Trey Songz Was Arrested Last Night at the AFC Championship

Bro, heโ€™s 36? Dudes handsome as hell.

A video was released by TMZ that shows Trey Songz get in a physical altercation (thatโ€™s what smart people call a fight) with police as they attempt to arrest him for undisclosed reasons.

You can hear people that are in his entourage saying things like โ€œDonโ€™t do it Treyโ€ and โ€œDo you want to lose your job over this?โ€

That leads me to believe that the Police officer may have overreacted, but we really donโ€™t know because of the video.

That being said, punching an officer and putting him in a rear naked choke hold isnโ€™t the best practice, but we donโ€™t know the story.

I canโ€™t imagine too much happened at a football game. I worked at a stadium people get drunk and fight all the time. Hell, people stay sober and fight. As Americans we just wanna fight.

I will update this blog with information as it comes out. Or Iโ€™ll forget and answer for it later. Itโ€™s really a 50/50.

Whatโ€™s Going on With Sammy Watkins?

Sammy, we gotta talk man. Whatโ€™s going on inside that head of yours? The Jokes about CTE are there, but this is different. This is scary.

For those of you that donโ€™t know what Iโ€™m referring to, Sammy Watkins recently did an interview with Bleacher Report and to say it was interesting is an understatement.

They go into his mentality and what Sammy believes. The large shining belief is that there is a dark presence near Sammy, waiting. Lurking.

I took this as a metaphor for injuries or off the field issues, but no. This man means a real demon is following him.

Itโ€™s a picture of words inside of an article with more words. Mind. BLOWN.

So thatโ€™s not normal, but NFL players arenโ€™t normal, they are a rare breed of functioning psychopath.

This is just the tip of the iceberg folks and if you know anything about icebergs thereโ€™s a lot more berg to this ice.

The interview continues and just gets better.


Here is where it gets concerning.

I think Sky Watkins predicted COVID-19…How else am I supposed to interpret that?

There is so much more to look into here including him talking about Jupiter and itโ€™s rings. Itโ€™s really worth the read, but Sammy, we are concerned. Please get your mind right.

Alex Smith Should Call it Quits

Alex Smith has had a hell of a roller coaster career. He was the number one overall pick out of Utah in 2005. Then he lost his job to Colin Kaepernick and was shipped out to Kansas City. In KC, he groomed Pat Mahomes to be the star that he is today. He would be traded to the Redskins in 2018 and suffered a severe leg fracture in November.

Pictures have been circulating recently of his leg and Iโ€™m not going to share them. To be blunt, theyโ€™re fucking gross. No one needed to see that and if youโ€™re a weirdo on the Internet who wanted to see it, youโ€™re the second worst kind of person.

It is 2020, where does Alex go from here? He hasnโ€™t played in two years and you could call it three because he wonโ€™t play this year. He is 35 which in football years is 60 (in dog years itโ€™s 245 and thatโ€™s outlandish). Yet he still wants to come back.

Alex Smith has something to prove to someone out there and heโ€™s going to die doing it. Your body isnโ€™t there anymore Alex. Youโ€™re just going to get injured again and even if you donโ€™t, that previous injury will linger in your mind.

Well Alex, youโ€™re an idiot. Youโ€™ve had a hell of a career. You groomed the future face of the company, you were perennially in the playoffs. I guess that last one doesnโ€™t play for the Redskins, but no one blames you for not bringing Washington in to the playoffs.

Iโ€™m not saying leave the game behind, you clearly have a talent. What Iโ€™m trying to say is take a different role. Be a quarter backs coach, be an offensive coordinator, be some form of coach. You are a born leader. Your body canโ€™t continue in the game.

A Soggi Perspective: Which AFC Team Can Beat the Ravens?

The Ravens are the team to beat in this years playoffs. Which team has the firepower to beat them? (Photo Credit to

What a glow-up. This isn’t the same Ravens team from last year. This team is lethal on offense, and their defense is a top five unit. Last year, the Ravens won the AFC north after the Steelers lost against the lowly Bengals and winning their game against the Browns. This year, the Ravens were significantly better, only losing two games. They demolished almost every team they played, which includes the Patriots, Texans, Steelers twice, and the Rams. They were even able to win the close games, against heavyweight opponents such as the 49ers, Seahawks, and Bills (really just the defense). They only games they lost came on back to back weeks against the Browns (don’t know how that happened) and the Chiefs.

This leads into my take; which team has enough to beat the Ravens? I have my pick on the NFC, but let’s stick with their conference for now. The AFC is home to 2 of the best defenses in the league in the Patriots and the Bills. Surely they could be able to do something against Llamar Jackson and the vaunted Ravens offense? Yes and no. The playoffs are a different beast. Every play carries more weight. Every decision influences the next just a little more. I don’t think the Ravens will be able to score points like they did during the regular season. I believe that both of these defenses have the formula to beat the Ravens, but neither of the offenses do. Let’s not forget that the Ravens also have a top 5 unit, and limited both the Patriots and Bills to 20 and 17 points respectively. In order for either of these teams to beat the Ravens, they need to figure out their offensive game plan.

Realistically, only a team willing to get in a shootout will be able to win against the Ravens. And it is a team that has been able to beat them this year: the Chiefs. Unfortunately for all of you Patriots fans out their, you should be routing for the Chiefs if you don’t want to see the Ravens make it to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs have the offensive fire power to keep up with the Ravens. What should be interesting is to see how Steve Spagnuolo plans on stopping Llamar Jackson and the Ravens’ ground game. The Chiefs defense has been looking much better as of late, turning the page from when they were giving up close to 30 points a game in the early part of the season. I believe if the Chiefs make it to Baltimore, Spagnuolo will be the X-Factor of that game. He really has the game in his hand, it would just depend if he is up for the task.

Now, the NFC is a completely different beast. I believe there is only one team that could even come close to stopping the Ravens, and that is the 49ers. They have the championship caliber on defense, and their offense has looked like a top unit the last 5-6 games after acquiring Emmanuel Sanders, and getting healthier at the wide-receiver position. I think Kyle Shanahan has something with that team. As I have previously stated in earlier posts, I have the 49ers beating the Ravens in the Super Bowl, so this isn’t really a hot take. I do however, think that Llamar’s inexperience will play into them ultimately loosing out on an amazing chance to win the Super Bowl. Neither team has a ton of Super Bowl experience, however, I think that Kyle Shanahan has a chip on his shoulder from his days in Atlanta, and will be ready for whomever they face in the final game.

A Soggi Perspective: What the Hell Happened this Week?

Did I wake up in an alternate reality, or did all of the NFL’s so called “Elite Teams” lose this week? Listen, I really pay attention to football this week every year, because I like to see what the Patriots are working against. What I saw (besides from the Packers and the Ravens) was pitiful. The Saints had an off game, although Michael Thomas had a quiet 153 yards on 13 catches. Couldn’t quite find the end-zone. The Falcons’ defense was surprisingly stingy, giving up less than 300 yards to a stagnant Saints offense. The Falcons combined for 6 sacks on Drew Brees, and didn’t give up a single touchdown. They definitely flipped the script of this season, as their defense has been nothing less than putrid.

Moving on from the NFC South, the Bills and Browns played in Cleveland, and that game was just as weird. Kareem Hunt returned, Baker Mayfield didn’t throw a pick, and the Browns had touchdowns in the red-zone!! *Cough JEMZ Cough* Now, I will never give the Bills credit, because at the end of the day, they are the freaking BILLS. The defense is the only thing that I will say that I have been impressed with this season. 19 points to a team that has so much offensive talents is honestly pretty great. But that offense sucks. Josh Allen is the most effect running back, scoring twice on the ground. He’s not the answer guys. He has some decent pieces around him, but I just don’t think the is going to be the one to get the job done for the Bills. Also, I think Frank Gore will play until he’s 85. Quote me.

Will the real Slim Shady Please stand up? I repeat, will the real Slim Shady PLEASE stand up? We have a problem here. Shady and the Chiefs are in disarray. Sitting at 6-4, the Chiefs are only one game ahead of the RAIDERS. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Raiders, who traded their best player last offseason, and now are right on the heels of the divisional leaders from last year. I think Kansas City might have the worst defense in the league. They have looked awful this year. On the year they are averaging 24.2 points against per game, but over their last 3 games, they’ve averaged 30 points against. That’s abysmal. Patrick Mahomes can’t be expected to carry this team forever. It is not sustainable. Also, Ryan Tannehill is a completely different quarterback with the Titans.

We did see some really good games as a result of the top teams losing their footing. The three before mentioned games good, especially the Chiefs-Titans game. That combined with the Packers-Panthers and Cowboys-Vikings, Sunday Football was must watch T.V. That doesn’t change for tonight either, as we see two NFC heavyweights go head to head. 49ers and Seahawks, round 1. FIGHT!

Russ vs his old teammate. Watch it tonight. Or don’t. Whatever you guys want.

The AFC Landscape is Shifting

Patrick Mahomes being helped off of the field during the Broncos-Chiefs game after dislocating his knee-cap.

Welcome to the AFC, where chaos reigns true. Just when it looked like the Chiefs were back on track, they hit a wall. After going for a QB sneak, Patrick Mahomes went to the turf clutching his knee. He ended up leaving said game, with a dislocated knee-cap, and is slated to be out around 3 weeks. The Chiefs would go on to win the game, but they are now without their reigning MVP QB for the next 3 games. The Chiefs have to play a red-hot Aaron Rodgers and his vaunted Green Bay Packers, suddenly above-average Kirk Cousins and the 5-2 Vikings, and then must go on the road to face…. Ryan Tannehill and the Titans. (They would win that game even if Brucie from the Longest Yard was quarterback) This will make for an interesting next few weeks in the NFL, especially for the AFC playoff race.

The Chiefs are nowhere near doomed, as Mahomes is only out for a few weeks. However, they are in significant trouble when it comes to being one of the top 2 teams gunning for a first round bye in the playoffs. Their 3 biggest threats are the Ravens, Colts, and Texans. Both the Colts and Texans own the tiebreaker over the Chiefs as they both handed them a loss in back-to-back weeks. The Ravens lost to the Chiefs, but have the same record as they do. I fully expect the Chiefs to drop the NFC North games without Patrick Mahomes, an I think they will end up with the #3 seed come playoff time.

So who is taking over the number 2 seed you ask? Why, its the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS. Those Damn Colts. Jacoby Brissett is balling out, the Colts defense is getting big stops in big moments. A ton is clicking for this team right now. I think they have what it takes to drive their way to a playoff bye this year. Marlon Mack is a stud by the way. Just wanted y’all to know how much I love the guy.

This is all in spite of the fact that the Patriots hold a comfy 2 game lead on everyone else in the AFC. The Patriots do have to play the Ravens, Chiefs, and Texans, but they should be able to take care of their business and ride a record-setting defense to yet another division title and first round bye.

Patrick Mahomes Getting Injured Is Bad for the NFL

Last night, Pat Mahomes took the air right out of the lungs of every fan watching in Kansas City. He went down with an ugly looking knee injury after a 4th and inches situation. He walked off the field and into the locker room for X-rays. He left quick and left the game.

Real quick, letโ€™s talk about the 5k they made him walk. He went from the X-ray to the parking lot under his own power. If your franchise QB, arguably the best player in the NFL, injures his leg, you better carry him like a pharaoh.

This injury sucks for Chiefs fans, but this injury is actually awful for the NFL. Mahomes plays fun football. He is a natural play maker. We got so used to QBs staying in the pocket and letting receivers make plays. Mahomes takes that old school feel and pumps the athleticism of a college athlete into the game. He is a human highlight reel. Thatโ€™s how you get the youth to love the game. As fucked up as it is, highlight reel plays can make people ignore the concussions and pain, to want to be the next guy.

A knee injury really hinders his ability to create and move around. His GIF rating goes down hard. A GIF rating is my fake scale for how good something looks as a clip .You donโ€™t see quarterbacks with knee braces run around and flip the script. Without a doubt, his arm is still there, but the scrambling is in jeopardy. A dislocated knee is an easy injury to re-injure.

He is only out for three weeks, so the rest of the team needs to step up, but they only hope is that Lamar Jackson can stay healthy and keep the game fun.

Week 6 Predictions and Games to Watch

Image result for nfl

The theme of Week 5 was, “I can’t believe I didn’t start ____”. The Texas were a fantasy unit with two players combining for over 100 points. Aaron Jones owns the city of Dallas and The Pats are still really good. All of that is behind us. Lets look forward to another week of beautiful football.

UK Game of the week: Panthers vs. Bucs

I misspoke last week when I thought that we would wake up with football. This week is the time for that though, 9 am here we go. I love me some CMC, but they don’t have the range to compete with a very competitive Bucs defense.

Prediction: Bucs defense leads them to a big win

TANK BOWL ALERT!!!!! Redskins vs. Dolphins

Here it is folks. Both teams are god awful. One of them has to leave with a win….or a 0-0 tie. I want to bet against the Redskins, I really do, but there’s just no way. There are no winners, only trash.

TANK BOWL CHAMPION? Not the viewers, but the Redskins win the game.

Saints vs. Jags

This is a classic battle of a high powered offense (Saints) and a Crushing defense (Jags). That is not to take away from Minshew Mania, but you can’t forget about what Josh Allen is doing on the edge. Teddy Bridgewater, Michael Thomas, and Alvin Kamara look like they’ll be too much for them to handle.

Prediction: The Saints keep marching as the team that was counted out

Bengals vs. Ravens

I don’t need a summary. I all I need to say is, put in every Ravens player you have on your fantasy team.

Prediction: Ravens steam roll the Bengals

Seahawks vs. Browns

I want to say the Browns will upset the Hawks, I just can’t. They have too many issues. I really hope I’m wrong about this one.

Prediction: Seahawks crush the Browns. James falls deeper into misery

Eagles vs. Vikings

The eagles defense is pretty good, but Kirk Cousins is really bad. This has been an awesome NFC match up in recent years, but Carson hasn’t seemed the same. Like I said, I have no faith in Kirk

Prediction: Eagles win

GAME OF THE WEEK: Texans vs. Chiefs

This has all the pieces to be an offensive shoot out. Pat has been flat recently and is set for a big bounce back game. Deshaun Watson is coming off a huge performance. I think the Texans defense is the deciding factor.

Prediction: Texans win by a couple scores

Falcons vs. Cards

Battle of the Bad Birds. Under performing Falcons battling an underwhelming coach (Looking at you Kliff bar). I really think the young Cardinals have a chance to really show what they’re made of.

Prediction: Cards win.

49ers vs. Rams

This game is a statement game. Not for the 49ers. The Rams need this win. Right now, they might be in the toughest division in football this year. The 49ers defense is a beast. Their offense… ehhhhh.

Prediction: 49ers pull off a huge divisional win.

Titans vs. Broncos

Titans are inconsistent, the Broncos suck.

Prediction: Titans win. Mariota is still boring.

Cowboys vs. Jets

Man we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for these games.

Prediction: The Cowboys win and we hear ” We Dem Boys” until they play the eagles next week.

Steelers vs. Chargers

This is another game that has been awesome in recent years. It is also another game that I think will fall flat. The chargers will bounce back.

Prediction: Chargers offense outweighs the Steelers defense

MONDAY NIGHT: Packers vs. Lions

This game was close to being my game of the week. The Lions are a fun team to watch this year. The Packers defense is legit good. This will be another classic Monday night battle.

Prediction: Packers get a big win

Week 5: Predictions, Games to Watch and the Sad Realization That We Are a Quarter of the way Through

Last week’s slate of football turned out to be better than I predicted. The Ravens looked flat, while the Browns ran with a full Chubb. The Lions almost upset the Chiefs. The Bucs might actually be a real threat, or the Rams are sputtering. FINally, The dolphins still suck. A lot of teams need a bounce back win this week.

Thursday Night: Rams vs. Seahawks

This is an important game for the Rams. The Seahawks are starting to form together and become a real playoff threat. I don’t believe that the 49ers are a real threat to their division, so these two teams can really set the tone for the rest of their season with a win Thursday night. Jared Goff looks awful under center and after seeing them try to handle the Bucs defense last week, I think Seattle’s defense wins them this game.

Prediction: Seattle wins. Rams Start to collapse down. 31-18

Falcons vs. Texans

Every week I talk myself into saying that the Falcons are going to finally show up on offense. To say they have under performed and underwhelmed, are generous. Houston’s defense and Desean Watson are going to be too much for the broken wing falcons.

Prediction: Huston wins 23-17

UK GAME ALERT: Bears vs. Raiders

It really is fantastic waking up to football on Sunday. Especially after a big college football Saturday. We are finally gifted with that with this game. That being said, the Raiders are hot garbage the Bears defense is fantastic.

Prediction: Bears win 28-10

Giants vs. Vikings

This is a battle of a WR that wants to be there ( Golden Tate) versus a WR that clearly wants out (Stefon Diggs). Also, Kirk Cousins is trash. I’ll take Daniel Jones in this match up.

Prediction: Giants win narrowly 21-18

Bucs vs. Saints

The Bucs defense is real. They are good. They also seem complacent. It really looked like they sat back and let the Rams come back. They need to show up all game to manage the Split QB set.

Prediction: Bucs win fire the cannons 21-7

Pats vs. Redskins

Pats win. They end up with Diggs or Aj Green by the end of the year. Whatever.

Prediction: Pats win 42-7

Steelers vs Ravens

The steelers are on the upswing while the Ravens are starting to trend down. Lamar needs to get his form back to make sure they still contend through the year.

Prediction: Ravens win 24-21

Colts vs. Chiefs

Pat Mahomes put up less than 20 fantasy points last week. Oh no. Spoiler alert. He’ll be fine. The Chiefs potentially have Hill back this week. If they’re smart they will sit him and give their star the rest he needs. Jacoby Brissett has shown that he is a starter and a damn good one.

Prediction: This game becomes a shootout 38-27 Colts

Monday Night Football: Browns vs. 49ers

So far, Monday Night Football has not disappointed. This shouldn’t be any different. The 49ers want to prove that they are a real threat in the NFc and remain undefeated. The Browns are surging after a big win against the Ravens. The Browns have the potential to push further into first with a big win Monday night.

Prediction: Browns win 32-24