Newton as he shows the true potential he holds to carry a team to victory, or to be left out to dry.


We have joked about this day since he was cut, but at long last the football gods agave delivered Cam Newton to the starving Patriot fans.

There is a wealth of patriot fans that are pissed about his arrival. I’m just pissed he ruined future content.

All the years I’ve heard, Cam Newton isn’t good, He is a cocky running QB from Pats fans is now paying off huge. I know our Bois, Chris and Zack are heated about this, but honestly I love it.

If Cam still has life in his body. He can be a play maker. That’s the big question mark. Will he be able to return to form? I sure as hell hope so because I want to see some angry Patriot fans. WOOOOO


After the news of Cam signing, Johnny Manzeil says “my career might be over…” duh. Stay tuned for that blog tomorrow.

Story Time: Ronnie Lippett Called me a Girl

Growing up in Massachusetts, most kids my age had to go through D.A.R.E. It was an anti drug program where they would get the coolest cops in town to talk about how scary marijuana is.

At the end of fifth grade, we all had graduation from this program, which if you look at Burlington, it clearly didn’t work. They told us a famous patriot was going to be there.

This was around 2005 so we all figured it was going to be Tom Brady or Teddy Bruschi. They decided to bring in Ronnie Lippett.

Mind you, all of our class was born in 94-95 so bringing in a player that finished in 91’ was just an odd move.

I have no hate for Ronnie Lippett, but when you have Tom Brady as an imaginary standard it’s hard to live up to.

Ronnie was awesome and he spoke to all of us about staying away from drugs and how cool it was being a football player. Key moment here, Ronnie met me, we talked and it was cool.

All of us assembled in the auditorium and were ready for his speech and our graduation. Ronnie asked everyone who their hero was, a few of us lined up (including me).

One by one we went through and said who our hero is. It got to me, I got to talk to my new friend Ronnie. He was on stage and I was in the dark auditorium.

He said “Who is your hero little girl…”

I quickly responded with “I’m a boy.” I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t look like a gir!


So, I had long hair and I was chubby which gave me little boy boobs. Whatever, shut up. ANYWAY, I looked like a girl in the dark which is way worse when you’re in college so I’ll take my childhood win.

Ronnie was super apologetic after everyone laughed. Still not sure if it was at me or him, but judging off the next three years, it was at me.

He ended up finding me after and apologizing and gave me a signed photograph. He was and probably still is an awesome guy who was super kind. He gave me an amazing story that I can carry for the rest of my life. Thank you Ronnie Lippett.

There Is Nothing Wrong With “Reliving” Sports Games

We here at BOTA take pride in our opinions and posts. But that doesn’t mean we always have to agree with one another. As a sports blog, especially without sports during this pandemic, opinionated articles are a necessity and what we at BOTA feel is the best way to connect to our viewers. However, sometimes we disagree on things, and that’s what makes BOTA so special. Having the respect to disagree with one another and fight back on your claims is what this is all about. And this is that case.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with “reliving” sports games. If someone wants to rewatch a past game, championship, moment, by all means go for it. Maybe you don’t get the rise of that original moment in real-time. But some people still do, and there is nothing wrong with “reliving” glory. I still get chills rewatching a certain number of games. 2004 Red Sox playoffs for example. I get chills down my spine every single time I watch Dave Roberts steal second. The Patriots (almost undefeated) 2007 season. The Bruins 2011 Playoffs. The Patriots 28-3 comeback. All of it is absolutely unreal and we should take pride in having the ability to rewatch and “relive” those moments.

To me, and whether it’s the same for others or not, “reliving” past games is like a sanctuary. Sure maybe you know the end result, but that doesn’t mean the path to it was easy and not interesting or mesmerizing. “Reliving” past experiences is something every single human experiences. We all have memories that we cherish in our lifetime. So why can’t sports be involved in it too. I was 6 years old when the Patriots won their first SuperBowl, does that mean I can’t go back and watch those moments? Am I supposed to just say to myself “ I know they won so that’s cool and all but I don’t really remember the game or anything so I’ll just leave it at that”? No of course I’m gonna go back and watch highlights of the game or the full game itself. Of course I’m gonna find out why the Patriots were so special in that season and what I couldn’t remember. Of course I’m gonna go through the timeline to figure out how my team became World Champions.

Maybe the feeling isn’t the same the second time around. But that doesn’t change the fact that some people still get that rush off rewatching or “reliving”. We all rewatch movies. We all rewatch tv shows. We all take pictures to “relive” moments. Sports is absolutely no different. The past should be cherished and if I’m a “moron” for “reliving” some of sports greatest moments, than so be it. However, I take pride in “reliving” some of the greatest sports moments and you should too.

A Soggi Perspective: The Truth Comes Out

You should really give this interview a listen BOTA World. Tom Brady was interviewed by Howard Stern on his radio channel on Sirius XM.

With everything that is going on in the world right now, I feel like this whole Brady situation has gone by the wayside. If you haven’t you really should give this interview a listen. If you want to hear Brady like you’ve never heard him before, this is for you. Now, there are a lot of cool stories and explinations of things that have happened over his career, but the one thing that should get everyone’s attention is when he explained why he chose to leave the Patriots.

During the interview, Brady explained to Stern that he knew before the 2019 season that it would be his last in New England. Yeah. Brady knew that he was done with the Patriots before he played a single snap for the team. With that information in mind, that puts everything else from this season into perspective. The signing of Antonio Brown, getting Ben Watson back on the team. All of the Gronk talk, will he un-retire, will he not? All of it now makes perfect sense. The whole team knew he was done. Once the injuries piled up, Brady gave up. He said himself on the interview that he had nothing left to prove in New England. Why try and give life and limb for a team you knew you were going to leave after the season was over?

Here’s a thought. What if the Patriots had beaten the Titans? What if they had moved on, and beaten the Ravens and Chiefs to make it to the Super Bowl? What if they had won? A lot of what if’s, understandable. But just hear me out. Does he then change his mind if they win it all? Does Tom Brady remain a Patriot if he had won his 7th ring? What if the team stayed healthy the entire season? You see, there a lot of questions that can be asked of the 2019-2020 Patriots season. I could go on and on with them, but this is the question everyone should be asking themselves: If Brady knows he was done with the Patriots before the season starts, why the mind games?

Besides all of the Patriots talk, it’s really nice to hear Brady just air everything out. Deep down, I will always love Brady for what he’s done for the team. And listening to the interview puts a lot of his life and accomplishments into perspective for the average joe. It also puts a lot of his shortcomings into perspective as well. If you want to understand Tom Brady as a person, rather than just a football player, give this a listen.

Let Me Introduce You To Boston’s New Favorite Son, Jake Burt

The Patriots have been trying to fill a Gronk sized hole for a few years now and have been unsuccessful at every stop. That ends with Jake Burt.

Burt fits the tight end mold at 6’3 260, but that’s not what makes him special to Patriot fans.

Jake Burt has revived the coveted and totally real (don’t look it up) “Most Massachusetts Athlete Award,” by me. He was born in Lynnfield, Massachusetts and played his high school football at St. John’s Prep before going to Boston College.

Burt went undrafted, but was quickly signed by the Patriots. Burt most likely fell because of a lack of film and I jury concerns. He played his time behind Tommy Sweeney who was drafted by the Bills.

For the first two years, Burt was utilized as a classic blocking tight end. This allowed star running back, AJ Dillon to run wild on the field.

Towards the end of his college career, Burt started to find his stride and showed glimpses of promise as a pass catcher and a run after catch tight end.

Ideally, he will be able to give Stidham or Hoyer enough time in the pocket to make the right throws and slide out for a nice reviving target. This signing could also be huge for Sony Michel, who had a down year and could have a bounce back because of Burts presence.

Don’t go marking Jake Burt as the new top Fantasy tight end. He will be a typical Patriot. He fills his role and doesn’t need the hype or flash. He’s going to play with a head full of steam and a chip on his shoulder.

Chris Godwin is a Beta

After posting what is arguably the worst photoshop I’ve seen in many moons, Chris Godwin has announced that he will be giving us number to Tom Brady.


You are going to let this man come into your house and take your number? I get that Tom is the Greatest QB we’ve seen so far, but you’re just going to hand him your number?

He’s not even keeping the number, Tom is renting it. When he’s done in two years, you’re going to be left with the number 14.


Let’s go back to how you announced it though. Why is Tom so pumped about a handshake? It just doesn’t make sense.

This man came into your home, ate dinner, and then slept in your bed. Your response was to buy the home two doors down?


Chris Godwin, I lost a lot of respect for you. Still gonna draft you though.