Juju Just Danced On His Own Grave

Throughout the 2020 NFL Season, it’s safe to say Juju Smith-Schuster has turned heads a number of times. From becoming a Tik Tok sensation to dancing on Teams’ logos and getting absolutely leveled for it, Smith-Schuster has seen his actions come back to haunt him (and team) more than once. With his latest choice of words, we can’t help but wonder if Smith-Schuster may have just dug his own grave, and then danced on it.

Juju Smith-Schuster dancing on the Cowboys logo pregame-2020
Juju Smith-Schuster dancing in the Bengals logo pregame-2020

Speaking with the Associated Press before Sunday’s postseason matchup, Juju stated “I think they’re still the same Browns teams I play every year,… I think they’re nameless gray faces. They have a couple good players on their team, but at the end of the day, I don’t know. The Browns is the Browns.” Bold choice of words from a player who hasn’t done much other than get completely embarrassed multiple times on the field.

Smith-Schuster and the Pittsburgh Steelers made their way to 11-0 before dropping three losses in a row and finishing the season 12-4. Their latest loss was handed to them by the Cleveland Browns who made their final push for the playoffs. Granted the Browns beat a Steelers team who was resting their starters, but still the Browns have clearly made a decent case for themselves to not be taking lightly.

Juju Smith-Schuster getting DECKED by Bengals’ Vonn Bell

Smith-Schuster shouldn’t be much of a factor this Sunday either, after not having a single game with over 100 receiving yards and tallying only 9 touchdowns on the season. With this being said, I think it goes for all of us here at BOTA that we hope this adds fuel to the fire and provides some very strong motivation for the Browns. Here’s to hoping Juju can eat his words once more this season and the Steelers get their ass handed to them by the Browns. Let’s see what these “gray faces” Browns can do to a Steelers team that is nowhere close to as talented as originally thought.

Myles Garrett Calls Out Racism

Yesterday, Myles Garrett tweeted out photos of racists throwing the n-word at him in his DMs.


What sort of weird itch or fetish does this help you with?

I love the idea that these people sat around thinking of a way to insult Myles and settles for the N-word, because that’s about all their brain capacity allows.

The laws of statistics would lean to this being a common thing for black athletes to experience, but Myles decided to act upon it.

Re-wind to when I said Myles posted the DMs. The Internet responded by finding these people and serving a big ol’ plate of justice.

Jacob Garrison. PGA amateur and country club worker. Hmmm….

All of these are Golfers. Isn’t golf a sport of leisure? Is it the white ball? Do you see hitting the white ball as social injustice. Listen guys it’s just a ball, you don’t have to have that much hate in your body.

The Internet remains undefeated and is on the side of good this time. I am already a Browns fan and a Myles Garrett fan so I’ll support my guys through and through, but this is about being a good human. That being said, fuck racism.

Johnny Manziel Admits Career is “in the past, probably.”

In a recent interview, Johnny Manziel admitted that his time playing football is probably done. Duh.

He spent time in the CFL before being banned for breaking his contract. Then he played for Memphis in the AAF (yeah forgot about that didn’t you) before it went bankrupt.

So, after an abysmal NFL career and awful attempts at grabbing past glory, he has finally admitted that it’s time.

I want to make fun of him. I want to roast him for his time on my precious Browns, but I believed in him. He let outside influences ruin a talented kid. If you watched him at A&M, you knew how good he could be.

He also said something in the interview that makes me happy for him. “I’ve finally got to a point where I’m trying to achieve happiness in life, not happiness on the football field.” You can’t hate the man for that. We all know there’s a part of him burning to get back on the field, but I am happy to see him on the road to recovery and happiness.


Bitch, real G’s move in silence like lasagna.”

That quote is from the famous 21st century philosopher Lil’ Wayne and it is now the call for Baker Mayfield’s offseason.

My man has been declining interviews and hopefully advertising after a Jameis Winston stat line last year.

It was so hard watching them lose last year and in between having to see him in Progressive ads.

This offseason is different, Baker is keeping silent and working his ass off to return to rookie form in a pivotal third year. For rookies, this is essentially their contract year. If they don’t show up after year three, they don’t stay around long.

The Browns have put full faith in Baker. They got rid of Freddie( thank god), brought in two very talented offensive linemen in Conklin and Willis Jr, and all of his weapons appear to be healthy.

James…this is your blog brain I know what you’re thinking, do not do it. You do this every year, you’re just going to embarrass yourself.

Gosh blog brain, maybe your right….



It honestly feels good to have my dumb football brain back. Cheers my fellow fans, to blind optimism. Oh, and to my fellow Browns fans let’s be prepared to drink heavily, for better or worse.

Reaction to the Browns New Uniforms

I have been waiting for this day for months. Looking at concept art and rumors to scratch my itch.

Let me give you the play by play.

I look at the clock. 11:58… I’m waiting eagerly. Finally, it’s 12…and I have to wait more. Fuck those extra two minutes by the way. They have an awesome intro with a mix of the old footage of Clay Matthews Jr. and Jim Brown with the current stars like Baker and Myles.

I immediately went to NFL shop and bought the white Baker jersey which is arguably the best out of them.

I love the retro feel to them. The all white is super clean and the “color” rush is still alive. Honestly, I just feel blessed that it isn’t this monstrosity.

If they revealed that, I would’ve revoked my fandom. That thing is just… awful.

If I had to put them in the rankings of New Jersey’s, they do sit in the middle unfortunately. I really like the Bucs and I hate the Falcons. Who thought those Atlanta jerseys were a good idea?

Anyone who was expecting something flashy doesn’t understand what the Browns stand for. We are a working class team. You can’t expect flash and glitter. The Browns have grit. We have been in the trenches. We aren’t Ferrari’s we are a reliable truck that your dad passed down to you.