James’ Sleeper Team of The MLB Season

Folks. We are a couple of weeks away from the first pitch of spring training. The Red Sox are falling apart, the Astros are cheaters, and the Dodgers are all in once again. So, who do I think is the most slept on team who IS going to make a major impact come October.

30 total teams. Who am I going with? They have a Cy Young winner, a bunch of young studs, and have been on the up swing for the past three years. Ladies and Gentlemen, my pick for team of the year is……


The Rays are in a golden position to take the AL East with force. They snuck into the wildcard last year, but that will not be the case this season. As I already stated, the Red Sox (my beautiful baby boys) are on a decline and a place of disarray. They are not in any position to make a move in the East. The Yankees are more likely than not, still going to be a powerhouse. They have the star power, the only issue will be staying healthy. Which they have had problems with. I think the Rays are ready to fight for first and hit the 100 win mark.

Their strongest point may be their hitting. Last year, the Rays hit 769 runs, 1427 hits, and 217 home runs. To say it simply, these guys fucking rake. Everyone knows I’m not a star guy, I’m a gut check fan and when I see players like Austin Meadows, Yandy Diaz, and Ji-man Choi I get excited. They have a team that loves to chain hits together and hit massive bombs. They unfortunately traded Tommy Pham, who was a stud for the team last year, but they have enough depth to replace him.

Okay, but what about pitching? Well, they took the league by the balls with their ability to pitch by committee, their pitchers don’t usually hit 6 innings. You’ll see pitchers like Snell or Morton going the distance, but they are the aces. There are names mixed in like Ryan Yarborough, yanny chirinos, and Tyler Glasnow. They are stacked with starters. Their middle bullpen isn’t great and their closers are eh, but I’m optimistic about their rotational depth.

Other studs who’s names I forgot…

Kevin Kiermaier is an absolute verteran stud outfielder and got robbed of a gold glove last year. Facts only.

Brandon Lowe was in the conversation for rookie of the year towards the end. He is going to be a name you’ll hear a lot more from really soon.

Willy Adames. The man played 152 games last season and had a stellar post season. A post season where it took the Astros 5 games to beat them. NO BIG DEAL.

Kevin Cash has led this team as their manager. He was third in voting last year for coach of the year. He knows how to manage and shows it every game. Even if it is easy with this team.

Get ready for the Rays to make an Impact this year. I’m calling it right now. The Tampa Bay Rays are your AL East champions. FACT

Is it March Yet?

Nope so put away your green for the March Madness betting and brackets; and put it away cause we are not close to Saint Patrick Day.

But we are getting closer and the field looks filled with talented freshman, teams with goals of returning to the dance, new coaches and new faces to the NCAA floor. I know everyone has a program that’s a favorite in their heart, but there is right now only one undefeated program. So everyone’s program has gone through a loss. The field is open and one team will be dancing last when it’s all said and done.

Whether your an Aztec, rocking Kentucky blue on these h***s, a Duke Blue Devil, a Jayhawk, Seminole, or Tigers with LSU or Auburn the field is open. In the field we have some names we haven’t seen in a while, like the Fighting Illini , Dayton Flyers, and even the Penn State Nittany Lions, all breaking the top 25.

Not to mention teams that have had a slow start but are picking up some momentum could come out of their conference tournament and steal a bid to the tourney. Teams like UCLA , UNC, and more could win their conference tourney and if they pick up the right momentum. Good notable programs could make their way back to the dance, and once you get to the dance, it’s win and survive.

It’s not March yet but when it comes, get your dance shoes ready.

Royce’s Choices: Mock Draft 2.0

  1. Bengals: QB, Joe Burrow 
  2. Redskins: Edge, Chase Young
  3. Lions: CB, Jeff Okudah (Best CB in the draft to match up alongside Slay)
  4. Giants: OT, Jedrick Wills 
  5. Dolphins: QB, Tua Tagovailoa
  6. Chargers: QB, Justin Herbert (Rivers will not be coming back to it is time to get their next QB)
  7. Panthers: LB, Isaiah Simmons (Kuechly replacement) 
  8. Cardinals: OT, Tristan Wirfs
  9. Jaguars: WR, Jerry Jeudy (Minshew needs another weapon)
  10. Browns: OT, Andrew Thomas 
  11. Jets: OT, Mekhi Becton 
  12. Raiders: WR, CeeDee Lamb (Carr has no one to throw to, he needs a playmaker) 
  13. Colts: QB: Jordan Love (Brissett is not the future and rumors are flying in that the Colts love Love)
  14. Buccaneers:  IDL, Derrick Brown (Bucs don’t know how he fell but fill a huge need on the d-line)
  15. Broncos: WR, Henry Ruggs (With adding Ruggs, Lock gets a burner and another young piece for a potentially dangerous offense) 
  16. Falcons: Edge, AJ Epenesa
  17. Cowboys: WR, Tee Higgins (Assuming they franchise tag Dak but let Cooper go. As well as sign Jones. This pick will be up in the air until we know exactly who the Cowboys re-sign)
  18. Dolphins: Edge, K’Lavon Chaisson
  19. Raiders: CB, Kristian Fulton (Raiders need secondary help)
  20. Jaguars: CB Trevon Diggs (He is no Jalen Ramsey but he will be a big help to a weak secondary) 
  21. Eagles: CB, Jeff Gladney
  22. Bills: Edge, Yetur Gross-Matos 
  23. Patriots: TE, Brycen Hopkins (This is assuming Brady stays. He needs a reliable TE. This is a reach but I see it possible they trade back and take Hopkins in the early 2nd)
  24. Saints: QB, Jake Fromm (Assuming Drew Brees retires) 
  25. Vikings: S, Grant Delpit 
  26. Dolphins: RB, Jonathan Taylor (Start to piece together that offense. You get your franchise QB and RB in 1 draft) 
  27. Seahawks: LB, Patrick Queen
  28. Ravens: IDL, Javon Kinlaw 
  29. Titans: QB, Jacob Eason (Tannehill will not be your QB forever. Start developing your true franchise QB) 
  30. Packers: WR, Laviska Shenault (Aaron Rodgers needs more than just Adams if they want to win another Super Bowl) 
  31. 49ers: S, Xavier McKinney
  32. Chiefs: CB, Damon Arnette (We all saw in the Super Bowl how their CBs could not cover anyone. If they want to make it back to back, they need a good CB) 

Rivers Is Out: Where Does He Go From Here?

Today, the Chargers announced that they would be parting ways with their veteran QB, Philip Rivers, after a 16 year run with the team. In his time with the team, Rivers became their most prolific passer in the teams history and was the face of the franchise through good and bad.

In his time in San Diego and L.A. he worked his way to 6th all time in passing yards and passing touch downs. This would translate to 6 career playoff appearances in 16 years. None of which, translated to a Super Bowl.

That being said, ​what does he do next? Rivers is currently 38 and showed a strong decline the past couple of seasons. Should he follow the money? Or should he chase a ring and cement his legacy? Well, as reported earlier this year, he moved his family to Florida permanently this off-season, so he clearly has roots there. I honestly don’t see a contender in the sunshine state. 

Tampa Bay is his most likely destination. They are faced with the decision to keep or cut former first overall pick Jameis Winston. If they decide to part ways, which looks more likely now, I see them replacing him with Rivers. They could offer Rivers a decent contract to allow a young QB to develop and eventually replace Rivers at the helm. I can’t see him playing for more than two more years. Philip will finish his career the same way that most people do, in Florida

Cass Money Chronicles: Follow-Up On Mookie Trade

Why hello BOTA World, didn’t see you there. Just me doing my thang gonna reiterate how bad of a trade the Mookie deal was with the Red Sox. I hated this since the start of talks but knew Bloom came in for this reason and to get the team back on the right salary and back into contention in a few years. Couldn’t get much worse than this. The Sox got some decent prospects, Outfielder Alex Verdugo and a pitcher from the Twins for Mookie and Price, which, from my perspective, is a big fucking joke.

Is this what you price Mookie at for what he’s done for the Red Sox? I understand the Price salary dump, it was a good idea at the time to lock up a pitcher like Price. But now? Mookie too? And all we get is some prospects, Verdugo, and a pitcher who’s arm DOESN’T EVEN WORK!?

So frustrated with the Red Sox that they even attempted at this and went through with it to be fine with. But now the pitcher, Brusdar Graterol, shows through his medical screening that he is injured!

The Red Sox fucked themselves hardcore here and look what’s come of it, a shit end of the stick. Now the Sox are lost, begging for more out of the deal, and trying to cover their tracks for realizing they might be the dumbest organization for committing possibly one of the worst trade deals this decade.

I’m done this is utterly ridiculous and I can’t do this right now. Please bare with me while I attempt to get over this atrocity.

Good Night Sweet Prince

Today, unexpectedly, the city of Cleveland lost a hero, an icon, and a damn good boy all in one foul swoop. This post is my memorial for our champion.

Swagger, the Browns mascot, passed away today at the age of 6 from a stroke.

Swagger was the browns mascot for the past 6 seasons before leaving the title to his son Swagger Jr. Swagger gave Browns fans something to smile at when all our hope was gone.

As Browns fans, we know that Swaggers spirit will be with Jr. and us all for the upcoming seasons. So, I would like to be the first to unofficially officially announce that this season is devoted to the best boy Cleveland could ask for. #superbowlforswagger

R.I.P. sweet prince

Pack your bags!/Class is in session.

It’s the first week of February, we got W2’s, A Super Bowl parade, and trades coming out!

These trades have me speechless, thinking, and wondering. So let’s dive into it. Welcome to NBA Trades 101!

Atlanta Hawks: B

The Hawks have been really busy towards the trade deadline with great pickups. The hawks picked up Clint Capela, and Nene from the Rockets while giving away Evan Turner. It’s been clear the Hawks are developing their young talent. Not to mention the addition of Jeff Teague , Dwayne Dedmon, Skal Labissiere, Derrick Walton. With those additions and the subtractions Jabari Parker and Alex Len. The Hawks have done well to move some money around , get draft picks, develop their younger talent, have a stockpile or draft assets.

Cleveland Cavaliers: A

How have the Cavaliers been ever since the Lebron break up? Well, they have seen better days. But Cleveland still has a team with or without them. Cavs had an excess of guards and perimeter players most of them young that needed to develop. So trades to move Jordan Clarkson

Memphis Grizzlies: B-

I like what the Memphis Grizzlies did. They added a young piece in Justice Winslow and some veterans to the roster as the Memphis Grizzlies are looking to make the playoffs. While keeping their young core intact. The Grizzlies wasn’t swinging for homeruns but did get a hit.

LA Clippers: A

When you’re one of the top teams in the NBA with a roster that’s deep ,talented ,and young; there’s nothing really much out there for you to go trade for or to go acquire. You look at what’s ahead of you and we can stop you from accomplishing your goals. With the addition of Marcus Morris Sr. , LA roster just got deeper and grittier. Not only is Marcus a player that can score but he has a history of guarding elite players and has a reputation of being a solid defender. Just when the Clippers looked scary before , now they look even scarier.

Golden State Warriors: D+

Well the Golden State Warriors are somewhere where they haven’t been before in a while. With the dynamic duo of Klay and Curry still injured it seems like the Warriors have entered tank mode. Getting rid of their off-season pickup D’angelo Russell and a third of their offense and picking up draft picks and Andrew Wiggins, it seems like the Warriors are building for a strong 2021 season.

Minnesota Timberwolves: C+

I’ll keep this paragraph short and sweet. I don’t know if Minnesota is tanking or making a playoff push. But with the addition of D’Angelo Russell , I think the Timberwolves are looking to create a Big Three for the future. Whoever that third piece is, I know DLo and Kat will have a blast and be a force in old cold Minnesota. I wonder if Devin Booker likes cold weather?

Houston Rockets: D+

When the Houston Rockets were shopping Clint Capela it was very odd. Yes, we live in a small ball era in the NBA but not having a solid starting center can seem very ballsy when it comes to playing good playoff teams. And I get it with Russell and Harden as your backcourt that’s a lot of money and trading Clint probably saves you a lot of money. But if your looking to make a run at a championship you might wanna find a replacement or enjoy early vacation.

Miami Heat: A

One of the biggest sweepstakes in the trade rumors was where will Andre Iguodala go? Well Miami Heat came out of the sweepstakes as the winner as they acquired Solomon Hill, Jae Crowder,and Andre Iguodala in the trade with the Memphis Grizzlies. Not only did they get veteran presence with Jae Crowder and Solomon they also kept their young core intact and gained championship experience to make a run at an NBA championship.

Philadelphia 76ers: C

Now with the 76ers in a bit of a slump with issues inside the locker room and on the court , any spark to the locker room would help them find the right direction. Before the deadline the 76ers acquired Alec Burks and Glenn Robinson III. One of the 76ers problems is scoring off the bench, will this trade solve that I can’t see it, but the trade does bring more veterans to the locker room.

Detroit Pistons: D-

Look the trade for Andre Drummond was bad. It was highway robbery on the Cavaliers on what they gave up for Andre Drummond. Now Andre Drummond was gonna walk into free agency so they had to trade him for something. But the fact the Pistons could of gotten way more in the past for him and have to settle for peanuts and cracker jacks now. Is why they got a D-. Probably deserve an F but with Andre leaving they got something out of nothing.

A Shad Story For the Jaguars

The other day, it was announced that The Jaguars will only be playing 6 home games in Jacksonville. The other two “home” games will be played in London on consecutive weekends.

This just sets the ground work for the team to move to London and become the NFLs first team overseas. I get that the Jags are usually one of the teams that ends up playing in London, but if you actually look at polls, they are the 17th most popular team in the UK. It makes zero sense for them to split time from a fan perspective, but the owner doesn’t seem to care.

For the past few years, Shad Khan has seemed like he is trying to move the team away. While doing research for this article, I found out that he doesn’t even live in Jacksonville. During the season he parks a mega yacht in Jacksonville. He has put out comments lightly insulting the city for not having “a nice hotel.”

Jacksonville fans, you might have already prepared for this, but you’re in the endgame now. Shad Khan,without a doubt in my mind, is going to move the team to London the second that window opens up.

No part of this deal makes sense, the city wants a winning team and he doesn’t want to be in the city. He wants to move to a city that is indifferent about the team. Shad Khan, sir, sell the team.


Last night, Boston went into an uproar, most of you calling for Chaim’s head. I am here to tell you to take a breath and for once don’t overreact. I know I know, overreacting is what we do best as Boston fans and I know I’m a part time Dodger fan, but you have to have faith.

I lived in Tampa for almost two years hence the TA in BOTA. What this man did for The Rays has been amazing. He took a team of young prospects and made them playoff contenders.

If I can throw you back to last years playoffs, it took five games for the powerhouse Astros to beat the Rays. He also brought up a cut young winner in Black Snell and backed him up with some young guns and team rejects like Charlie Morton. Sounds a little like Bill Belichick doesn’t it?

There are plenty more names I could list off, but this isn’t a Rays post, this is a Sox post.

The Sox lost their MVP/ generational talent outfielder and an inconsistent pitcher in one foul swoop. In exchange they got Alex Verdugo a promising 23 year old from the Dodgers and Brusdar Graterol from the Twins. We got a player with a few years left on his contract and gave the Dodgers a rental. Mookie wants to be a free agent. This is Machado all over again.

That was a lot of jumble, but my point is, Chaim knows what he is doing. That’s why he’s in the position that he is in. He prioritized the salary cap over short term winning, but he has a plan. It might just be dumb faith but I believe.

Cass Money Chronicles: My Petition To Abolish Offseasons In Boston

I am mad, I am angry, I am sad, I’m hurt, but most importantly I’m disappointed. Disappointed in the Red Sox. Disappointed in Chaim Bloom. Disappointed that this caliber of an organization would even allow a trade of this magnitude. But worst of all, I’m disappointed in myself. Disappointed that I could count on my favorite team to make the right choice. Disappointed that I just first-hand witnessed one of the worst Red Sox trade deals since Babe Ruth. But worst of all, disappointed in the fact that it’s gonna take another 86 years before the Red Sox can prove themselves again. They’ve (the Red Sox organization) cursed themselves; there I said it. The worst part is they deserve it too.

I’m flabbergasted and speechless at the moment that the Red Sox would even consider trading away by far the best overall player on the team. A leader, a die-hard, balls-to-the-wall player who has been nothing short of amazing for the Red Sox. And now it’s all gone.

Now I will throw out the fact that this isn’t entirely Bloom’s fault or decision. The man was placed in a failed team with a bunch of past contracts, extensions, etc. that were down right frightening. And it seems like the Red Sox didn’t even care! “Yeah just pay everyone small contract deals, we’ll win a title, and then shove this aside until it comes”, basically exactly how I assume this conversation went down. And now that it has become a reality, here we are, without our beloved right fielder, without our best hitter. Without our record holder. But thank god we signed JBJ and Moreland what necessities they are compared to Mookie.

So mad that the Red Sox were this dumb in the past to screw themselves so bad this year but it’s now over with and done. What moves can we take next? Easy question, we abolish all offseasons in Boston so nothing like this can happen again. I have had it with this bullshit every offseason. Every team obviously needs their odds and ends to pick up players needed and what not, but Boston sport teams biggest issue is always the possibility of letting go of superstars. And I have many examples too! Tom Brady this season, I am personally terrified just at the thought of him going somewhere else. Wes Welker back in the day. Adam Vinnatieri, Joe Thornton, Milan Lucic, and these are just a few in the past. Boston offseasons terrify me. You never know what is going to happen and if the return is ever going to be good enough. In this case with Mookie, I don’t see a situation where this benefits the Red Sox, other than the sole fact that the luxury tax is cleared. I’m done with offseasons in Boston and I need your vote to help abolish this nonsense and keep our top players from potentially leaving. No offseasons, no short term contracts for Star, producing players, no bullshit. Power to the people.

Goodbye Mookie, I will cherish the times we had with you and all the memories made. Goodbye Red Sox, it’s not you it’s just me, tired, of dealing with your shit. Goodbye cruel world, let me wallow in self-pity for a few days to recover from this tragic, tragic loss of heart, soul, cheers, and memories. Only bright side is the Dodgers still can’t win a World Series. Fuck you James don’t @ me.