Chuba Hubbard Draft Diamonds

As a Sooner fan, it’s hard for me to support anyone from Oklahoma State, but when you look at this draft class, Chuba’s name stands out with names like Etienne or Harris. 

In 2019, he was viewed as RB1, but he decided to return for a year and ultimately hurt his draft stock. He went from 2094 yards and 21 TDs in 2019 to 625 and 5 TDS in 2020. If you just look at those stats, he would get a one year wonder grade. If you dig a little deeper, you realize that his workload was cut in half and then some (328 carries 2019/133 carries 2020). The emergence of Jackson and Brown at Oklahoma State held him back from being a first round RB. 

• Positives:

+Amazing vision 

+Great speed

+Good size (6ft 207lbs)

He is able to wait for the play to develop and find a hole. Once he gets that gap and gets open field, he’s hard to catch.

• Negatives:


-Has trouble bouncing off tackles 

-Seems to need a strong O-line

-Receiving skills are sub par 

-Pass blocking needs work

In the modern NFL, running backs have to be able to do everything. Every GM is looking for another CMC. His catching ability pulls away from what Hubbard can do, but no one looks at Hubbard and thinks he is useless. 

His ceiling is set for the third round of the NFL draft, but he could make an impact on teams that need a true runner. 

Best fits




Final evaluation:

-Hubbard is a project RB with MASSIVE upside. He may get more play on special teams to start, but if a team can work with him and develop his route running, Hubbard has the chance to be a big time threat that goes under the radar in this year’s draft.

Justin Fields Is Back to QB2 in the NFL Draft

Justin Fields draft stock has been on a roller coaster in 2020.

He started off as the clear cut QB2 behind Trevor Lawrence. Then after some average performances against Indiana (3 interceptions) and Northwestern (114 yards 3 interceptions), everyone in the country turned their eyes to the Mormons and Zach Wilson.

Ohio state was the hot topic. “Is Justin Fields good under pressure” “Is Justin Fields only good because of the talent around him” “Ohio State is a bad team, with an easy schedule that got into the playoff because of their name”

The critics wanted a test for the young QB and the playoff gave it to them. If Fields wanted to be back in the conversation of “next QB to ruin his life on the Jets” he had to show up against Clemson.

He did more than just show up last night…

Clemson has produced insane defensive players over the past few years and their defense this year kept that trend. Fields made them look like a pop Warner squad.

I get the argument that one game doesn’t matter. It kinda does…

If I’m an NFL GM, I want a kid who can step up in big time situations. When the lights are on you need someone who won’t crumble. Fields has shown over the past two years that he is a star in these situations.

Could he use some help in regular situations? Sure! He’s not always going to have Ohio State level talent around him, but give him time in the NFL and he will be one of the next great QBs.

Notre Dame is Officially Cursed


I get it, Notre Dame was one of the best teams this year and had the wins to back that; but they’ve never had a solid playoff performance.

Some could say it’s the curse of the #4 spot and I can look at that and kind of agree, but that’s not fun so fuck you.

Ian Booke: 229 1int. I gave you credit. I said you should have your name in consideration for Heisman. BUST. SHOULD’VE KEPT JURKOVEC.

This defense was supposed to be an all powerful unit, but we’ve seen them torched by Clemson and Bama. Two true playoff contenders. The only undisputed playoff favorites.

I mean shit, I would’ve watched Oklahoma get torched again over Notre Dame. Hell, put in whatever’s left of Kyle Trask. That would’ve been more interesting.

Notre Dame is cursed, they’ll be back in talk next year, they shouldn’t be, and I’ll be writing this again in 2022.

Sam Howell Has Never Had Steak and Texas Will Have Their Revenge

Three most American things in reverse order, Steak, Football, and Hummers. I’m not sure if Sam Howell has ever driven a Hummer or even if he’s seen one, but I know one thing for sure. He’s never tasted steak or had a burger.

In the frenzy of media interviews before the Orange Bowl, Sam was asked to say a random fact about himself. He chose to reveal that he only eats chicken and has never tasted steak.

Dude, you’re about to face the best team in Texas in Texas A&M (yes that felt weird to say) and you’re going to reveal that you’ve never graced your tastebuds with the most glorious gift from the food gods, beef? They’re going to eat you medium rare with a baked potato.

Hey Howell, is your Chicken Nuggies enough to be a champion? No. Side note. Any adult who says “Chicken Nuggies or Chicken Tendies” is a fucking toddler who shouldn’t be allowed to join society until they learn how to speak like an adult. Go back to your crib and watch Frozen.

Don’t take my triggered chicken take wrong, I’ll indulge in some CHICKEN NUGGETS (certified adult), but you can’t give A&M an inch in this game you just gave them a whole mile.

Gig ‘Em

Hot Take:Trevor Lawrence is About to Pull a Tim Tebow

You know when you get that weird feeling in your gut, you don’t quite know if it’s indigestion from 3am Taco Bell or if it’s a spicy take.

On this rare occasion, it’s the latter for me.

I think Trevor Lawrence is about to return to Clemson the same way Tim Tebow returned to Florida in 2009.

Let’s start by saying that Trevor is 100 times the prospect that Tebow ever was, but the competitive nature aligns and I’ll be the first to say, take the guaranteed money.

Let’s rewind to 2009. Florida has just won the natty and the celebration was commencing. Tebow steps on stage and everyone thinks he’s about to announce that he’s declaring for the draft.

Tim said “ Swerve” (probably) and said he’s returning for his senior season.

His senior season resulted in a 8-5 record and was extremely underwhelming and resulted in a 13-1 record and a sugar bowl win.

Okay, so what does this have to do with T-Law?

Trevor has had an amazing college career that has resulted in him being the consensus number one overall pick…. what else? One national championship sure, no one can take that away, but no Heisman… it could’ve been his this year, but Covid took that away.

“Not just about the money”

If you look at the next two drafts, Trevor is a certified number one pick. If he goes into the draft this year or the next year, he will still be a number one pick. A serious injury is the only thing that risks his draft potential.

Here’s the caveat, if Trevor wins the Natty again this year, he’s done. Jags/Jets, enjoy your franchise QB.

If he doesn’t win, expect him to make a heroic return to Clemson and win all of the trophies. The ones that he will never have a chance to get again.

Quick recap, win and he’s in the NFL. Lose and Trevor dominates the ACC for another year.

It’s a New Age for BC Football

Boston college, like most other colleges, has gone through a roller coaster this offseason. It kicked off with the hiring of former Ohio State defensive coordinator, Jeff Hafley. 

Hafley was able to secure the transfer of Phil Jurkovec, from rival Notre Dame and planned to use him to replace the gap at QB left by Antony Brown. 

Then, Hafley was able to flip a 4-star recruit from The University of Florida, named Clinton Burton jr. The cornerback is the highest recruit that BC has ever signed. That is a MASSIVE steal. To be able to secure a young player from a top tier school can be the first spark that lights a fire of recruits. Fair note, we won’t be able to see the talent of Burton, until 2021. 

I somehow managed to skim over a major gap in the Hafley saga, COVID-19 almost canceled the season. Hafley was signed to the team in December and was working to secure all these top talents in June and July, near the peak of the pandemic. 

Despite all odds, we have a college football season. Hafley’s eagles kicked off Saturday against a strong Duke offense. The boys delivered in a big way by winning 26-6. 

The transfer QB, Phil Jurkovec, was able to overcome a slow start and finish with 300 passing yards and two touchdowns. Sophomore WR, Zay Flowers, had a day with 162 yards and a touchdown on five receptions. Zay is blooming into a potential deep threat for this new offense(see what I did there? Flowers? Bloom? Okay, back to sports). 

The offense was entertaining, but defense wins championships as that is Hafley’s bread and butter. They shut Duke out in the second half and forced five turnovers all game.

Say what you want about Duke being a bottom tier ACC team, it was still a strong performance that gives the BC faithful something to be optimistic about. They are in a division on the rise, and BC rising with the competition. 

They finished the game with a strong singing of their fight song“For Boston.” An encouraging sign of what is to come. Boston college football is undefeated and so is their social media team. 

Cole McDonald Is the Steal of the Draft

Those of you who have been with us since day one, know about the optimism I had for Hawaii this season. It fell apart, but the man who gave me the most hope was the quarterback Cole McDonald.

He is a classic two sport athlete, but instead of baseball, he was a track star. Cole ran the 100 and 200 meter dash. This obviously speaks to his speed which is going to be a vital stat in the new NFL.

If you look at his progression, he has constantly improved as a quarterback. Every year at Hawaii, his completion percentage went up consistently each year.

He finished his senior with 33 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. The 14 ints can be daunting, but with the Hawaii run-shoot offense, you have to be ready for a brighter turnover rate that’s just the nature of the style.

Watching him play late was beyond entertaining. Cole was able to escape the pocket with that speed and a solid arm.

Not every prospect is perfect, Cole has some downside. He has a longer windup, which can lead to easier reads for defensive backs. He also doesn’t always seem comfortable in the pocket which can worry scouts.

I wouldn’t worry about any of this. Cole has shown steady improvement, the desire to learn and grow, and an athletic ability that has been slept on. I could see a team like Carolina or New England snagging him in a late round. Mark my words. He is the steal of the draft

How the Patriots Can Revamp Their Offense

The NFL draft and free agency is just around the corner. The 2020 Patriots have a Plethora of holes to fill this offseason and will need to utilize every asset this offseason to ensure that they can return to their dominant status once again.


Obviously, the best choice here is to bring back Tom Brady. Tom won’t be here forever though, this is the draft where they start planning for the future. 

Names like Jake Fromm or Jacob Eason are fantastic talents that are going to fall late in the First round of the draft or even to the second round. I honestly think that waiting for Jake Fromm or Cole McDonald in the later rounds would fit their system better. Both are talented young arms that would do wonders with a couple years under Brady. By drafting a late round Quarterback, it alleviates the pressure to have a young quarterback that wants to start in the first week. 

Tight End

The Patriots clearly missed Gronk after last year. This off-season is primed for them to land a talented tight end. This doesn’t mean that they need to draft a stud tight end right now. There are some high profile names that are on the trade block and free agency. 

Austin Hooper is the biggest name that is going to be a free agent this off-season. However, I doubt the Patriots are going to pay 15 million for his contract. It’s much more likely that they pursue Jordan Reed in the off-season. Although he is injury prone, 

I think trading is the best option for the time being. One name that stands out is David Njoku. He is not going to fit the new Browns offense because he is more of a reviving tight end as opposed to a hybrid blocking type. The Patriots wouldn’t have to give up a lot of talent to get him either. It would probably cost some late round picks. 

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t talk about the draft. One name to watch in the late rounds is Thaddeus Moss. Yes, he is the son of Randy. Yes, it would be awesome to have Brady finish his career with another Moss. It is more than that though, Moss showed that he can step up in big games during the College Football Playoff. He is a Red zone threat that could be a steal. 

Wide Receiver

I said this last year, but N’keal Harry is going to be one of the best players out of the 2019 NFL draft. He will be returning to this season fully healthy and ready to be the weapon he was at Arizona State. Which is what Tom Brady wants, more money and more weapons. An aging Julian Edelman might still be versatile, but is nearing the end of his career. So what do the Patriots do?

They could go for a big name like AJ green. Aj would give them a true number one receiver and a big play option. The only problem is his list of injuries. Could he stay healthy enough to give the offense a fighting chance? If I’m being honest, no. Tom doesn’t seem to have the deep pass ability he once did and that’s where AJ proves his worth.

The Patriots would be better off going after someone like Emanuel Sanders. Some of the same injury concerns, but as we all saw in the playoffs, Emanuel still has big play ability. He can operate in the slot and as a deep threat. 

I seriously doubt that the Patriots would grab another Wide Receiver this draft after getting N’keal last year, but this is a deep class with names like Laviska Shenault JR. who will fall to a later pick, you could see them steal a fast young Receiver. 

I list all these as an outside perspective, if you try to predict what Bill is going to in the draft. That is why he is the greatest coach of all time. He could find some kid in the combine who swept the back room at Market Basket, but runs a 4.2 40. He is a draft mastermind and he could pick anyone or sign any player. Only time will tell.

I Would Like to Introduce You All To My New Mortal Enemy

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Brock Vandagriff. You might be saying, “Why do you hate an 18 year old.” Well reader, I’m irrational and I’m allowed to hate anyone I want! God bless America !!!

Lemme break it down for you.

1. He looks like what I imagine a movie Georgia QB, would look like. The flow, the blonde hair, the “do you know who my dad is?” look. This 5 star recruit committed to Georgia and my vision came true.

2. He looks like a Dollar General Julian Edelman. I don’t have anything against Julian, but there is only one of him. There should only be, one of him.

3. His name adds to his movie character. It makes him sound like the rich bully QB who pulls up in a Mustang. Then at the end the nerd comes in and punches him. WHICH LEADS ME TO MY FINAL POINT!

4. I am a salty SEC fan now. As I’ve progressed in life, I found my self a girlfriend (no big deal). She’s a Gamecock fan. Therefore I am a Gamecock fan. That means I get to be a salty ass fan now. I am ready for my Nerdy Gamecocks to become the Highschool cool guy and kick his ass again!

Tua Isn’t a First Round Pick Anymore


It was everywhere at the beginning of the year. The Dolphins and Bengals were in a race to secure the young star. Granted, it was a race where both cars were in reverse without a wheel or two, but it was a race.

Fast forward a few months and we are talking about a completely different Quarterback at number one. The Bengals are drooling over Joe Burrow, the LSU star who had a season college football fans wont forget. While he was on the rise, poor Tua was falling.

Tua had a series of nagging injuries this year starting with a high ankle sprain and unfortunately suffered a tragic dislocated hip against Mississippi State. This would force the young star to miss the remainder of the season.

He looked off all year, especially against LSU, but still gave the fans hope for his future.

Now, it’s time for my bold opinions as let me yell it from the top. Tua isn’t worth a first round pick!

The kid is talented, he has a hell of an arm, and makes great decisions as a QB. Although he is amazing in the pocket, we have seen that modern QBs need to be athletic and mobile. Not all offensive lines are great, Especially at the top of the draft. When you have a QB who in two seasons has had two ankle injuries and a major hip injury, that limits and removes his ability to scramble and make plays.

Not to mention that he was mentored by Marcus Mariota. I love Marcus, he’s a great human. He is not a great NFL QB. This really doesn’t hold any value in a draft evaluation, but it is funny. We will have to find out if his hip is healthy in the February draft Mexicali’s, but I’m not optimistic. A hip injury is hard to come back from and if I’m a GM. I would pass on him to get someone who doesn’t have the same injury that my Grandpa had when he slipped on a linoleum floor.

Do you think I’m wrong? Comment down below or hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I’ll be waiting