Trey Songz Was Arrested Last Night at the AFC Championship

Bro, he’s 36? Dudes handsome as hell.

A video was released by TMZ that shows Trey Songz get in a physical altercation (that’s what smart people call a fight) with police as they attempt to arrest him for undisclosed reasons.

You can hear people that are in his entourage saying things like β€œDon’t do it Trey” and β€œDo you want to lose your job over this?”

That leads me to believe that the Police officer may have overreacted, but we really don’t know because of the video.

That being said, punching an officer and putting him in a rear naked choke hold isn’t the best practice, but we don’t know the story.

I can’t imagine too much happened at a football game. I worked at a stadium people get drunk and fight all the time. Hell, people stay sober and fight. As Americans we just wanna fight.

I will update this blog with information as it comes out. Or I’ll forget and answer for it later. It’s really a 50/50.

Ed Oliver’s Arrest Continues a Bad Week For the NFL

What the hell is going on with NFL players this week? First, we get the Dunbar and Baker arrests. Then, Cody Latimer gets arrested for discharging his fire arm. Now, we have Ed Oliver who got a DWI in Texas last night.

How drunk do you have to be to get a DWI in Texas? I guess in a literal sense, .08, but maybe I have a skewed view of Texas? I just assume you all drive drunk down some dirt roads yelling β€œYEEHAW HOOK EM.”

Ed Oliver is actually the second player recently to be arrested in his draft class. Deandre Baker, was also a 2019 pick. I don’t know the real relevance to that, but it’s a fun fact right!

There’s not much else to say about this. Oliver has attitude issues his senior year. Remember his coat issue with Major Applewhite? It’s just a shame, this won’t affect his career like the Baker incident, but it’s sad to see a young talent waste away a talented career.

Why Hasn’t Rashard Higgins Been Signed

My fellow Browns fans know who this man is. He was Mr. Reliable on a team of studs. He was Hollywood on a team of Celebrities. He had a down year in 2019 after showing his worth in 2018, but for some reason, every team has slept on Higgins.

The Browns have been focused on making short term deals for stars happen while seemingly neglecting building a bench.

I’m not saying Higgins is a #1 receive, but he’s worth more attention than the free agency market has given him.

The Bills kicked the tires on Higgins, but nothing came from it. If I was the Bills, I would have given Hollywood the chance. The mix of Diggs, Higgins, and Brown sounds like a legit core for a young developing QB.

Higgins is the perfect accent to any receiving core. He is at his best when he is in the red zone. He has a 60% catch rate for all passes and on the Browns, got the separation he needed to score in big time scenarios.

I could even see the Patriots replacing Philip Dorsett with Higgins. I fully believe Higgins is a better receiver and Good ol’ Bill could get him at a good price.

I can keep rambling, but I’ll keep circling the same point. SOME ONE SIGN HOLLYWOOD.

A Soggi Perspective: The NFC East is Seeing Ghosts

The NFC East has been the worst division BY FAR this year. They are 0-4 against the Patriots and 1-2 against the Bills, the two teams in the AFC East that are above .500.

Has there been a worse division this year guys? Seriously? The NFC East is in shambles. They are making the AFC East look like an actual division. Only one team has a winning record against the supposed “worst division” in the NFL. That team right now is the Eagles, who beat the Bills and Jets. However, they sit at 5-6 on the year, because they have been unable to stay healthy. Both sides of the ball have taken significant hits. Carson Wentz looks like Carson Has-Been, as in Carson has been terrible this year. His quarterback rating is 62.4, and he has only thrown for 2500 yards. Not what many expected from such a coveted player. This is the same Carson Wentz that was LEADING the MVP race in 2018 before his untimely injury (it ended up working out for the Eagles anyways).

The Giants and Redskins have been abysmal, only mustering a combined 4 wins. By comparison, the Patriots, 49ers, sitting at 10-1, all have more wins than the Eagles, Redskins, and Giants COMBINED (they have 9 wins combined). That is a ridiculous stat. Something else that is insane, the ENTIRE division only has 2 wins against teams that are above .500. Both of those wins are credited to the Eagles, and the came against the Packers and the Bills. The entire division has a 15-29 record. That’s terrible. The next closest divisional record is a tie between the AFC West and North with 24 losses (the AFC West has played one more game as a division). Not only that, they boast the worst divisional point differential in the league, sitting at a combined -135 point differential on the year. The best division is the NFC West, with a divisional point differential of 174. That’s also insane.

Last, and certainly least, is ‘Dem Boys. The Cowboys are the NFC East’s only team above .500. Sitting at 6-5, the Cowboys have one of the best passing attacks with Dak Prescott at the helm, and his supporting cast of Amari Cooper, Randell Cobb, and Michael Gallup. All three receivers are having good years under the Garrett regime, especially Cooper. When he was traded to the Cowboys last year, he made an immediate impact. However, the Cowboys haven’t been able to get out of their own way. The team is 6-0 against teams at or below .500, but they are winless (0-5) against teams above .500. They have yet to win a big game in primetime against a good opponent.

When it comes to the worst of the worst, the NFC East takes the cake. The division features to of the worst teams in the Giants and Redskins. It also features both of the NFC’s biggest disappointments in the Eagles and Cowboys. Listen guys, someone has to win this division. It’ll most likely be the Cowboys, but at this point, who cares. Neither team that comes out of that division will win a playoff game this year. In fact, I GUARENTEE that the NFC East’s only playoff team will be one and done. If the Cowboys (or Eagles, can you really trust the Cowboys?) win a playoff game, I will shave all of the hair off of my face, eyebrows included. Quote me on that. Stay soggi my people. Cha Boi is out.

A Soggi Perspective: What the Hell Happened this Week?

Did I wake up in an alternate reality, or did all of the NFL’s so called “Elite Teams” lose this week? Listen, I really pay attention to football this week every year, because I like to see what the Patriots are working against. What I saw (besides from the Packers and the Ravens) was pitiful. The Saints had an off game, although Michael Thomas had a quiet 153 yards on 13 catches. Couldn’t quite find the end-zone. The Falcons’ defense was surprisingly stingy, giving up less than 300 yards to a stagnant Saints offense. The Falcons combined for 6 sacks on Drew Brees, and didn’t give up a single touchdown. They definitely flipped the script of this season, as their defense has been nothing less than putrid.

Moving on from the NFC South, the Bills and Browns played in Cleveland, and that game was just as weird. Kareem Hunt returned, Baker Mayfield didn’t throw a pick, and the Browns had touchdowns in the red-zone!! *Cough JEMZ Cough* Now, I will never give the Bills credit, because at the end of the day, they are the freaking BILLS. The defense is the only thing that I will say that I have been impressed with this season. 19 points to a team that has so much offensive talents is honestly pretty great. But that offense sucks. Josh Allen is the most effect running back, scoring twice on the ground. He’s not the answer guys. He has some decent pieces around him, but I just don’t think the is going to be the one to get the job done for the Bills. Also, I think Frank Gore will play until he’s 85. Quote me.

Will the real Slim Shady Please stand up? I repeat, will the real Slim Shady PLEASE stand up? We have a problem here. Shady and the Chiefs are in disarray. Sitting at 6-4, the Chiefs are only one game ahead of the RAIDERS. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Raiders, who traded their best player last offseason, and now are right on the heels of the divisional leaders from last year. I think Kansas City might have the worst defense in the league. They have looked awful this year. On the year they are averaging 24.2 points against per game, but over their last 3 games, they’ve averaged 30 points against. That’s abysmal. Patrick Mahomes can’t be expected to carry this team forever. It is not sustainable. Also, Ryan Tannehill is a completely different quarterback with the Titans.

We did see some really good games as a result of the top teams losing their footing. The three before mentioned games good, especially the Chiefs-Titans game. That combined with the Packers-Panthers and Cowboys-Vikings, Sunday Football was must watch T.V. That doesn’t change for tonight either, as we see two NFC heavyweights go head to head. 49ers and Seahawks, round 1. FIGHT!

Russ vs his old teammate. Watch it tonight. Or don’t. Whatever you guys want.

A Soggi Perspective: The Year of the Defense

Stephon Gilmore’s game-breaking interception in last year’s Super Bowl.

This year in the NFL has been pretty good so far. Crazy finishes, blockbuster trades, and who can forget the race for the first overall pick between the Dolphins, Redskins, Bengals and Jets? Yes, the NFL is in full swing ladies and gentlemen, but let me turn your attention to my first ever outlook article. In it I proclaimed it would be the Year of the Defense. Now, by this, I mean that the leading stories would be mostly defensive. Like the Jalen Ramsey, Marcus Peters shuffle around from the other day. Or how the Patriots defense is HISTORICALLY good. Lets talk about the defenses that I am super confident in.

New England Patriots – Wow is this defense rolling. They are suffocating opponents, allowing a league leading 8 POINTS PER GAME. They are limiting opposing offenses to 234 yards per game, which again, leads the league. This unit is rolling, and they show no signs of slowing down. I think the best thing about this defense is that everyone is rolling. It’s a next-man up mentality, and they are playing unselfish football, which has reflected itself in their stats through 6 games. They are also fantasy GOLD. Just as a comparison, at other positions, they’d be the 7th best QB, over their own QB Tom Brady, the 2nd best RB, 2nd best WR, and BEST tight end in the league right now. And that’s for PPR!!!! I owe my 5-1 record to them. Hats off Bill.

San Fransisco 49’ers – This is the defense to beat in the NFC in my mind. This unit showed promise last year, but couldn’t gel. This year, they are a force. The secondary is locking teams down, and Nick Bosa is getting to the quarterback. Adding him and a nice piece like Dee Ford did wonders for this team. I hesitated putting them in my bracket for the playoffs, but boy I should have. I can’t wait to see them play the Seahawks.

Green Bay Packers – My Dark Horse pick of the year. Aside from that Eagles game, I think the Packers now have a top 10 defense in the League. Their budding corners Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson, with Kevin King in support, are balling out. The Packers definitely hit on those drafts. Also, Za’Darius Smith is a beast. 6 sacks in as many games. Hell of a defense, especially in a division where the Bears are said to have the best defense in the league.

Chicago Bears – *Yawn* Yeah, we all know they have a great defense. Nothing to see here folks. Yes Khalil Mack is a beast. Yes, this will be a top 5 defense for years. HOWEVER, they will get nowhere with an offense as putrid as theirs. Until they find a real quarterback, and offensive coordinator, they are doomed for 9-7 seasons. That’s right Bears fans, although your defense is great, your offense is waaaaay worse than what the defense can make up for. Da Bears. One Da-mentional

Carolina Panthers – I’ve been really impressed with how much this unit has stepped up. They have really put in work with SuperCam on the bench. This unit has popped off 3 wins in a row. I think I need to see them beat some good competition before I crown them as a top defense. But I think they are on their way! I think once the offense can produce at a constant rate, they will roll to a playoff spot.

Buffalo Bills – The Bills are good at something, finally! Last time that happened, they were the best in the business at losing Super Bowls (looking at you Jim Kelly & Scott Norwood). This defense is legit. I think it is hands down the second best defense in the AFC. It is right behind the 49ers for my defensive rankings. The only reason I don’t have faith in the Bills is, they are the Bills. They will find a way to choke away a playoff spot in the end. Personally, I think they squeak in on defensive play and strength of schedule.