Draft Diamonds: Hunter Long

This tight end class is tilted by the strong play of Kyle Pitts, but there are plenty of strong tight ends in this class and my favorite is a home town hero (New Hampshire counts as Boston don’t question it) Hunter Long.

Hunter Long is a lot of human. He stands in at 6’5 254 lean and has been a similar size since high school, but was under recruited and ended up finding his stride at Boston College.

Long’s big play ability has been on display every year at BC, but his best asset is his hands. He led the NCAA in receptions (57) and was top 5 in yards for TEs (685)


+ Big Play Ability

+ Size

+ Great Hands

+strong Blocker


-Needs to refine Route running

-I’m not kidding, this kid is a sleeper.


2nd round pick

Best Fits

•New England




Hunter is a strong Tight End that is going to go under the radar, but will be a starter on most NFL teams. He provides the perfect balance of catching ability with strong blocking that can overwhelm the best edge defenders. Hunter is about to make some fans very happy.

It’s a New Age for BC Football

Boston college, like most other colleges, has gone through a roller coaster this offseason. It kicked off with the hiring of former Ohio State defensive coordinator, Jeff Hafley. 

Hafley was able to secure the transfer of Phil Jurkovec, from rival Notre Dame and planned to use him to replace the gap at QB left by Antony Brown. 

Then, Hafley was able to flip a 4-star recruit from The University of Florida, named Clinton Burton jr. The cornerback is the highest recruit that BC has ever signed. That is a MASSIVE steal. To be able to secure a young player from a top tier school can be the first spark that lights a fire of recruits. Fair note, we won’t be able to see the talent of Burton, until 2021. 

I somehow managed to skim over a major gap in the Hafley saga, COVID-19 almost canceled the season. Hafley was signed to the team in December and was working to secure all these top talents in June and July, near the peak of the pandemic. 

Despite all odds, we have a college football season. Hafley’s eagles kicked off Saturday against a strong Duke offense. The boys delivered in a big way by winning 26-6. 

The transfer QB, Phil Jurkovec, was able to overcome a slow start and finish with 300 passing yards and two touchdowns. Sophomore WR, Zay Flowers, had a day with 162 yards and a touchdown on five receptions. Zay is blooming into a potential deep threat for this new offense(see what I did there? Flowers? Bloom? Okay, back to sports). 

The offense was entertaining, but defense wins championships as that is Hafley’s bread and butter. They shut Duke out in the second half and forced five turnovers all game.

Say what you want about Duke being a bottom tier ACC team, it was still a strong performance that gives the BC faithful something to be optimistic about. They are in a division on the rise, and BC rising with the competition. 

They finished the game with a strong singing of their fight song“For Boston.” An encouraging sign of what is to come. Boston college football is undefeated and so is their social media team. 

Let Me Introduce You All to the BC Recruit I Will Be Defending Irrationally for the Next Four Years

Earlier this week, Florida 2021 Commit, Clinton Burton Jr. said screw you to the Gators and switched his commitment to the Eagles of Boston College.

Knowing nothing about Burton Jr., I read his scouting report and he makes me excited for the future of BC football. Good to note, he is now the highest ranked commit that the Eagles have had since…uhhh…ever.

“But James, what does that mean? Are you going to defend this kid like you did AJ?”

You’re damn right voice in my head. I’m going to support this 18 year old. in all of his efforts to secure the bag in the draft. Is it kinda weird? Absolutely, but that’s what you do for your team right? (That doesn’t feel right).

Back to logic

The Eagles have also made massive moves in the offseason. They added Jeff Hafley, former Ohio State co-DC, and Patrick Kraft as their Athletic Director.

The addition of Hafley clearly brings a stronger defensive mindset to a team that has been lackluster on that side of the ball in recent years.

Although the defense has been meh at best, you can’t take away from the talent that they have produced with average caliber teams. Big shining example is Luke Kuechly.

Burton Jr. is a big step in the right direction. Build this team through the defense. If you want to compete in the ACC you have to go through Clemson. You have to attract top talent and develop every single player on the field.

Eagles fans, get excited.

Let Me Introduce You To Boston’s New Favorite Son, Jake Burt

The Patriots have been trying to fill a Gronk sized hole for a few years now and have been unsuccessful at every stop. That ends with Jake Burt.

Burt fits the tight end mold at 6’3 260, but that’s not what makes him special to Patriot fans.

Jake Burt has revived the coveted and totally real (don’t look it up) “Most Massachusetts Athlete Award,” by me. He was born in Lynnfield, Massachusetts and played his high school football at St. John’s Prep before going to Boston College.

Burt went undrafted, but was quickly signed by the Patriots. Burt most likely fell because of a lack of film and I jury concerns. He played his time behind Tommy Sweeney who was drafted by the Bills.

For the first two years, Burt was utilized as a classic blocking tight end. This allowed star running back, AJ Dillon to run wild on the field.

Towards the end of his college career, Burt started to find his stride and showed glimpses of promise as a pass catcher and a run after catch tight end.

Ideally, he will be able to give Stidham or Hoyer enough time in the pocket to make the right throws and slide out for a nice reviving target. This signing could also be huge for Sony Michel, who had a down year and could have a bounce back because of Burts presence.

Don’t go marking Jake Burt as the new top Fantasy tight end. He will be a typical Patriot. He fills his role and doesn’t need the hype or flash. He’s going to play with a head full of steam and a chip on his shoulder.

AJ Dillon is the Most Undervalued RB in His Class

AJ Dillon is the Next Great Running back 

AJ Dillon is a machine, he is scary, he is a modern Hercules, but most of all he is the next great running back in the NFL. 

AJ was born in New London, Connecticut, but would eventually play football at the Lawrence Academy in Groton Massachusetts. With his strong high school career, AJ was highly sought after by big name schools like Michigan, Penn state, Mississippi State and Notre Dame. He would eventually commit to Michigan and flip to Boston College to be closer to home. 

AJ hit the Ground running at Boston College. In his first season, he ran for a school record 1,589 yards and 14 touchdowns and he won ACC Rookie of the Year. This cemented himself as one of the top running backs in the country. 

The next two years of AJ’s college career weren’t different, he would finish with 4,382 yards which holds the record for most yards in school history and is second all time in ACC history. Pairing that with 38 career touchdowns in three years made AJ the most dominant player in Boston College history. 

You look at all these stats and say, “ Wow! This kid is going to be a great first round pick!” Well reader, I hate to say he is projected as a third round pick up. 

The biggest mark against AJ is his “mileage.” During his time at Boston College, he had 845 carries over three years. That’s an NFL number you don’t see college running backs with that many carries that can stay healthy.

Here’s why AJ is going to be amazing in the NFL.

He is the new breed of running back. He weighs in at 247 of pure muscle. He is a more power running focused Saquon Barkley. His ability to run through defenders and expose open space is second to none.

AJ Dillon is a lead running back. He is the work horse for an NFL team. As a coach, you should put him in early and let him get you the yards you need to set up a big play. He can block and catch which makes him perfect for play action. 

He should be an early second round running back, but if he falls I could see him landing with a team that has a two running back set. The Saints could pair him with Kamara and have a deadly running game again. The best placement for him would honestly be the Patriots. AJ could take the lead role and split snaps with Sony Michelle giving the Patriots the perfect run offense.

Mark my words reader, AJ Dillon is the most underrated running back in this draft. He will shock the world and help your fantasy team.

College Football Bullet Points. What to Watch For

I am never going to pretend that I am a college football writer. I am an average guy who went to a D3 school and enjoyed watching football on Saturdays. I have no bias. I have no team. That being said, let me give you my bullet points for what I am excited to see on Saturday.

#2 Alabama Vs. University of South Carolina

USC started off the year in a bad way with a hard loss to UNC. They then went on to play Charleston Southern and kick their dicks in with their freshmen Quarterback, Ryan Hilinski leading the way. It was a good game to boost the confidence of this kid. Now he has to go in and face Alabama. The key to this game is playing perfect football. I know that sounds dumb, but that what you have to do to beat Saban and his boys. One turnover can turn the tides for or against you. I’m not ready to put Bama on upset watch, but I will always root for them to collapse.

Kansas Vs. Boston College

The Eagles have looked like a different team this year. Aj Dillon is healthy and Anthony Brown has looked amazing under center. They both are making a case for BC to be ranked and appreciated in the ACC. The Jayhawks don’t seem confident in the QB, Carter Stanley. He is going to have to do better than last week where he threw for 107 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions. BC is going to be looking for the big play and the Kansas defense has to be ready to defend against that or they will end up like Virginia Tech.

Florida State Vs. #25 Virginia

Florida State what happened to you? You Barely beat out ULM last week, then the week before that you collapsed and lost to Boise State. You have the talent to win you just aren’t producing. Virginia is out to prove that their hype is fitting. This game means more to FSU. For a program of their caliber, they cannot afford to spend three years un-ranked. My take, it’s time to put Hornibrook in and let him lead you to a win.

Hawaii Vs. #23 Washington

If you have read my previous post *cough cough* here *cough cough* You know how high I am on Hawaii this year. They have a chance to capitalize on a falling Washington team that lost to Cal last week. Washington is going to look to take advantage of the above average defense of the Rainbow Warriors. I still think my boy Cole McDonald (had a farm) will burn through Washington.

#1 Clemson Vs. Syracuse

Syracuse is going into this as a four touchdown underdog. If you’re shocked raise your hand….nope…no one? Okay. HOWEVER, Syracuse fans still have the memory of 2017 when they upset #2 Clemson. This is not that team. Trevor Lawrence is equal parts good at football and good at getting mistaken for a girl at a bar. The Tigers defense looks really good so far this year and I don’t expect that to change. For Syracuse to pull another upset, the key will be pressing the young defensive line and testing out the ability of their Linebackers. Even with all that, I still believe Clemson leaves here with a win.