Hot Take:Trevor Lawrence is About to Pull a Tim Tebow

You know when you get that weird feeling in your gut, you don’t quite know if it’s indigestion from 3am Taco Bell or if it’s a spicy take.

On this rare occasion, it’s the latter for me.

I think Trevor Lawrence is about to return to Clemson the same way Tim Tebow returned to Florida in 2009.

Let’s start by saying that Trevor is 100 times the prospect that Tebow ever was, but the competitive nature aligns and I’ll be the first to say, take the guaranteed money.

Let’s rewind to 2009. Florida has just won the natty and the celebration was commencing. Tebow steps on stage and everyone thinks he’s about to announce that he’s declaring for the draft.

Tim said “ Swerve” (probably) and said he’s returning for his senior season.

His senior season resulted in a 8-5 record and was extremely underwhelming and resulted in a 13-1 record and a sugar bowl win.

Okay, so what does this have to do with T-Law?

Trevor has had an amazing college career that has resulted in him being the consensus number one overall pick…. what else? One national championship sure, no one can take that away, but no Heisman… it could’ve been his this year, but Covid took that away.

“Not just about the money”

If you look at the next two drafts, Trevor is a certified number one pick. If he goes into the draft this year or the next year, he will still be a number one pick. A serious injury is the only thing that risks his draft potential.

Here’s the caveat, if Trevor wins the Natty again this year, he’s done. Jags/Jets, enjoy your franchise QB.

If he doesn’t win, expect him to make a heroic return to Clemson and win all of the trophies. The ones that he will never have a chance to get again.

Quick recap, win and he’s in the NFL. Lose and Trevor dominates the ACC for another year.

Clemson Football & The Cost of Racism

Every city in the world is holding Black Lives Matter protests. It’s awesome to see and gives my cold dead soul some optimism.

Trevor Lawrence led his team in a peaceful protest in Clemson, South Carolina.

I love that move by him. It shows leadership and unity. That’s the guy you want leading your locker room.

Fans of the University, or maybe just fans of racism, decided to ruin the peaceful protest by driving through with confederate flags hanging out their window.

He wasn’t the only person asking people to stop committing to the school.

I will never hide the fact that I’m a Gamecock fan and I want Clemson to Collapse. Never in a million years did I think we could see the collapse because of some morons who care about “state rights.” It was about slavery stop hiding behind that Billy Bob.

As of 7am June 15th we haven’t had any de-commits as a backlash, but I’m sure they are coming.

I salute every single athlete that de-commits. You shouldn’t play for a team, where the fans clearly don’t care about your life. They shouldn’t hate you on Monday and root for you on Saturday.

LSU Thinks That Students Will Go to Saturday Classes

Here I am, enjoying a successful recording of our live show *cough cough Here,** and I see this news from WBRZ come across my news feed.

Are you serious? Your school just had a home natty win, you gave the students the day of and the day after off, and you really think that you’ll convince students to go to school to make it up? Nonetheless on a Saturday?

Louisiana should feel blessed that their students didn’t burn their city to the ground. like I said. They won a national championship, had one of the most memorable seasons in recent memory, sorry FSU. They beat 6 teams that won at least 10 games. I mean hell they beat Texas in Texas which is always a battle. All of this, and you really think the student body will attend Saturday classes. GOOD LUCK.

Then There Were 4…

The stage is set for the College Football Playoff.

#1 LSU: After their dominating performance against now #5 Georgia, they deserve to be the #1 team in the country. Joe Burrow showed why he should be the #1 overall draft pick throwing for almost 350 and 4 touchdowns. 

#2 Ohio State: Could have stayed at #1 if they played better in the first half. Down 21-7, OSU made the proper adjustments to avoid a potential upset to now #8 Wisconsin. Justin Fields struggled a lot even though he almost threw for 300 yards. Part of that was most likely because of his knee but he ultimately got the job done.

#3 Clemson: Like we all expected, Clemson steamrolled now #24 Virginia. Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, and Tee Higgins all put on a showing. More importantly for Etienne and Higgins, they made their cases as to why they should be first round picks this year.

#4 Oklahoma: Oklahoma did a good job of making sure Mims had no presence in this game. He finished with 0 receptions. Jalen Hurts made his case for why he deserved the Heisman and why experience matters. Hurts stayed calm and collective on their overtime drive, scoring a touchdown to secure their playoff spot. 

#1 LSU will take on #4 Oklahoma in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl and #2 Ohio State will face #3 Clemson in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl. Both games will be on December 28th. Stay tuned for my predictions and pre-game breakdown in a few week. 

Bold Prediction: Clemson Finishes Out of the Top Five

The Clemson Tigers remind me of the Boston Red Sox this year. Only a Bostonian could make that connection, but hear me out. They won it all last year, they were both dominant last year. This year, they are underwhelming.

The Tigers really didn’t lose a lot of their talent from last year. Especially on the offensive side. If you all start commenting about Hunter Renfrow being a game changer, shut up. He is a great player and a huge part of Clemson history, he was never a top College WR. Despite all that, they seem to be off.

Let’s be honest, Clemson did not win the game against UNC, UNC lost thaat game. That is always the most confusing statement after a game, but let me break that down. Mack Wilson’s boys looked like they had that game all the way down to that failed 2-point conversion. Trevor Lawrence looked awful. He still put up 206 yards on the day, but he only completed 60% of his passes against a UNC team that lost to Appalachian state.

Trevor Lawrence needs to get it together because I am looking at two potential losses in their schedule right now. They play Florida State this weekend, who seem ripe to upset Clemson and Wake Forrest meets them later in the year. Wake Forrest is proving to be a unit. The only kid that has been working and proving his worth on that offense is Travis Etienne. 469 yards on the ground this year.

If it comes down to a Number 5 or 6 Clemson and a Big 10 or 12 conference team, for a play off spot. It is hard to say that Clemson will slip in over them.

College Football Bullet Points. What to Watch For

I am never going to pretend that I am a college football writer. I am an average guy who went to a D3 school and enjoyed watching football on Saturdays. I have no bias. I have no team. That being said, let me give you my bullet points for what I am excited to see on Saturday.

#2 Alabama Vs. University of South Carolina

USC started off the year in a bad way with a hard loss to UNC. They then went on to play Charleston Southern and kick their dicks in with their freshmen Quarterback, Ryan Hilinski leading the way. It was a good game to boost the confidence of this kid. Now he has to go in and face Alabama. The key to this game is playing perfect football. I know that sounds dumb, but that what you have to do to beat Saban and his boys. One turnover can turn the tides for or against you. I’m not ready to put Bama on upset watch, but I will always root for them to collapse.

Kansas Vs. Boston College

The Eagles have looked like a different team this year. Aj Dillon is healthy and Anthony Brown has looked amazing under center. They both are making a case for BC to be ranked and appreciated in the ACC. The Jayhawks don’t seem confident in the QB, Carter Stanley. He is going to have to do better than last week where he threw for 107 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions. BC is going to be looking for the big play and the Kansas defense has to be ready to defend against that or they will end up like Virginia Tech.

Florida State Vs. #25 Virginia

Florida State what happened to you? You Barely beat out ULM last week, then the week before that you collapsed and lost to Boise State. You have the talent to win you just aren’t producing. Virginia is out to prove that their hype is fitting. This game means more to FSU. For a program of their caliber, they cannot afford to spend three years un-ranked. My take, it’s time to put Hornibrook in and let him lead you to a win.

Hawaii Vs. #23 Washington

If you have read my previous post *cough cough* here *cough cough* You know how high I am on Hawaii this year. They have a chance to capitalize on a falling Washington team that lost to Cal last week. Washington is going to look to take advantage of the above average defense of the Rainbow Warriors. I still think my boy Cole McDonald (had a farm) will burn through Washington.

#1 Clemson Vs. Syracuse

Syracuse is going into this as a four touchdown underdog. If you’re shocked raise your hand….nope…no one? Okay. HOWEVER, Syracuse fans still have the memory of 2017 when they upset #2 Clemson. This is not that team. Trevor Lawrence is equal parts good at football and good at getting mistaken for a girl at a bar. The Tigers defense looks really good so far this year and I don’t expect that to change. For Syracuse to pull another upset, the key will be pressing the young defensive line and testing out the ability of their Linebackers. Even with all that, I still believe Clemson leaves here with a win.