I’m sorry, how the hell does James Harden go from looking like he’s hiding a pillow under his shirt, to looking like a real athlete???

Seriously, what’s the deal with airplane food? You flew from Houston to Brooklyn and dropped 50 pounds?

You detoxed from strip clubs for a couple of days and you return to form??

Fuck this Harden. Give me fat Harden back.

**Cough cough My fat James Harden Blog cough cough**

Look at him! He is the definition of excellence! Imagine how many Buffalo wings he could eat. Spoiler, it’s a whole Buffalo (instructions unclear. Ate a Buffalo).

He could’ve been caught in Houston being lovable and far, instead he’s in Brooklyn on the new hated super team and he’s lean again.

Skinny Harden sucks.

Kyrie Irving Decided Not to Play Tonight Because “He Didn’t Want To”

We all need mental health days right?? A nice day to sit back and mentally reset from all the bullshit that the world throws at us.

Kyrie Irving decided that he didn’t want to play tonight and the Internet hated it…

I’m a salty Celtics fan, so I’ll give you a chance to get off the ride here.

Still here? Really? Okay, can’t wait for your angry comments. Just know I’ll be envisioning your stupid grey blob court the entire time.

All of these people are right to be mad. Bro, there are tired teachers that would die for a quarter of what you make. They can’t take days off.

If this was truly a mental health day, then it should’ve been phrased as such. Even better, you should’ve just not answered the questions. Prioritize your mental health kids…

Kyrie added 5 gallons of fuel onto the bonfire/media target that is the Nets locker room and I love it. I’m going to sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch as the Barclays arena goes down in flames.

The Brooklyn Nets Have the Ugliest Court in the NBA

As a Boston Celtics fan, I already hate the Brooklyn Nets. Yes, I’m still salty about Kyrie, no I won’t get over it. ANYWAY, I didn’t need more of a reason to hate them and yet here I am.

There I was watching highlights and the Lakers and Nets were featured. The Lakers had their stupid yellow get up on, but ohh what’s this? Where are the Nets? Ohh there they are! Blending into their dumb court. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the worst court in the world. THE BARCLAYS CENTER!!!

It is boring, it’s grey, it is sad, and they aren’t even the worst team in New York. This arena just looks plain and sad. It honestly reminds me of this childhood favorite.

THE GREYEST AND THE BLOBIEST. I was shocked that they tried reinventing a team with this awful awful arena. What exactly drew Kyrie and KD to there? The ability to play on a New York team that isn’t involved with James Dolan? Forget it. Fix it, re-make it, and get a better situation. No one likes your dumb arena.